Famous Tea Gardens of Darjeeling

Famous Tea Gardens of Darjeeling



Darjeeling – The Queen of Hill Stations, Snuggled among the beautiful mountains with the shining Mt Kanchenjunga floating over the blue sky. Darjeeling literally means – The Region of Thunderbolt. The town and hill station of Darjeeling is situated in Northern West Bengal, India. Darjeeling is advantageously very important due to its closeness with Nepal and Bhutan borders. The ‘Dream-land of the East’ is famous for its natural splendor, clean fresh air, enjoyable weather and above all, tea estates and the legendary Darjeeling Tea… Darjeeling experiences an amusing weather throughout the year but the perfect time to stop over the hill station is from February to May and September to November. Tourists can reach to Darjeeling by means of air, rail, and road.



Darjeeling tea is among the most exceptional teas in the world, and is known for its grace, softness and seasonal qualities. The cool and moist climate, the soil, the rainfall and the slopping terrains all combine to give Darjeeling tea its unique “sugary flavour” and “Wonderful Feast”. Darjeeling tea is cherished for its rich golden liquid and distinctive strong flavour. Darjeeling Tea occupies a place of superiority for the whole of India. The aroma and taste of Darjeeling traditional tea is matchless in the world. Darjeeling is 100% pure as it provides a unique logo by the Tea Board of India–which indicates that the tea is not mutual with other tea leaf types. Some of the famous Darjeeling teas are: – Black tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea, Oolong tea, White tea and organic tea.



Darjeeling produce the world`s best aromatic teas. Presently there are 80 odd operational tea gardens in Darjeeling which produces about 10 million kg of tea annually. Darjeeling is taking lead in tea tourism.  Darjeeling is after all the Hub of tea and spreading estates producing Teas adds pleasure to the world. Some of the famous tea gardens of Darjeeling are: –



Ambootia, in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, is one of the most illustrious tea garden in Darjeeling. . It was among the first tea gardens recognised by the British in the mid-19th century. It produces high quality Bio-dynamic and Organic tea which are 100% certified. The produce includes black, green, white and oolong tea. This land is one of the most beautiful tea garden with 100’s of old plantation. It is also home to many of the Indian birds with lovely chirping sound. The land covers an area of 340 hectares and employs over 900 workers. It is currently owned by Sanjay Bansal.



Balasun tea garden is located at north Kurseong area in Sonada. The garden was initially established in 1871 and was named after the Balasun River that drifts through the bottom of the garden. The garden altitude varies from 365 metres and temperature ranges 7 degree in winter to maximum of 30 degree in summer. Balasun tea garden is prominent for manufacturing the greatest of brilliant quality tea with emblematic muscatel china flavour. The region is famous for its trekking routes and bird watching. The garden is easily accessible by road from Siliguri and the near Airport, Bagdogra which is 50 kms away. Jayshree Tea and Industries assimilated the garden in 2005.



 Happy Valley Tea Estate is a tea garden in Darjeeling, west Bengal. Established in 1854, it is Darjeeling’s oldest tea land below hill cart Road is worth visiting. Spread over 437-acre, it is positioned 3 km north of Darjeeling, and engage more than 1500 people. The scenic charisma of this tea garden is utmost gratifying which makes it a prevalent dwelling for the visitors. Happy Valley is the most accessible through Lochnager Road from Chowk Bazaar. The months of March to May are the demanding time here, because during this month all the plucking and processing are in progress. Garden is closed to public on Mondays.



North Tukvar Tea Estate is a tea garden near Darjeeling town in India. It was one of the leading money-making tea gardens to be recognised in the region and is eminent for Darjeeling tea. North Tukvar is situated 16 kms from Darjeeling and 7 kms from Jorethang which is one of the main towns of Sikkim state. The tea manor is placed in east Darjeeling and aspects the Kanchenjunga sierra. Out of 195 hectares of entire land-dwelling area, around 187 hectares of region is under tea plantation. The estate is maintained by Jay Shree Tea Company. Around 650 manual workers are engaged here. The North Tukvar tea plantation is known to produce best quality first flush teas from the month of February onwards. Darjeeling First Flush is also known as Spring Teas, as it is harvested during spring season, and they are light in appearance with a brisk flavour having a light yellow colour, with delicate flowery flavour and aroma.



Risheehat Tea garden is placed in one of most startling valley which is 15 km from the town. It is eminent for producing the best organic teas because steep land, rich and fertile soil, temperature and rainfall are most favourable here. The estate is owned by The Jayshree Tea Group. Both side of the garden natural perennial river flows and isolating from other gardens. The Annual gross production of organic tea in the estate is 120 tons and it is cultivated in an area of 256 hectares. The native populations grow oranges, cardamom, flowers and vegetables with gradual inputs. The beautiful temple of Lord Krishna and Radha is also constructed on the land.

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