Cotton Castle: Pamukkule, Turkey

Cotton Castle: Pamukkule, Turkey

Pamukkule or Pamukkale is one of the best wonders of the nature. The photo seen above is quite misleading as actually Pamukkule is a place where people may actually bathe..! It consists of natural small pools formed due to nature’s activities. Pamukkule is a unique kind of the place in the world itself.

Pamukkule situated in Turkey has been declared as one of the UNESCO’s (United Nations Educational, Scientific And Cultural Organization) world heritage sites. This place along with Hierapolis is among the oldest thermal cities of the world.

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Pamukkule in Turkish language literally means “cotton castle”. It is a place in Denizli Province of south western Turkey. River Menderes is the river which flows here in Denizli Province.

It is a place for natural beauty and health benefits. This place is being used as spa since hundreds of years.

Formation Of Pamukkule:

Pamukkule is a wonder of nature’s creation. It is composed of travertine (a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, mostly the hot water springs). It is formed from deposition of carbonated minerals with the help of hot water springs. Pamukkule is a perfect example of carbonate depositions that can turn into a famous tourist visiting spot.

The Name: Cotton Castle

The name of this place termed to be cotton castle because from plains far below the place seems to be like that of cotton castle. Moreover, the city of Hierapolis which was built (now some parts of the place remains though, that is the place had been destroyed) which seemed like a castle built on the top of it.Thus from other side of the province, this place seems to be a cotton castle and people there named it Pamukkule.

History and Legends Associated


The place has got many legends associated with it. Many stories float around regarding the curative powers of the place. Some say a Goddess visited this place to beautify her and quite a few say that it has got curative powers and beautifying powers since ancient times.

The city of Hierapolis is built on the top of it (the remains of the place remain), which was one of the fertile regions. Hierapolis utilized the thermal water carefully. There a sacred pool is also there in which visitors love to take a bath.

Sightseeing- A pleasure from viewing paradise

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The whole day here could only be spent by merely seeing nature. The place will fill you with immense admiration for nature’s awesome creation, a sense of satisfaction and happiness. Viewing the formations of carbonate of basically white and cream colors, the shapes in these formations giving it a snow like viewing, where actually hot water spring is there is just spectacular to watch and feel. After taking bathe in hot water, people here normally prefer sightseeing so as to soak themselves in the nature and its beauty.

A spa and its curative powers:


Pamukkule has been used or famous as spa many years ago, and is now also famous for it. It is also famous for its curative powers from various skin infections. The water has a temperature of about 35 degree Celsius. In addition to scientifically proven benefits from bathing in hot water, many legendary curative powers (as it is said) are also said to be there in these springs. The place is famous for having beautifying powers(from the legends) and that it also provides a cure from the ailments, various infections and other diseases.

How to reach the place?

Local transport is easily available to reach the place once you are here, as Pamukkule is a famous tourist destination. Booking facilities are also available and almost all tour bookings provide a visit to this world heritage site.

Along with it the sightseeing along the way is also breathtaking and it can’t be missed. Obviously, it is the road to paradise or to say cotton castle where you will be spending the whole day.

Nearby Areas

Along with a hot water bath Pamukkule also provides with an opportunity to visit the remains of the famous Turkey cities such as Hierapolis.


Hierapolis_colonnade      images

Hierapolis means “Sacred city” is believed to be city of/by God Apollo. This city has many noted interesting places to watch for. Pamukkale Museum (displaying coins, artifacts etc), Plutonium (a sacred cave of God Pluto), sacred pool, theatre, Apollo Temple and more interesting architectural sites are worth visiting here. Necropolis is also famous among those interested in architectural designs (it is a cemetery of Turkey and has different types of tombs). Along with Pamukkule, Hierapolis is also a must visit place to know the ancient history and architecture of Turkey.

With the place Pamukkule having legendary health benefits or to say as the story goes to have health benefits (due to hot spring water) and a perfect scenic beauty, this place a miraculous example of nature’s perfections. Once you are in Turkey, this place is a must visit and whole day could be easily spend here just admiring nature and its beauty.

This is one of the favourite tourist destinations among visitors and is definitely one of the natural wonders of the world and once you have visited the place you’ll surely long for another visit to the place.

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