The Crown of Libya: Tripoli

The Crown of Libya: Tripoli

We have heard a little about Libya but most of the people don’t even know that this country even exists. Libya is a country located in the Maghreb region of North Africa bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. It is really a beautiful city but very underrated in tourism area. It has its own style of living and offers numbers of amazing locations, beaches, parks and mountains for every travel freak. Islam is the official religion of this country and it is mainly known for deserts as 90% of the country is engulfed by deserts of Sahara. Libya is also one of the wealthiest country near Mediterranean and home of the most famous volcano Waw al Namus which has a lot of multicolored lakes. As a matter of fact, it was the only country in the world which used a single color flag till 2011. The education is absolutely free here and alcohol consumption is prohibited. Loans are given here at 0 % interest rates and free house are given to newly married couples. It proves that it is only country of its kind. It has some beautiful cities like Beirut, Jounieh, Baalbek, Jita, Bcharre, Byblos, Safra, Saida, Jbail, Tyre, Bdadun, Anjar, Tripoli, Nabatiye, Masnaa and Zuq Musbih. Lets explore more about Tripoli, the largest city and capital of Libya. Tripoli is located in the northwestern part of Libya and is one of the most visited cities in Libya. You will be amazed see the sights here like Red Castle Museum, Gurgi Mosque, Tripoli Zoo, Museum of Libya, Burtasiyat Madrassa Mosque and St. Johns Church. The city has the one of the largest university in Libya, University of Tripoli, which provides free education to all inhabitants. There is a history of more than 2000 years when this city was founded as a trading center by the Phoenicians. Tripoli declared itself independent in 1460 and it became part of Libya in 1949. Today, Tripoli is playing an important part in country’s historical, economical and industrial growth.


The cold semi arid steppe climate of Tripoli makes the environment very hot throughout the year. The temperature varies from 39 F to 108 F during the year. The hottest month is August and February is the coolest one. Rainfall is not at all common here so you can easily expect more than 340 days of sunshine per year. January brings some rain but the weather remains dry most of the times. Precipitation reaches its highest point during January. The best time to visit Tripoli is between February and May.

How to get here?


Tripoli is well served by Tripoli International Airport located nearby the city downtown. It is the largest and busiest airport of the country. It is controlled by the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Bureau of Libya. The airport receives both international and domestic flights from all leading airline carriers. The airport also provides shuttle services for passengers to get them to the city center. There is also Misrata International Airport, located 225 km from the city, which is also used as alternate airport to Tripoli airport by many travelers. You can reach the downtown easily by cabs, taxis, rental cars and off course, airport shuttles from both the airports.

Accommodation and Food


You will find a long range of lodging options in Tripoli, from 5 stars to 1 star, from hostels to motels and from apartments to B&B. If you want to have a luxurious stay then the best option is Corinthia Hotel, located at Souk Al Thulatha Al Gadim in Tripoli. It is a 5 star hotel featuring deluxe rooms & suites, Free breakfast, free internet, free parking, multilingual staff, spa, health club and tennis court. Other luxurious choices include Thobacts Hotel, Plasma Hotel Tripoli, Ribas Hotel, Al Naher Hotel, Al Khayam Hotel, Radission Blue Al Mahary Hotel, Rixos Al Nasr Tripoli and JW Marriott Hotel Tripoli. Some budget hotels include Tripoli Apartments, Al Waddan Hotel, Awal hotel Tripoli, Anaktorikon Hotel, Marriott Hotel and Holiday Express Inn.


Tripoli offers some of the tastiest dishes in the whole country and features almost all international cuisines in more than 50 restaurants, cafe and bars around the city. Some of the best choices include Storico Ristorante Italiano dal 1927 featuring a great blend of Italian, Mediterranean and chowder, Al Athar featuring very good Roman food, Caffe Casa offering some good ice cream, Authentic Lebanese House featuring traditional Lebanese food, Sultan Ahmet Restaurant with its Turkish food, Havanna Juice with its bar, bistro & creperie, Barakoda Restaurant featuring good Sushi food, Fes Restaurant, Corinthia Bab Africa Hotel featuring great Moroccan cuisine and Royal Cafe featuring a great mixture of French, Italian and Continental dishes.

The Attractions

Red Castle Museum

tripoli Red Castle Museum

The Red Castle Museum, also known as Assaraya Alhamra Museum, is an art museum located in old town of Tripoli. It is the national museum of Libya and it is housed in a historic building called the Red Castle. The museum is famous for large collection of artifacts, paintings, books, sculptures and works of famous artists related to Lebanese history. The museum covers an area of more than 10000 square meters and has been recognized as one of the richest museums of the world.

Tripoli Zoo

A hippo chomps down on some fresh greens at Tripoli Zoo

Tripoli Zoo is more of a zoological garden located in south of Tripoli’s center. It is the biggest zoo of the country and features different species of animals like lion, tigers, waddan, reptiles, birds and some very old and famous trees and plants. It is really a fun place to visit.

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