Coastal Endeavor of Maharashtra – Alibaug

Coastal Endeavor of Maharashtra – Alibaug



An array of beaches tickles a lot of fun-loving people and is totally amusing when it comes to short trips. If the trip has an added favor of water sports and lush green coconut trees lined up just besides the beach then it is simply the place to hang out. The cherry on the cake is the sea food served in the typical Konkani preparation made by the local people with extra love and affection for their guests. Alibaug is such a place. In the Raigad district of Maharashtra, this place is an all-time favorite of the people of Pune and Mumbai as the best short trip destination for getting away from the day-to-day schedule. Just the sight of the blue waters, dark brown sands, the green waving coconut trees and the gentle skies make it a colorful portrait once you enter the areas of these coastal beauties. The site of the clear water and the fresh marine air welcomes you and gets you all freshened up for the exciting things that await you further. With numerous beaches to be explored and loads of site seeing coming your way, Alibaug is a platter of satiating views and mesmerizing locations to relax. The best time to visit the place is during the months of November to February, when the waters are calm and the weather is perfectly subtle.

Kashid Beach

Kashid beach

The most renowned and a hot spot for the young generation, this beach is packed with the college crowd enjoying the beach rides, romantic sunsets and the bonfires at night. A cool place to get away from all the worries in your life, the beach takes away all your stress in a moment. The place is also famous amongst the just married couples as a short honeymoon stay. With an amusing sunset on the cold sand and the waters gushing towards your feet, the romance spreads in the air like a wildfire and you can see all the pairs lined up on the beach; some sitting, some strolling and some flirting. Meant for the young and the young at heart this beach is a must visit if you fall in any one of the categories. It is also known as the surfing paradise for the sports lovers as the waves reach quiet a height.

Nagaon Beach

Nagaon beach

Interested in a fun yet romantic experience? Then Nagaon sounds perfect. The best location in the chain of the Konkan coastal areas for water sports, it has a varied range of water sports available for the guests. Parasailing being the most rousing and intimate water sport for all the romantic buds, has the maximum number of customers on this beach. The other sports include the tube ride, banana ride and of course the jet ski.  The suru tree and the beach weather with pink sunsets make it a super awesome place to just sit and chitchat with your spouse or for that matter even your friends. A flawlessly admirable view of the unsoiled natural beauty can be the best thing that Nagaon beach gives you.

Murud-Janira Beach

Murud beach     Murud Janjira

Another exhilarating place out of these beaches is the Murud beach. The beach is known because of the fort of Murud-Janjira. A famous fort on the Western coast of Maharashtra, known for its cunning construction and magnificent architecture with due importance to the minute details during those times, this fort is visited by thousands of tourists. Occupied and built by the Siddis 300 years ago, this fort was the only fort on the western coast which remained undefeated in spite of many attacks and wars.  The 19 bastions where the pillars of the fort and being armed helped in the protection of the region. The fort also shelters the palace of the Nawab which till date remains intact enough to imagine the self-sufficiency during the olden times. Now serving as a tourist attraction, this fort can be reached using the boats or ferry rides offered from the coast.

Kolaba Fort

Kolaba Fort

The Kolaba Fort is located approximately 1 or 2 km off the coast and is accessible through boats during the high tides. But that’s not it; you can walk to the fort during the low tides when a path which connects the coast to this fort can be seen. The fort was built as a naval base during the times of Shivaji Maharaj. This was then handed over to the Peshwas who protected it and strengthened it. The numerous evasions of the Portuguese and the British were in vain in front of this fort. The amusing thing inside the fort is the availability of two fresh water tanks in spite of the encompassing sea. There is also a Siddhivinayak temple inside the fort built during the olden times. The strong and alluring historical background and the refreshing sea breeze are the reasons this place attracts a lot of tourists who visit Alibaug.

So much more to explore, Alibaug has an energetic vibe spread all over the expanse. The other sites include Varsoli beach, Kihim beach, Awas beach, the numerous temples, synagogues and the churches. Although a peace loving and calm place, you can always get surrounded with your bunch of people and have the time of your life. A beach endeavor packed with enthusiasm and generous portions of lip smacking sea food, is what you can expect when you plan a trip to Alibaug.

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