Beauty Unparalleled: Beachy Head, England

Beauty Unparalleled: Beachy Head, England

Rising 162 meters high, straight out of the beautiful blue waters of the English Channel are the highest chalk sea cliffs of England. This impressive and imposing piece of chalk headland is close to the town of Eastbourne in the county of East Sussex, making it a perfect getaway from the loud and noisy city. It has an ideal location in the south of England which guarantees a good climate compared to the rest of the country. The area experiences some of the highest sunshine levels in all of England. The summers are cool while the winters remain mild, due to the influence of the maritime climate.


The name ‘Beachy Head’ is said to be a distortion of a French word that translates to ‘beautiful headland’ the name quite resonates with the sheer beauty of the place. The chalk cliffs provide a brilliant view over the English Channel. The natural surroundings have a peaceful and calming effect over the mind and body. If you are a nature lover or are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, this is the place to be.


Flora and Fauna

When you visit the Beachy Head area, be sure to carry some binoculars and keep your eyes peeled for some of the most magnificent birds and animals. The region also has a varied collection of flora and fauna. The lack of development in the area has helped preserve the natural habitat of various mammals, birds and reptiles. These classic chalk cliffs are a home to a variety of herbs and plants. The diversity of this region entices birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts from all over.

Some of the common flora and fauna seen here are red fox, badgers, rabbits, Grey heron, green woodpecker, swallows, skylarks, etc. Plants such as hawthorns and honeysuckles are quite common in these regions. The Friston Forest has numerous nature trails where one can encounter these animals and birds.

Beachy Head

Things to do

Beachy head is not just famous for its stunning scenery and its undulating coastlines. The rugged cliffs gives it a mysterious and slightly dangerous aura. It has said to serve as a landmark for seafarers and fishermen. The area has also been a home to the small communities of East Dean (a village.)

Belle Tout lighthouse

The Belle Tout Light house

The lighthouse was first built in 1832 and since then has gone through several architectural changes. Today, after its many renovations it provides a stunning 360 degrees view of the breath taking Seven Sisters, the English Channel and of course the remarkable countryside. The lighthouse would make for a perfect romantic evening with your loved one.

Sheep centre

The Sheep center

If you love animals and would want to spend some time out in this happy little town with some, the sheep centre should definitely be on your list. The center allows you to feed the lambs, and enjoy a tractor ride, amongst many other activities. For the history geeks out there, you can learn more about the agricultural history over here.


Hiking and walking

If your inner adventure lover wants to spend the day having fun and going hiking, there is no shortage of it here. Many biking and walking trails run around the Beachy Head. Stunning views, exotic birds, and historical landmarks will surprise you at every step of your way. Spending the entire day outside can be really rewarding as the natural beauty of the place will not fail to mesmerize you. Many different types of walks have been made available in and around the Friston Forest. In fact, there is also a Sherlock Holmes walk for the fans of Arthur Conan Doyle’s most beloved works!

East Dean village

The East Dean Village

A short walk inland from the Beachy head leads the way to the village of East Dean. Here you can find small shops, a few local inns and an authentic deli. You can spend the day at the calm and relaxing Berling beach which is barely a couple of miles from this tiny little village.


Berling Gap Beach

Birling Gap has one of the most remarkable restaurants in the area. In the summer, many ice cream vans are also found in the area. You could sun bathe on the sandy shores of the beach or you could go in for a swim in the wild. Or when the surf is up, you could enjoy some brilliant surfing.


Horse Riding and Cycling

Looking for something exciting to do? Take a short day trip to the South Downs Way for some horse-riding experience. You have a variety of paths from short and scenic to long and challenging routes to choose from. This path is also open for cyclists. You could hire a cycle and go mountain biking till the sun went down and enjoy spending time with your friends and family.


Kids Corner

Many fun activities are offered at Birling gap for the young kids of all ages. Canoeing, rock pooling, fossil hunting and the infamous ghost walks are only the tip of the iceberg here. With so many activities, the little bundles of energy are kept entertained and happy. It makes for a great family day outside.

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