Of Colors and Birds: Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

Of Colors and Birds: Jurong Bird Park, Singapore


Admit it or not! Each and everybody of us have wished, at least once, we could fly in the sky like a bird. We all know that birds are the symbol of freedom and being ourselves. Jurong Bird Park, Asia Pacific’s largest bird park, tries to define the lives of these flying beauties. This park is situated in Singapore and managed by Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS). It is home to more than 8,000 birds of 600 species from around the globe. Jurong Bird Park was opened on January 3rd, 1971 founded by Dr. Goh Keng Swee. The idea of such a bird park for Singapore was shared at the inaugural meeting of the Jurong Town Corporation in June 1968. Jurong Town Corporation with its consultants from London Zoological Gardens built the part at a cost of nearly 3.5 million dollars, excluding the price of land. As a matter of fact, the park is able to receive contribution of birds from all over the world. Actually by its opening day, birds were contributed to its collection by 12 countries, seven zoos and almost 40 private donors.


The Jurong Bird Park is quite an open concept park. Let’s know about the park and its attractions.


Bird Discovery Centre


The WRS Education Department gave hand in opening Jurong Bird Park’s Bird Discovery Centre. The centre showcases the many fascinating avian artifacts and provides a comfortable appropriate environment for students visiting the park to learn about their feathered friends. In this living classroom, students learn how birds have conquered the land, sea and sky. There is also a Technicolor display of feathers in one exhibit which tells how birds depend on feathers for flight, warmth, species identification and waterproofing. Another must see thing is the collection of eggs featuring more than 250 different bird species.  There is also nests display, which demonstrates how the strangest materials can be gathered and incorporated into the unique bird homes for breeding and raising young birds.


Dinosaur Descendants  

Bird Park040-1

There always has been a debate and speculation about the actual physical appearance of dinosaurs. Do they really look like the dinos shown in “Jurassic Park” movies or anything else? Many paleontologists agree that birds are living examples of avian dinosaurs. The Jurong bird Park created a Dinosaur Descendants exhibit to educate visitors about the similarities and facts linking ratites to dinosaurs. There are four lookout huts within Dinosaur Descendants which are decked out with interactive interpretive for adults and children to learn and have some fun.


Heliconia Walk



The crowning achievement for the horticulture department is the completion of Heliconia Walk at Jurong Bird Park in January 2009. Heliconias are the plants native to Central and South America and certain South Pacific Islands. The Heliconia Society International, established in 1985, set out to set off its loss by working with botanical gardens and other nature organizations. Jurong Bird Park maintains accurately labeled and documented collections of over 108 heliconia species. At the Heliconia Walk, the Jurong Bird Park cultivates the public’s interest in theses beautiful plants by providing and opportunity for immersion of flower Heliconia. Out of 108 species, 62 species of heliconia are grown with wild splashes of color from the showy blooms. The remaining 46 species are planted around the grounds of Bird Park.


African Waterfall Aviary

waterfall jurong-bird-park (1)

Waterfall Aviary is world’s tallest man made waterfall. It was given makeover according to the conditions around it. It is now replete with African themed artifacts. There is intensive replanting at the entrance and the interior includes African flora for added lushness. Visitors are greeted by African motifs throughout the aviary. The relaunch of African Waterfall Aviary, which has over 200 birds, comprising red and yellow bishops, bee eaters, red collared widow birds and rollers and starlings, was celebrated by releasing them into this habitat. Other birds added to the aviary to enhance the experience were the blue winged geese, cape shelducks, white faced tree ducks and black cormorants.


World of Darkness



The “World of Darkness” at the park showcases different species of owls and other nocturnal birds and lighting effects are done simulating moonlight. The Owl encounter together in these lights and that keeps the guests enthralled and entertained. There are almost 31 birds, in which mostly are owls, of 9 species including Snowy Owls, Barn Owls, Great Grey Owls, Bobook Owls and Malay Fish Owls. Other Birds include the Black crowned Herons, Stone Curlews and Lesser Whistling. This exhibition of such mysterious birds is worth a watch.


Birds to watch


With more than 5000 birds of 400 species, the park has exclusive and unique birds which you wouldn’t have seen before. It is quite a heavenly experience watching these different types of birds there. Here are some of the unique birds in Jurong Bird Park.


Sun Conure


You are going to forget your all sorrows and tensions when you’ll meet these lemon green and orange colored birds. Don’t forget to feed them.

Crowned Pigeon

 crowned pigeon

They are called the prince of Victorian lands. They are considered as the strongest attraction for love birds.

Rainbow Lorikeet

 rainbow    rainbow lorikeet

This bird looks like a flying rainbow. Here in the park while walking over a wooden bridge and feeding them, you will find them sitting on your shoulders and palms.



Have you ever seen a bird whose tail is three times longer than its body length? They male Viduidaes  imitate the host’s songs so don’t forget to sing your favorite song in front of them.



They would have been the most innocent faces on planet if they were human. They are a symbol of royalty in African history.

Toco Taucan


These birds are mostly found in American zoos and are a basic part of cartoons and children comics.

toco taucan

These birds are just a glimpse of this amazing birds Park. Jurong Bird Park is a must go place in Singapore. Fly High.


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