Feel the Charm of Namur, Belgium

Feel the Charm of Namur, Belgium

Belgium is a great destination for visiting and we all know that but there are many hidden gems in this country that are still very little known and quite underrated. However, Belgium is mainly known for its food including waffles, chocolates and french fries, great beers and wines, humorous people, small but excellent army, famous statue of little boy peeing in a fountain, exotic location and some other wonders. You will be amazed to know that almost 220000 tons of chocolate and 800 different types of beer is produced in Belgium every year. Belgium has one of the most educated country of the world because it has made education mandatory for every child upto 18 years. Oil painting was invented here and saxophone was also first made in this amazing country. What makes Belgium a great tourist destination and a successful economy is its fabulous cities like Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Liege, Namur, Antwerp, Leuven, East Flanders, Flemish Brabant, Hainaut, Limburg, Walloon Brabant and more. Lets know more about its one of the most beautiful but quite underrated city Namur. Namur is more of a municipality in Wallonia and capital of the province of Namur and Wallonia. Namur is perfectly located in Southern Belgium, not very far away from Brussels. Namur was used as a strategic military location by Celts and Romans during 15th century and a great castle was built on the rocks overlooking the rivers. Later, the castle was shattered and rebuilt many times during Spanish  rule and then Dutch military. The town was bombed hard during World War I but it recovered from the injury slowly. Today, Namur may not be the largest city of Wallonia or most visited one but still it holds a major role in economic and industrial growth of the province. There is a lot of stuff to see, do, eat, drink and stay here in this dynamic city of Belgium.


Namur has a typically warm temperate climate with mildly hot summers. There are no dry seasons and the city experiences significant rainfall throughout the year. The temperature typically varies from 1.8 degrees to 18 degrees during the year. The warmest month is July and January is the bone chilling month. The precipitation reaches its highest point during June with thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. The best time to visit Namur is from March to May.

How to get here?


The city of Namur is served by Namur Suarlee Airport, which is a regional airport located just 5 miles north of the city downtown. The airport receives numerous flights from many major airlines like Delta, Speed, Frontier, US Airways and others. Nearest international airport is Brussels South Charleroi Airport, located just 42 km from city center and another one is Brussels Airport, located just 64 km from the city downtown. All the airports provide shuttles to get the passenger to Namur. You can also take cab, taxi, rental car, limo, bus service or train to reach the city comfortably. You can also reach Namur by the highways connecting it to the nearby cities.

Accommodation and Food


You will absolutely have no problem finding a suitable accommodation for you as there is a number of hotels, villas, apartments, resorts and boutiques to choose from in every price range. If you would like to make your stay luxurious then La Maison Contemporaine is the best choice, located at Rue Haymont in downtown Namur. This hotel features modern accommodation with outdoor swimming pool, large garden, spa, health club, free parking and free internet. Other luxury options include Le Chateau de Namur, B&B Manoir Lvoire, Peniche d’hotes MS Elisabeth, Auberge de Jeunesse de Namur, Ibis Namur Centre and Hampton’s Hotel Namur. If you wish to stay at a cheap but comfortable hostel or motel then you will have some good choice like Namur Energite, Hampton’s Hotel Namur, Hotel Beauregard, Grand Hotel de Flandre, Auberge de Felicien Rops, Hotel the Royal Snail, Gite Villa Leanne and La Maison Contemporaine.


There are more than 150 eating spots including restaurants, cafe, and bars around the city featuring almost all international cuisines like Mexican, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Thai and Sushi. Some of the best choices include L’Essentiel featuring French cuisine, Agathopede featuring contemporary food, L’air du Temps featuring great delicatessen, Attablez-vous featuring good American food and Gastropub, Chez Chen Wepion featuring great Chinese food, La Maison des Desserts with its nice bakery, LEs Embruns featuring exotic seafood, Bienvenue Chez Vous with its French & contemporary choices and L’Entre Sambre et Mer featuring great French cuisine, seafood and Oyster Bar.

The Attractions

Accueil General, Culture, Musee de Groesbeeck de Croix

Musee de Groesbeeck de Croix

Musee de Groesbeeck de Croix is a museum located at Rue Saintraint in Namur. The museum features various decorative arts, sculptures, works of cabinet makers, goldsmiths, watchmakers and glassmakers. You will be amazed to see the deep highlights of every details of the artistic collections here. The museum is one of the most important historic landmark of the city. It remains open every day except Mondays and admission costs € 3 per person.

Terra Nova

Terra Nova

Terra Nova, also known as Citadel of Namur, is located at Route Merveilleuse in Namur. The main attraction of the Citadel include the Underground Passages, The Medievale, The little Train, beautiful gardens, Guy Delforge Perfumery and segway. The citadel has a rich history of more than 2000 years and it is one of the biggest citadels of Europe. It remains open daily and you can take a guided tour if you wish to explore this historical place.

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