Beirut: An enchanted land

Beirut: An enchanted land

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◊ Mohammad Al-Amin mosque: A ‘must-see’ holy place

Apart from the jaw-dropping architectural edifice, the Mohammed Al-Amin mosque, also known as Hariri mosque has a tapestry of religious secrets to offer you. It is known as Hariri mosque after the Prime Minister Rafek Hariri, who financed the project and was buried beside it. The imperial interior engraved with the quaint sculptor work and designs will leave you speechless. A large central dome rests above the prayer hall, flanked by the two half domes on either side. The dome is decorated with the beautiful murals. All this gives you a peaceful experience which makes you forget your busiest thoughts crossing your mind and makes you admire its elegance.

An exterior and interior view of Mohammad Al-Amin mosque
An exterior and interior view of Mohammad
Al-Amin mosque


◊Beirut Art Center: For those who like to revel in the contemporary art

“Intriguing” is the descriptive word over here, as the Beirut Art Center has an interesting history behind it. From the moribund squat building whose bullet holes stands as a witness to the Lebanon’s wars, it has been renovated into a luminous white washed space which was opened in January 15th 2009. It is a non-profit organisation dedicated to provide a platform for the contemporary art. Its principal objective is to provide a much required inspiration to pave the way for sustainable art by holding up conferences and workshops with local as well as international artists and experts.

Besides all this it also showcases a book shop with splendid collection, an auditorium for concerts, galas, film screening and performances and an open wide space for out-door events.

beirut art center

◊ Mzaar Kfardebian: For those who are looking for a smidge of adventure

Whether you a full time skier or you just want to try skiing for fun, Mzaar Kfardebian is the best place where you can try it. So, just pop up onto your feet and start skiing across the snow covered mountains while the cool wind that caresses your skin gets you high spirited and gives you a titillating tingling sensation making the whole experience new and exotic for you.

Mzaar Kfardebian is the largest ski resort in the Middle East and is also known as ‘ouyoune el simane’.As promised, it offers you a splendid adventurous experience with its 42 hills spreading over 80 km. Therefore, it is visited by clusters of skiers, snowboarders and hikers during holidays.


To sum it up, Beirut is a stunning city which makes every penny spent for its visit worthful. Every passing wee moment spend over here is an experience in itself. Therefore it is a city which must be experienced by everyone at least once.

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