Dhuandhar Falls –Jabalpur

Dhuandhar Falls –Jabalpur

Dhuandhar falls

Falls are always fascinating and build an excitement when you are planning to visit one. Kids and elders, none can escape the feeling of a little part that keeps jumping inside your mind till you reach the falls and get wet in them.  Dhuandhar Falls of Jabalpur are the similar kinds but climb a step further ahead in raising your level of excitement. The gushing waters of the river Narmada from all sides, crashing onto the foots and roaring out loud enough to be audible from a distance, one cannot miss out on such a fine piece of work by the nature. Backed by the glistening white marble bed, the sight of the waters is glorious and compelling. You simply cannot resist staring at the mesmerizing scenario of the colourful tableau performed by the waters, trees and the cold light winds. A perfect evening can be spent at these falls with a backdrop of the sun setting and the waters pouring down from the height. Named aptly, these falls are called as Dhuandhar Falls which means ‘smoke owing’. These falls create a smoky effect due to the gigantic amounts of water falling from the heights and hitting the rock at the foot with tremendous force. The splashing water has so much force that it reaches far off from the point of contact and also creates a smoky effect.  The height of the falls mounts up to a good 10 m. although not that tall as compared to the other famous falls, it gets is popularity because of the panorama it serves you.


Even though the summers are not a bad time, the best time to visit these falls are the months of winter. From the month of September to January, approximately the post monsoon season. The rivers usually flow at their maximum extent and you can thoroughly enjoy the grandeur it has to offer you. The river being a bit fierce in the monsoons, precautions taken for the safety might interfere with your fun plans and hence the best time is the winters. In winters, you get the bonus of a pleasant and cold weather when you can soak in the serenity of the nature and take in the tranquillity to its fullest. Also, activities like boating are available during this season and can be grabbed on to take your trip to a better level. There are various types of boats available from the rowed boats to motor boats and they charge you accordingly. You also get to hire a private boat just for your own family. It can be enjoyed during the sunset hours as it creates a picturesque view. Especially for the romantic buds amongst the crowd, boating can be done under the moonlit skies, covered with the glistening sprinkle of stars and the air filled with a fragrance of romance in it.

Dhuandhar Falls 1

Another nerve tickling thing that can be done on the falls is the ride in the rope way. It carries you from above the falls and you can click some amazing pictures of the falls and the surroundings that it beautifies. The provision made for the cable cars is quite convenient and has a parking space as well. Although not that high over the falls, these cable cars are good enough for a first experience of the top view of the crazy waters rushing downwards. If you want to experience the marvellous sight of the falls, a good time is the sunset or the sunrise as it allows you to collect some wondrous shots of the foggy water and the dim lights perfectly reflecting from them. The rope way services are usually shut down during the monsoon period starting from the month of June up to September.

Ropeway at Dhuandhar falls

Obviously, the after you have enjoyed the dry rides in the fall, there is always time to take a small dip in the cold waters. The reason can be anything, the heat, the love of water, the aim of the entire trip or the washing off of your sins by bathing in the holy waters of Narmada; it is always fun when you get inside the waters. The splashing and roaring waters can be scary but for the people who like soaking in the crystal clear liquid it is just another kick that makes them further satisfied. The ones who do not like getting wet are usually seen putting their legs inside the waters and feeling the soothing coldness of it. Of course, with proper safety and precautions as a prime thing, you can enjoy these falls to the core.

If you are going to a place, then apart from snapshots you can always take some souvenirs as a remembrance of all the fun times. The marble artefacts that they sell in the local shops around these falls are perfect for this purpose. Made out of the marble available in the nearby areas, the local artists have kept up the elegant marble work till date. Well priced and worth the money, these show pieces get adjusted in your drawing rooms very well and keep reminding you of your time in the Dhuandhar Falls; which surely ends with a happy and satiated face.



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