Cherry Blossom Street, Bonn, Germany

Cherry Blossom Street, Bonn, Germany

Nature is a wonderful artist. Throughout the world sometimes mundane and otherwise ordinary things come together to create something so striking and beautiful that beholders have no other option but to stand and stare. One specimen of this phenomenon can be observed every spring in the stunning Cherry Blossom Street (locally known as Heerstraße ) in the old town of Bonn, Germany.

Bonn is a quaint little town in Germany that has he proverbial old world charm about it. The cobbled stone pathways, streets shaded with pink cherry blossoms, old houses and a characteristic old world feel make this place a warm destination. Bonn used to be the old capital of Western Germany and hence one can conclude without mistake that the town is rich in historic legacy. Moreover it is from this town in Germany that the Musical Genius Beethoven hailed. The three storied house from where hailed Beethoven is open for public view and visitors from distant parts come here to pay their tributes to the Maestro. One can opt for a traditional German meal at the Bonn market square for an authentic culinary experience.

The thing about Bonn is its tranquility that pervades the spirit of everyone in the town. It has Neo Classical style buildings with colourful facades lining the streets. The city is immaculately maintained and that adds to its charm. Bonn sits on the Rhine River and  is about 30 minutes by train south of Cologne. Bonn is much smaller in area than Cologne and is home to about thirty thousand people. The old town is called Alstadt and can be navigated on foot.

Bonn is in its natural best in the spring season when the overwhelming number of Cherry Blossoms lining the city streets are in full bloom. Cherry Blossoms are beautiful pink blossoms that have a soft exuberant presence about them. The Japanese cherry blossom is called Sakura. When the blue of the sky plays peekaboo with a thick cover of pink-purple cherry blossoms in full bloom, it is a wonderful sight. It is astounding how nature and man made architecture can beautifully blend in together to create visual poetry, the beauty of which can hardly be justified with words.


Thus if you want to get away for a spring weekend from the daily worries of routine life, the Cherry Blossoms of Bonn are calling you. Every Spring the cherry blossoms are in bloom for three weeks. Hence if you want to catch the beautiful spectacle you have to make sure that your visit is within this small window. A thing of beauty, after all, is indeed fleeting in nature.

The Cherry Blossom Street : In the Pink of Bloom

A cherry blossom is the flower of any of several trees of genus Prunus, particularly the Japanese Cherry, Prunus serrulata, which is sometimes also known as  sakura. A Cherry Blossom plays important roles in Japanese and German traditions and is an important motif even in popular contemporary culture (Japanese Manga art and anime, for instance). Every spring, the ‘Cherry Blossom’ season is celebrated for its beauty with people heading out for picnics in the shade of cherry blossom trees. Many of the varieties of cherry blossom that have been cultivated for ornamental use do not produce fruit. Edible cherries generally come from cultivars of the related species Prunus avium and Prunus cerasus. The cherry blossom is a major tourist attraction in Germany’s Altes Land orchard region.


Well in Bonn, the Heerstraße Avenue is transformed into a romantic pink tunnel for three weeks every spring when thousands of Cherry Blossoms burst into full bloom together. To say that the sight is beautiful will be an understatement. The pretty streetlights, the immaculate buildings and the brilliance of the blossoms together weave a magical spectacle. Scores of photographers flock to the place during this time to photograph the pretty town in all its glory. The task of photographing might get a little daunting with the crow of streetcars that ply on and are parked on either side of the street. But, then, perseverance is awarded with fruitful results. The street stays alive and a walk down the avenue is a memory to cherish. Charming cafes on the street add to the appeal of the already pleasurable prospects. You can sit with German tea and cakes taring into the pretty blossoms that transport you to a magical world of your thoughts.


At the intersection of Heerstraße and Im Krausfeld sits an old German brew house Bierhaus Machold with a wide selection of brews to choose from. At the intersection stands with pride a reconstruction of an old Roman Milestone. The stone pillar stands as a witness to Bonn’s transformation through the ages. It has stories of its own and a look at this pillar itself will make your trip to Bonn worth it. It is sad however that graffiti and vandalism has found its way to the otherwise fascinating inscriptions on the milestone.

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To conclude, one must simply infer that the dainty beauty of cherry blossoms and the ephemeral nature of its existence is equivocally expressed in the beauty of the streets of Bonn. Come here if you indeed appreciate all that is surreal and beautiful.


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