Baltic Sea Islands – The Epitome of Luxury

Baltic Sea Islands – The Epitome of Luxury

Baltic Sea Islands

Away from the mundane routines and schedules and endowed with the pleasing and enchanting natural beauty, the range of the Baltic Sea Islands is definitely going to spoil you to the core. With luxurious resorts encompassed in tranquility and solace, you find the doors to another world altogether. The calm blue waters, unhampered forests, the scenic villages and the mesmerizing view in totality will take your breath away. Enclosed between the Northern Europe and the Central Europe, this small sea, has locals (Scandinavians, Germans, Estonians etc.) having a gala time to cool themselves down during the hot days. Hardly sticking to the true definition of a sea, the pleasantness of this place is simply an astounding memory once you are back from it. With 200 large rivers emptying their waters in this sea, you will barely find the saltiness that prevails in normal sea waters. Swimming in a sea without tasting the salt, is what you can enjoy here. That is why people all the more believe that this place pampers you through all directions in all ways.

Rügen Island

Rugen 1    Rugen

The entire party crowd of Berlin has one unique party junction, and that is Rügen Islands. Located off the Pomeranian coast, this place is a hotspot known to all the tourists. The luxurious resorts on the golden beaches are alluring and always warm. The perfect location to make you feel royal and special, this place has made provisions for every comfort of yours. The gorgeous cliffs and lush greens are surely not a site to miss. The resorts of Sellin, Baabe, Göhren and Binz are renowned for their serene structures and efficient service. The Racing Roland is a favorite from kids to adults, which is a train that takes you from one resort to another. The Jasmund National Park flaunts the chalk cliffs and has been declared as one of the World Heritage sites by UNESCO. Elegantly maintaining its charm, this place is full of richness and royalty at your service.

Äland Island

Aland    Kastelholm castle

Finland’s Äland Island is set in the Gulf of Bothnia. Connected to Turku, in Finland by air, this main island is often easy to reach. Independent and intriguing in all senses, the island offers its tourists an array of things to do and see. The never ending cycle routes are a hit in the romantic souls and never fail in making the atmosphere perfect for a couple. Flanked by trees and scenic villages the place is no less than a part of an unblemished romantic film scene. Besides the romance portion, one can also dig into the historical books of this island. The Kastelholm Castle, dating back to the 1300s, the medieval churches and the remains of the fortress build by the Russians can be visited on this island. With cabins just besides the waters, the resorts here are a pleasure stay.


oland 1    oland

The second largest of the Swedish Islands, this place is known for nurturing the endangered and unique species of flora and fauna. Separated by the Kalmar Strait, the island is connected to the mainland by a 6km long bridge and is quite easy a destination to flee away from the chaotic life. Considered as the hunting grounds in historic times, one can evidence old burial grounds and Iron Age ring forts; this has provided a humungous lot of about 24,000 artifacts from the olden times. Numerous wooden windmills and the prehistoric sites of Gettlinge and Eketrop make this island worth a visit.


Usedom     Usedom1

The sunniest part of Poland and Germany, the Usedom Island is a prime holiday location for the Germans. Second largest after Rügen, amongst the German islands, the place flaunts the lagoon landscapes and quiet villages throughout its expanse. The resorts here offer you the luxurious lifestyle you have always craved for along with a golf course on the hinterland. The Usedom Botanical garden, Mellenthin Botanical garden, the Karnin Lift Bridge, Dannenfeldt Mauselum are a few sites to visit here. Apart from these small site visits, the beach offers you a long stretch of silky sand where you can soak in the pleasure of lazing around and getting a tan, whilst you read your favorite book. You also find amazing spas here that soothe your mind and soul.


Saarema   Kaali

The largest island of Estonia, the name Saaremaa means the district (land) of islands. The island was lifted up from the sea approximately 10,000 years ago and is continuing to the same every year till today. The beauty and the variety of flora and fauna that you find here is astounding; the reason being the littoral climate and the wide range of soils. You can evidence the array of marvelous cliffs as well because of the limestone denudation on the island. Another attraction of this place is the Kaali, a small group of nine meteorite craters. The Kuressaare castle, in the capital of this island also attracts tourists because of its historical backgrounds.

All in all, the Baltic Sea holds small treasure boxes of immense gratification and placidity. The islands in this sea will not only pet you from inside out, but also take you away from the world. A cluster of ecstasy and contentment, it is truly the place to visit for your leisure vacations.




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