Bliss in the lap of Nature – River Dart, Dartmouth

Bliss in the lap of Nature – River Dart, Dartmouth

The name River Dart consists of two amusing places to visit and these both are counted as the award winning tourist places of the country. The two tourist places with this are River Dart Country Park and River Dart Adventures. The place has a majestic beauty with the mesmerizing scenic beauty of the parks, woodland and the flowery park to play upon. The place has some amusements like the Pirate Ship Lake which are freely available for everyone and other on-site facilities which are highly enjoyable within the area.

Scenic Beauty


The river is located in the middle of the Dartmoor National Park and is open for almost every day of the year except Christmas and that too free of cost except a place Dare Devils which is only opened in school holidays and have extra fare for the plays. The place is very well defined in the next segment of the article. The River Dart is known Dart is stretched in 90 acres and is widely popular especially among children. The river is famous for its highly pleasurable event of outdoor activities that children can enjoy in there. These activities include tumbling over space nets, swinging through tress in the park and swinging our heavy swings of the grownups. For toddlers, a special activity area i.e.  Toddlers Beach and Playground also termed as Lilliput is exceptionally admirable place to let your children enjoy to its fullest.

Dare Devils

dare devils

It is an extra cost activity but highly enjoyable place of the park only available in high season time. The most audacious and interesting bunch of activities like rock climbing; boat canoeing and high rope courses are the some of the activities that fill the people with pleasure. The high season time starts from Easter and continues till the whole September with the most important feature of free entry in the River Dart Adventures except this heart –throbbing activities of Dare Devils. This award winning site is named so or have earned so many awards because of the amusements it provide and has been awarded as “Most Visited Tourist place and Campsite” that too three times in a row. These Dare Devil activities also include some more risky events which must be performed in the inspection of some instructor. Exploring the National Park and River along with instructor fills your full day in fun and gives you the chance to explore its local caves too.

The activities of enjoying this place to the highest also includes enjoying a relaxing drink or meal or living in the porch and comfortable hotels nearby like in The Old Sawmill cafe bar or other nearby cafes that offers a high variety of drinks and snacks to complete your trip with huge amount of scrumptious food in the stomach and that too at a very nominal cost.

History of River Dart


Everything has some history attached to it and this is applicable with this pleasurable park too. The River is located in Dart moor National Park which is build in The House that was initially owned by a private family and was the property of the Holne Estate. The place and the nearby agricultural area owned by the Dawson’s were purchased by the Simpson’ s in 1932 leading a huge area for doing any kind of activity. Soon a variety of things happened to be made in this place starting from the hotel to a training centre, then a hall for weddings, receptions or family functions or a place for the private parties. But this place was not made for all these, hence Simpson’s parents in 1976 opened this beautiful place and named it The River Dart Country Park and contributed a lot to ensure every type of wonderful activity that is expected to be in this type of amusement park. Also, besides having fun within the National Park, the place has some beautiful surroundings like the South Devon Coast or the Exeter cathedral city or other luxurious places that attracts the visitors to this region.

Navigating through the River


The above shows the place with the pleasing factors it have. Here we present some of the commercial activity related to it. The River Dart Harbor known as Dartmouth Harbor is situated in the lower section of the river and holds the commercial side of the river. Initially it was the one of the most used maritime usable ports but as time elapsed it has declined in its commercial usage. Still, it remains busy in its own terms as it provides harbor for local yachts and boats and the trade related to boats is more famous here.

The River Dart port is financially helping various companies like the Dart Pleasure Craft Limited and served as the link between the financial ports like Dartmouth and the Kings wear. Along with these financial trips going from the Dartmouth to Totnes to Paignton creates a wonderful circular cruise of the place.

This port along with the financial purposes is also used for leisurely boating activities and is highly famous among the visitors who come to visit the River Dart Amusements. The fun doubles when several marines and boat yards are surprising made available to extend your fun and are located alongside the river bank. Also, an annual event called “The Port of the Dartmouth Royal Regatta” is there to make this place even more blissful for three days, most probably in the last week of the month August.


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