Blue Caves – Zakynthos Islands, Greece

Blue Caves – Zakynthos Islands, Greece

Blue caves

The moment you dive in these blue waters, you start seeing yourself get transformed into a character of Avataar. Your skin is glistening blue while you swim through these waters and you cannot help but notice the magnificent shade of your skin. No kidding, even if you do not have the same long nose or the tail behind, your skin is the same blue in the waters of Cape Skinari. Located near mainland Greece, the northern tip of the Zakynthos islands gives you this enchanting and pleasant experience. The Zakynthos Island is the second largest in the cluster of islands in the Ionian Sea and is a famous tourist destination. The island is covered up with lush greenery and ample fauna which allures the travelers from world-wide. The west coast has the beautiful set up of these naturally made caves which were first found by Antonio Komouto in the year 1897. The graceful arches, the translucent sapphire water and the greens around is an absolute mind boggling combination of the nature. The water is amazingly clear and you can very easily catch a glimpse of the elegant sea creatures beneath the waters. The sun’s rays falling on these crystal waters makes the entire site a wondrous panorama. The rays of light make these waters magical which turn everything blue when inserted inside the waters. The marine flora and fauna hence are a treat to your eyes. The reflection truly makes you go crazy and you cannot help but test the phenomenon by putting your hand inside the waters at least twice.

The Blue Caves have been bestowed with immense grandeur and are hypnotic once you get there. Accessible only by sea, these caves fall under a rural civilization that resides in the vicinity. A calm place, never too buzzing, this area is blessed with the most extravagant combination of colors. Your eyes are in for a heavy treat here. They are also named as Blue caves of Volimes. The place is also famous for the flora and fauna that exists on the island. These caves are a must visit during your trip to Greece and should be listed on the top tasks to be done when in Greece. Definitely the mood builder and a true awe inspirer, this place has the ability to make you go speechless, just by the mere site of the entire view. You cannot stop soaking in the picturesque site and the fresh breeze encompassing you.

inside the Blue caves

The inside of the caves are equally spell binding. Although the caves are dark inside with no artificial lighting, the rays of the sunlight find a striking way of getting inside and light up most of the parts of the waters underneath your boat. The biggest cave of the array of these distinguished structures is known as Kianoun. The inside arches have been artistically carved due to the erosion that has continued over thousands of years and makes the atmosphere further interesting. The best time to visit these caves is during the sunrise or sunset hours when the light strikes in perfectly on the waters and reflects the rays to create a precise ambience for a unique experience. The boats are available from the nearby main lands and provide you with quite a flexible service. The smaller the boat, the more convenient to get to the insides and the better for your experience. The boats here are also available with transparent bottoms through which you can observe the fish and the aquatic plants waving in the waters and colored in different shades of blue. For the people who love getting inside the waters for a swim will have a great time in these cool waters. The divers will find a paradise in these waters and will assuredly have the time of their life. If you get hold of the right service, you get to enjoy these small dips in the turquoise waters and get refreshed. Surprisingly, even the people who are not the swimmer types, get too tempted to get inside these glistening waters. It is simply irresistible. So do pack an extra pair of clothing; because you never know what your heart wants and surely you do not, in any case, want to miss out on the most exhilarating things that you can accomplish here.

Loggerhead turtle

The other things to grab onto when you visit these waters is the endangered species of the Loggerhead sea turtle. Also known as Carret carret, it was on the verge of extinction because of the pollution that had started sinking in. The rate of survival of the newly born being really low, was another reason that contributed to the reduction in the number of these subtle creatures. The turtles come towards the south just to bury their eggs and is a favorite site for all the nature-lovers. A marvelous fleet of these shelled beauties is an all-together amusing view.

A complete distinct yet perplexing thing to experience, you want to give this place a shot at least once in your entire life time. The Blue caves really make it to the list of the most amusing and compelling scenes of the world.

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