From Beaches to Climate, Hawaii is the Perfect Holiday Destination

From Beaches to Climate, Hawaii is the Perfect Holiday Destination

There are very few places in the world which cajole the imagination as much as the Island of Hawaii. Located in the Pacific Ocean, the latest declared state of Hawaii is among some of the most visited places in the world. The reason? Its warm tropical climate coupled with the amazing number of scenic beauties that are there for everyone to see. Hawaii has numerous things to make itself enticing. Ever seen those beautiful beach photos as the wallpapers? Chances are that most of these are from Hawaii.


What makes Hawaii Attractive?

Before we delve into the details about Hawaii, there is the fact as to what makes Hawaii such an attractive place. The unique factor about Hawaii is its collection of a variety of natural scenic beauties. The tropical climate, makes the number of public beaches very attractive and comfortable. Then there is the all-important collection of active volcanoes. When you put all these together, you get a very attractive holiday destination. It is favored by the usual tourist, looking for some beautiful sceneries and also the tired worker who wants a beautiful vacation. The beaches make Hawaii a popular spot for the wind surfers, and the volcanoes and the varied collection of Flora and Fauna make it a hub for the biologists. With a constant influx of tourists, biologists, surfers Hawaii, is a very popular tourist place.

History and Origin of the Name

Hawaii comes from the word Sawaiki, which in some sense means the homeland. The history of Hawaii is long. It has the distinction of being among the four states which were independent before the formation of United States of America. It wasn’t till 1893, that a republic system was established in the state. Prior to that it was ruled by the monarchy.

The biggest blotch in the Hawaii history is the Pearl Harbor. A lagoon island, which is part of the biggest island in the state of Hawaii, Pearl Harbor is still visited by people, to recognize the fact that it was the reason why United States of America entered the World War II, and ultimately led to the Hiroshima attack.

In the year of 1959, Hawaii was declared as a state of the US. There’s a convoluted political history, which starts with the settlement of the Europeans in the island, with the overthrowing of the Monarchy, and subsequent annexation and final administrative changes in Hawaii declaring it as a state. Now that we have established few things about Hawaii, we would enlist some of the best places to visit in the state.

Places to Visit in Hawaii

With so many places to visit, it actually becomes very hard to list the places to visit in Hawaii. The capital city of the state is Honolulu and it is located in the island of Oahu. Though it’s the third largest island in size, it is the most populous one. And with it we start the list.

Waikiki, Oahu

Waikiki, Oahu

The first up is the Waikiki. In the days of Monarchy, Waikiki was the place where the royalty gathered. Now the place is the haven for famous Canoe club, the Duke’s Club and the RumFire, which has the collection of some of the finest booze and live music. This is an awesome place to spend time, and have fun. Hit the bars and clubs, which are always filled with a lively crowd.

Kona Island

 Kona Island

Kona, which is part of the Big Island, also called the big Island, is a must visit. The island is dotted with magnificent resorts, which has some of the finest pleasures in the world. The entertainment is impeccable, and there wouldn’t be a single instant which will make you feel bored. Rent a car and drive down the Alii drive, and find some of the best spots for the music. Enjoy the rest of the evening with the Kona Brewing, and have some of the unique micro-brews.

In Honolulu


The capital of the State, in itself is a great place to spend time in. Downtown Honolulu has a collection of urban and classic buildings which will keep your imagination engaged. You come across pompous art galleries, restaurants with food you never have eaten and the bars that never sleep. Then there’s the Chinatown, which is always alive and filled with things which you have never come across and probably will never come across.

This description, doesn’t even begin to describe the places that are special about Hawaii. There are numerous volcanoes to visit, the tallest sea mountain to see, numerous local cuisines to taste. There are 5 islands to visit, and each will have something new to offer you. The Hawaii Island, which is often referred to as the Big Island, is another place which will drive your imagination to its limits.

Hawaiian culture in itself is a tasty mixture of carefree life and being-close-to-nature lifestyle. Come to Hawaii, to live through some of the best days of your life. You get to have free time you want, and combine it with a collection of some of the most beautiful things. Everything about Hawaii is unique. Visit the place and have once in a lifetime experience!

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