Beautiful and Graceful- Toketee Falls, Oregon

Beautiful and Graceful- Toketee Falls, Oregon

Toketee Falls

Are you exhausted of your mundane routine? Do want a break from the traffic, the buildings and the city life? Is it that nature’s lap provides you the serenity and peace to enhance your desire to live? Then bask in nature’s glory by taking a trip to the splendid Toketee falls. Farmed by graceful columnar basalt are one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. These two-stepped falls cascade in a carved serpentine gorge, created by the north Umpqua because of the lava flow. This results in a well heighted cascade of 36 meters (113 ft.) in height – an 8.5 meters (28 ft.) upper tier plunging into a pool flanked by a deep alcove, followed by an 85ft. (85 ft.), Falls that splashes into a large pool. The Falls are located in East of Roseburg, Oregon, USA. It is about two and a half hours away from South east of Eugene and less than an hour from east of Roseburg, directly off Highway 138.

Toketee Falls

These falls were christened Toketee in 1916, it is a chinook word which means graceful or pretty. This is one of the biggest attractions in Oregon, they are also the most photographed falls in this state. The falls not only attract tourists but artists who want to bring down on their canvas a sample of serenity and nature’s bliss. It attracts localites who seek to spend some time in peace post their busy daily schedules too.

The aroma of fresh leaves rustling away to the melody of gushing water forms a graphic portrayal of nature’s picturesque painting created by the wondrous cascades of the Toketee Falls. Feast your senses to the divine blisses of nature; as this place truly is heaven on earth. The crystal clear waters descend from the basalt and drops into The North Umpqua River, where the river meets the clear river water.

The flow of the Falls are controlled by a dam, less than a mile upstream that is part of the Umpqua hydroelectric project. A portion of the flow from the North Umpqua River is diverted by the 12 foot wood pipeline that runs along the parking lot toward Toketee Lake. This is a part of the North Umpqua Hydroelectric Project, a post-World War II project, that concluded in December 1949.  The project still provides water from Toketee Lake to three generator turbines, which in turn supplies enough energy to power about 22,500 homes in Douglas County. This regulation also keeps the flow relatively stable the year round and the falls avoid the seasonal fluctuations of other creek-fed waterfalls in Oregon. The waterfalls are divided in two stages, the first stage falls 28 feet into a bower which are a little difficult to view. The most significant and eye-catching section is where the waterfall plunges over 85 feet into an exquisite rock lined blue pool.

The falls not only gives you an opportunity to witness nature at nature at its best, but also experience it. The falls are a 0.7 miles walk from the parking lot. One would need a pair of sturdy shoes and a bottle of water to ease oneself during this pleasurable walk through the over grown woods ornamented with Douglas fir, big Maple leaves and Western Red Cedar.

Photographers can capture every figment of nature’s bounty on this trail. The best time to capture the falls are at the brink of dawn, or just before dusk sets in. The light at this time is flawless for that immaculate click. The path is earthy and has a few pebbles and sand. The trail is a perfect amalgam of architecture and nature. It has several bucolic rocks shared with man-made stairs. The way is smooth and easy. Handrails are provisioned in steeper places to aid the elderly. However this cannot be accessed by the physically challenged. This could also be a little stressful for the elderly but every step of it would be worth taking.

The falls are open all year round and one can go anytime barring the winter season. During the winters the trail could be hard to follow and snow shoes are required as the same gets slippery owing to snow and ice. One must stay on the designated trail, there are trails that diverge into viewing places from where the base of the waterfall can be seen, however this too can prove to be precarious. There are basic amenities like pit toilets and ample pave parking area.

Though Toketee is the most beautiful fall it is not the only attraction that can dazzle you. Attractions nearby, could add to the adventure on your trip. These attractions are housed within the vicinity of four to eight miles. The adventures include Watson Falls, North Umpqua Trail, Slide Creek Falls, Diamond Lake and Crater Lake.

This trip is both pleasant and exploratory. It is a pleasurable experience for one and all. It gives the younger generation an opportunity to understand the nuances and proceedings in the natural world. A vacation here will help you and your family to unwind and relax in the true sense. A trip worth taking during any season and at any time of the year. This trip will leave a positively lasting imprint on your mind in the years to follow.

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