The City of Waterfalls and Flawless Natural Beauty – Skogar

The City of Waterfalls and Flawless Natural Beauty – Skogar

Skogar is a village situated in South Iceland known for the waterfalls, Skogafoss, on the river Skoga. Skogar is surrounded by amazingly beautiful location near the spectacular waterfalls Skogafoss. These waterfalls springs from top of a craggy cliff that is at around 60 meters away. Another famous place of Skogar is the museum, Skogasafn, which is open all the year around.

There are many other stunning waterfalls on the upstream of Skoga River one of which is Kvernusfoss falls. Skogar was highly influenced by the explosion of a volcano named Eyjafjalla in 2010.


Here the museum name Skogar Folk Museum conserves the heritage and tradition of the place through a beautiful gathering of handicraft, manuscripts, books, documents, and a variety of tools, old buildings and equipments. One of the key point of the museum is the construction of various old farmhouses where visitors can see the place how people of Iceland lived in the past. A new Museum of Transport was also opened by the Museum in 2002. It enhances the history of transportation, technology and communication in Iceland along with the history of electrification and postal services in Iceland in the 19th and 20th century.

When it comes to restaurants and food courts for the visitors of Skogar, there is a place called Café Skogar, famous for its pleasant selection of sandwiches, Icelandic soups, home baked cakes and muffins are some of the most popular of the café for both snack and lunch.

Skogar is an amusing scenic place in the south coast of Iceland which arise from an ancient agreement of more than 1000 years ago, which lays the foundation of the hotel Edda Skogar. The hotel is surrounded with the giant glacier Eyjafjallajokull and black sand beaches which provides a contrast to the green sheet of Skogar forests.  Other natural attractions nearby hotels in Skogar village are Dydholaey sea arch and Skogafoss waterfall. Various other activities which happen around the hotel are glacier hiking, snowballs thrills, horse riding, bird watching, folk museum and lot more. One can also have a refreshing evening walk till the top of the Skogarfoss waterfalls which are around 183 steps away. There is a spectacular view of Antarctica at the nearest land near the South Pole.

Skogar is also not an unusual name for the schools which were inaugurated in the year 1949. The buildings of schools were used as summer hotel. The authority responsible for the schools is the same that were for the communication and traditional folk museums of Skogar. The initiator of the foundation of the schools was also the supervisor of the folk museums who was also responsible for the maintenance and development of the place for around 60 years. Still the place is managed well and entertains the tourists of the place. Various old houses and church are being reconstructed on the foundation of museum. The church represents the mirror image for the old churches of the country in which decorations inside are old artefacts from bygone churches. In 1998, the church was being blessed by the Bishop Luther. The place was without a single church of its own for approximately two and a half century. There is also an alluvial plain south in Skogar which gives a hope to change the sandy deserts and grey gravels into lush green fauna and to spot harbour seals dipping in the water.


The perfectly fashioned rectangular waterfalls of Skogar have a width of 25 meter and drop with a 60 meter stream and these features of the waterfalls make it the favourite waterfalls of Julie. High volume of water stream makes it a thunder which fabricates a mist which yields a sheet like a rainbow that adds the allure to its scenery. These factors make these falls a dream in sunny skies for a painter and a photographer. The waterfalls are so popular because of the reason that it was easy to access. So it was not a big surprise to see mass of visitors to see the waterfalls. The place is popular also for its camping activity. It is a fantabulous waterfalling experience of getting so closely near the base of the waterfall. When we track to the official path along the cliff the waterfall not only gives the precarious top down views of falls abuts also the views of the Atlantic Ocean. Further going towards the Trail of Skoga River we can also go through many more beautiful waterfalls.

During morning sunrays falls on the waterfalls, we will have a beautiful view of rainbow in the waterfalls which will cherish the hearts of artists as well as visitors of the place. If you are lucky enough, then we have a nice photo of blue skies with Skogofoss and coloured rainbow. The waterfalls of Icelands are totally surrounded by forests so these are named Skogofoss which means forests that’s why these are also called as forest falls. The forests are not very green these days but the place has a rich fauna at one point of time. The waterfalls are particularly situated at Ring Road which is about 105 km east of the town Selfoss and in the west of Kirkjubaejarklaustur.

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