Behind the Hills – Pacifica, California

Behind the Hills – Pacifica, California


Pacifica is a small city situated in the middle of the hills of central part of north California and the coastal beaches which are stretched all the ways for around 10 km. The city of Pacifica is surrounded by the rocky bluff of Pacific Ocean in the west; it is covered by Montara Mountains in the south and by the Sweeney Ridge in the east. The city of Pacifica is majorly situated in the peninsula of the San Francisco Bay of California


The city of Pacifica is quite famous among the adventurous surfers. One of the surfing beaches there is Linda Mar Beach. Another beach named Rockaway Beach offers great recreation activities, shopping and scenic beauty. The above beaches are also famous for their food habits. A park of Pacifica named Pacifica Skateboard Park is ranked as the top most beautiful park in the year 2000. Many trails of the city include Pedro Mountain Road, some of the areas of Golden Gate National Recreation Park and Sweeney Ridge. It is an enjoyable experience in mountain biking and hiking around the trails and crossing the valleys and beaches. Some of the famous hiking spots of the place are San Pedro Valley Country Park, Mori Point, Milagra Ridge and the Sanchez Adobe; these are the many trails which move along the bluffs and beaches. Pacifica Spindrift Players are there for the local art and craft along with the performances of local theatre. These get mingled with the musical presentations of Pacifica. In sports, it is the home of the famous sport Sharp Park Golf Course; it was invented by an architect Alister Mackenzie in the year 1931. The well known bromeliad nursery named Shelldance Orchid Gardens is also located on the highway of Pacifica near the hiking trailhead of Sweeney Ridge. Well coming to the environment of Pacifica, it is surrounded by many beautiful natural wonders and subsequently places that emphasis greatly on environment sensitivity.


The city of Pacifica is majorly divided into twelve distinct regions stretched from north to south; these are Fairmont, Westview of Pacific Thailand, Edgemar, Pacific Manor, Fairway Park, Sharp Park, Rockaway Beach, Vallemar, Shelter Cove and Pedro Point in the south west, Park Pacifica in the south east and Linda Mar Valley in the South. Linda Mar Valley is sometimes also called as San Pedro Valley. Park Pacifica is known as Back of the Valley. The city of Pacifica is situated in the south of San Francisco so it takes around 15 minutes from the coastal Route 1 in CA. For a bus journey, it is preferred to take Samtrans 112 or Samtrans 118 as of colma Bart Station or from Daly City.


Pacifica is majorly famous for its numerous beaches. One of its most amazing beaches is Linda Mar Beach at the south of Pedro Point. The beach front is called as Taco Bell; is also well known for its own scenic beauty. Other beaches are black sand beaches amid riskily steep seashore. Some of the famous cafes of the place are Nona’s Kitchen, High Tide Café, Gorilla BBQ, Nick’s, Colombo’s Dlicatessen and Geurerro’s Tacqueria. Fog Wine Bar and winter’s Bar are the famous grape wine bars.


Initially when Europeans settled in the city, Pacifica was the home of two important Ohlone Indian villages: Timigtac on Calera Creek in the neighbourhood of Rockaway Beach and Pruristac situated at San Pedro Creek near today’s Adobe Drive. The city of Pacifica is the home of the oldest European inventory of the San Francisco Bay. The Sanchez Adobe is the oldest region of Pacifica city in the San Mateo Country. Pacifica is announced as the union of nine distinct communities including Edgemar, Sharp Park and Pacific Manor in the year 1957 which is comparatively recent in the past of San Mateo Country. The name of the city is voted as Pacifica from the name of a runner up “Coatside”.


Art & Culture

Pacifica is also a well known place for art and culture. Numerous plays, art exhibitions, local shows, many cultural events and concerts are organised as the tradition follows. The date and time of the event can be guided by an itinery. Various organizations such as keyboard productions, ArtGuild of Pacifica and Pacifica Performances are formed for all the above purposes.


Waste Drop

Certain no of food service ware ordinances are being followed in the city. Food vendors of the city are given measures to use reusable, biodegradable, recyclable and compostable food wares for selling the prepare foods. For this reason, it is banned for the businesses that sell preserved foods for outings or those who provide containers for the leftovers, are not allowed to use containers made of polystyrene foam. A specific plan is used for recycling of electronic gadgets such as laptops, computers, small electronics, phone equipments and network equipments.

Recycling of Commercial Waste

All businesses are offered a course named Recology of the Coast for recycling the waste. Dumpsters are provided for recycling of cardboard and wheeled carts are supplied to each business tycoon. Recycling of newspapers, cardboards, paperboards, mixed papers, cans, plastic, colored glasses, cereal boxes and bi-metal cans id done by the recyclers.


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