Cayman Islands – The Caribbean Heaven

Cayman Islands – The Caribbean Heaven

Cayman Beach

What makes a holiday special? Is it just about going to a new place and spending time doing nothing? Or does it have something to do with what you do when you are vacationing? Cayman Islands don’t let you ponder this question. How does it do it? It is a combination of some of the most breathtaking natural scenery that you can ever find. Add to that fine restaurants and innovative resorts, you have the perfect holiday destination.

Cayman Islands don’t have a very daunting presence on the world map. If you look at the world map, you would see them as the three tiny dots. Zoom in and you will find some of the whitest beaches and bluest waters to dive in. First a little bit of Geography of Cayman Islands.

Cayman Islands consist of three Islands. There’s the Grand Cayman, then the Little Cayman and finally the Cayman Brac. Each of these islands has their own attractive features. While Grand Cayman is something of a cosmopolitan area, Cayman Brac is where you would get the Natural Treat. Little Cayman is an island which has a small population of around 125-150 people. Among themselves, they share many places to visit.

Places to Visit In Cayman Islands

Let’s start with the largest of the Islands, the Grand Cayman. For a casual viewer, the Grand Cayman is the Cayman Islands. It has posh shopping malls, high quality restaurants and five star hotels. It is also a global financial center. Ever heard in the movies, someone having an off-shore account in Cayman Islands? Well, that’s what happens in the Grand Cayman.

The Grand Cayman

The Grand Cayman

The most attractive place in the Grand Cayman is the Seven Mile Beach. The Beach isn’t 7 miles long, but the sheer width of the white sand, makes it look like an endless candy to the eye. This 5 and half mile beach consists of some of the softest and the whitest sands across the world. What makes, the beach even more attractive is its maintenance. You wouldn’t see vendors around. There’s a place which is designated specifically for vendors, and then there’s parking etc. With such a large area, the seven miles can always give you a place where you can sit down and call it your own. The scene of the wealthiest people on the planet, sipping cocktail and enjoying the beach is very common.

Among other notable places to visit, there’s the Queen Elizabeth Botanic park, where you can see some of native species of plants, animals and birds. Then, of course, you can take the Grand Cayman Resort Dive Course. With this, you can learn to dive in one day, in just four hours. Away from the hustle and bustles of the crowded Seven Mile beach and resorts, there’s the quieter side, which has its Caribbean flavors.

Cayman Brac

Cayman Brac

Cayman Brac is named after the limestone which is located in the Island. The island is a 12 mile long. It is a nature lover’s heaven. It has some of the best scenic sights. Unlike other Islands, it is not entirely engrossed in the Tourism industry. On the contrary, Brac is more of a pace to escape the crowd and the hustle bustle of the Cayman Island as whole. So, what can you see at Cayman Brac?

There’s the Cayman Brac Museum, which doesn’t look much like a museum at the first look. It has a large collection of artifacts relate to the early settlers of the Island. Then there’s the Sandy Point, which is touted as the best beach in the Brac. The best thing about the beach is its serenity, which can be daunting sometimes, because of the presence of only handful of people. However, a tiny pier to watch the waves, is something that you would treasure for a long time. Owen Island as a Pirate-y feeling to it. The island is lonely, and has lots of things to do. The forests are unexplored, and the vegetation is wild– The pristine look of the island is something of wonderment. Then of course there’s the Bat Cave, which is famous for an odd geological structures.

Little Cayman Islands

Liitle Cayman Island

What makes Little Cayman stand out, is its idyllic island lifestyle. We are talking about an island which got electricity just in 1990. The calmness and the rare population makes the Little Cayman a very hotly visited honeymoon destination. The beaches are so beautiful that they seem to be straight out of the photographs. The prize of the island is its small population. No one would bother you, neither would you be stressed with all the adverts for the vacationer. Pure bliss.

 With three distinctive islands, having very different things to offer, Cayman Islands, make for the perfect holiday destination. You have got nature, you have got a rich culture and the serenity that’s something every holiday-er wants. There are plenty of resorts to spend the days in leisure. Plenty of activities to do too. Either actively engage in diving or just sit down and wonder all the beautiful things that nature has to offer. Visit Cayman Islands, and make the best out of your holidays.

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