Beatenberg Village, Switzerland

Beatenberg Village, Switzerland

Beatenberg is a quaint little village, resting in the lap of the Interlaken district of the Canton Of Bern, in Switzerland.

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Located on the Bernese Oberland, on the steppe beneath, the Niederhorn and high above the lake Thun. The village looks over the Jungfrau group of mountains, making the whole scene look like something out of a Disney fairytale.

Beatenberg covering an area of about 29.23 sq km, consists of forests, land used for agricultural purposes, land used to build roads and buildings and houses, lands taken up by rivers and lakes and also a portion of unproductive land. The forest land is covered with clusters of trees and orchards.

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The total population of Beatenberg is about 1,150. The place is calm, scenic, non-polluted and an absolute treat to the eyes.

Beatenberg at one point in time was called Sant Beaten Burg. As the legend goes, Saint Beatus, a Scottish or Irish monk, was sent to convert the Helvetii, a tribal confederation that occupied most of the Swiss plateau, in the 1st century B.C. After he found success in the Jura Mountains, which are a sub-alpine mountain range, located north of the western Alps. He defeated a dragon and moved to Beatenberg and built a hermitage in the caves overlooking the Thun River. These caves for quite some time were treated as pilgrimage destinations. A chapel by the cave was constructed for the visiting Pilgrims. This Chapel was taken over by the Beatenburg Abbey, which over time became the largest landlord in the village of Beatenberg. The Chapel was later on closed down and the caves were walled.

The Beatenberg Municipality is made up of several scattered farming hamlets. These hamlets survived on seasonal Alpine herding, a way of transhumance in the Alps, a seasonal movement of livestock, deep down in the valleys during the winters and high up on the pastures on top the mountain in summers. The people residing in these hamlets got a chance to earn an additional income with the setting up of several wool spinning mills in and around the village, during the 18th century. After the success of the first health spa, several luxury spas and hotels opened up within the area. Beatenberg then began to garner the reputation of a luxury destination. The tourism industry picked up only when Beatenberg rebuilt itself as a place for vacation homes and weekend visits. The coming up of around 250 vacation apartments, has provided employment to around 70 per cent of the working population.

Saint Beatus the local saint of Beatenberg, was thought to have fought a dragon and settle down in beatenberg. The cave he fought the dragon in, became a place of pilgrimage, even today the kilo meter long lime stone cave, with its subterranean lakes serves as the main tourist attraction in the city.

The village has got a decent amount of literate population. So the tourists get to interact with intellectual people. There are high schools in the village itself and so the children don’t have to walk that extra mile in order to go and study. Also, people interested in teaching find a decent employment in the Beatenberg High school and other educational institutions.

Since, its located on a higher altitude, the region is cold during summers and extra cold during winters. Preferably, the apt time to visit the place would be during summers, when one actually gets to see the iridescent hues of the valley, the lush green fields, the bright blossoming flowers and the colorful village of Beatenberg. One can go during winters as well but that won’t really serve as value for money because then the valley and the mountains shall be buried under a thick layer of snow, making the journey rather boring.

If one ever plans to visit Beatenberg, Switzerland, they should be free of any worry regarding the lodging bit, because Beatenburg houses a number of hotels in its vicinity. The hotels include, hotel Interlaken, a historic hotel dating from 1941. It’s a 4 star hotel and provides facilities such as paid internet, free parking, allowance of pets, free breakfast, laundry service and many more other facilities to make you feel completely at home.

Then there is Alpdodge Backpackers Interlaken, a 4 star rated hotel, which has numerous shops around it, that include a grocery store and a wine shop opposite it. The most convenient feature of the hotel is that it’s only a 5 minute walk from the Interlaken Station.

Backpackers’ Villa is a cozy, clean and a very comfortable place to stay in, with laundry services, good food and all the rest needed to spend a comfortable set of days.

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Hotel Toscana, is situated in the very heart of Switzerland, between the lakes Thun and Brienze, near the world famous Jungfrau Mountains. A 3 star rated hotel, which provides facilities such as, free wifi, free parking, room service etc.

Grand Hotel Victoria, is housed in a palatial building, in the centre of Interlaken, surrounded by the Jungfrau Mountains. It is a 5 star rated hotel, with fabulous facilities like an indoor swimming pool, a gym, paid parking, a business centre and much more.

Airports near Beatenberg- The Belp International airport. The domestic airports are the Emmen, Grenchen, Sion and Avorioz.

Take a break from the scorching heat and beat of the city life and experience peace in the lap of the Swiss Alps. Come to Beatenberg, Switzerland !

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