Confident Beach of Sydney: Manly Beach

Confident Beach of Sydney: Manly Beach

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‘Seven  miles from Sydney and thousand miles from care’, aptly said by Port Jackson, while describing the beauty of the Manly beach.

The beach has it all! For all the beach lovers, Manly beach located in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia brings out all what a beach lover would wish for. The confidence of having it all in the beach is the reason it is known as Manly beach for having a manly confidence. Captain Arthur Philip, while on his tour to Sydney and the beach was fascinated by the people living there and the beach. He thus gave the name Manly cove to the place after seeing the confidence and manly behavior of the people. Many beach is one of the scenic and popular beach of Sydney. With the serene and calmness of harbor beaches on one side and wild waves of Pacific ocean on the other side, the beach showcases the mixture of both the worlds.

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Manly beach is one of the most popular and beautiful tourist attraction of Sydney, Australia. Manly beach considered as one of the most beautiful gateway to Sydney’s northern beaches, offering activities and attractions to engage in for people of any age. There are ferries available from Circular Quay to Manly which disgorges lots of tourists to the Manly Wharf number of times in a day. Weekend are the times when people from all places land there to explore the place for everything it offers. The appealing atmosphere and the serene unique peace and beauty of the place makes it a perfect place for picnics and weekend getway.

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Along with the beautiful walk on the coasts of the tranquil beaches and bay, there are many activities to indulge in. With the stretch of over 20km beautifully designed bicycle track, it becomes an amazing adventure to explore the the beautiful town with the beach on bicycle. Manly is famous for its bike and bicycle tours, where you can hire the latest models of bicycles at the best price and select from the wide latest range. Exploring Manly on bicycles, rollerblades, bikes or on foot is just a peaceful treat. Nearing to the beach and a short walk along the Corso till the Manly wharf, the oceanfront is lined up with pine trees adding to the beauty of the place and making it a unique in itself.

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corso, manly beach

Another way to explore Manly is a self-drive leisure boat, with the perfect safety and comfort matter in which no license is required. It’s a perfect way to discover the joy of Manly’s waterways.

Many beach is also famous for its beachside activities like surfing and other watersports activities are very popular. There is oceanworld situated near the beach with a ten minute walk offers an array of interesting sea life and sea creatures. Along with the oceanworld is the Manly sea life sanctuary which offers few amazing and limited experiences worldwide, with underwater encounters with the sharks, where you can shark dive and get a rare chance to enter their world without the cages.  Kayaking around the sea is another activity to enjoy the beach.

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shark dive at manly

Apart from the wonders of the Manly beach, the only pedestrian thoroughfare from Manly corso that leads to manly beach is something one should not miss for. After the beach activities there is lot to around the Manly beach. One can opt for the pleasure of shopping while strolling along the beaches in the northern direction to queenscliff or south to the shelly beach.

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Manly beach offers amazing seafront restaurants, amazing pubs and night life. There are many famous restaurants along the beach with great food and refreshments after a long tiring day with the beach activities. Cafes and lounges are also a cool treat along with the sunny beaches. Best lunches served at ‘Out of Africa’, for those who want to explore and try exotic and aromatic dishes of Moroccan. Pubs like Steyne hotel, The shore club are the of the famous pubs along the way of the beach of Manly. Wharf bar for the drink beverages like elegant wine and perfect chilled beer which are waiting specially after the beachside activities. Hugos is a restaurant serving excellent Italian dishes like pizzas in the whole of Manly beach, the place is bit upmarket with great cocktail bars, lounge seats with the mark of comfort and with the awesome view of the Manly. With the great place like Manly beach, which has it all from activities and attractions with the serenity of the place, it attracts lots of youngsters making it a perfect hub for night life and party lovers, with the pleasure of good restaurants, bars and lounges. Many beach thus attracts people of all the ages as everyone has their share of activities. Many has a good accommodation option along the coastal area of the place. There are many residential option with beautiful structured houses in Manly.

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Manly beach is easily accessed from Sydney by ferries and private vehicles or tour buses. 7miles away from the hustle bustle of Sydney’s city life is place of calmness and perfection, Manly beach. A tour to Sydney is incomplete without the visit to Manly and its beach.

Thus the confidence of the beach having it all is a true saying by Captain Arthur Philip. Manly beach is thus a Australia’s one of the popular beach.

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