Bali – A Spectacular Blend of Mountains and Beaches

Bali – A Spectacular Blend of Mountains and Beaches

The smallest sphere of Indonesia is Bali. It owns the islands between Lombok and Java. More than 3,890,757 people live in these islands which includes most of the people of Hindu community. Because of its beautiful mountains, sandy beaches, rough coastlines and landscapes the island is known as the Islands of the Gods. It is the biggest tourist destination and has the highly developed archaeological, cultural and historical attractions. This place is very colorful and has a unique and spiritual culture. This island is well known for arts, traditional as well as modern dance, music, leather, sculpture, metalworking and painting. World class diving and surfing services are provided at this place for divers and surfers. Even the volcanic hills and lush terraces provide the best picturesque backdrop to people. Apart from all the above things there is a broad market for the visitors to pack their bags with the best things in this world. Because of the above reasons this place has been constantly winning travel awards.


There are countless Hindu Temples in Bali. There is a compulsory law in each state of the place to construct and preserve three temples atleast. The names of these three temples are: the ‘puradesa’ which is the central temple among the three for community activities; the next one is the ‘purapuseh’ which is located in the village at the kaja (pure) side; the last one is the ‘Puradalem’ which is the temple of the end situated at the kelod (unclean) end. It is mandatory for each healthy village to have these three temples.


Bali is full of temples and sacred places. People of Bali are very much into Buddha. There are about 300 Buddhist temples in Bali and the famous ones are Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, Wat Chiang Man, Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Chet Yot, Wiang Kum Kam, Wat Umong, Wat Ram Poeng (Tapotaram), Wat Suan Dok and First Church. These temples are named in Thai. That’s why the first letter in the name of every temple is “Wat” which means Buddhist Temple. Two gurudwaras for the Sikhs and one Devi temple for the Hindus are also there in this place. The “Uluwatu Temple” in Bukit Peninsula is the one which grabs much limelight among the Tourists. The temple is a majestic structure in itself which was constructed and stretched many times after its construction in the 11th century. The temple was built on a cliff which is at a height of 70 meters above the Indian Ocean. A beautiful scene of sunset can be seen from the Uluwatu temple. The temple is near to the popular beach “Balangan” which is a famous surfing spot of visitors.

tanah lot

Another well-known pilgrimage temple is “Pura Tanah Lot” which is located southwest of Bali. Seven temples form a series of temples in the southwest of Bali. The significance of this pilgrimage lies beneath the Balinese mythology as it is one of these seven temples. People often like to visit this temple during low tides so that they can enjoy a walk around the temple across the water. “Pura Ulun Danu Bratan” is another temple in Bali which is located by the lake Bratan. The temple is designed very gracefully. Also the whole temple casts its beautiful shadow on the lake. It is imaginarily gorgeous to see the sight of this temple with its full shadow on water. The best place of Indonesia is at “Lovina” where you can be a part of dolphin sighting boat trip. People can witness many dolphins jumping. This place will generally be very crowded especially in its peak season. Other than this trip there are various other activities that you can do in Lovina including enjoying live music in cafes.


The only place that you cannot afford to miss is “Ubud”, the heart of Bali. This place contains the best of Bali. You fill find all the people with full energy packed in this single place of Bali. The beautiful environment, museums, temples, parks & fields and its unique culture are the things that make this place best to visit. Many interesting activities like cooking, whitewater rafting, meditation, yogas, spas and massages are offered by the place. Do not forget to go to shopping and to even the theatres of Ubud. Thus, Ubud has something in store for everyone. All the people who would like to hang out with their friends can go to Kuta Beach which is the party beach of Bali. People can party at the nearby Hard Rock Café and enjoy at the Pubs. People are going to love this different environment for sure.


To enjoy the facilities of higher luxurious hotels people should visit “Nusa Dua Beach”. Rich personalities will be pleased with their own private beaches where they can take sunbath and can soak in the sea with their family members only. This is an ideal place for couples especially who are in their honeymoon looking for some personal space. In the East of Bali at Kintamani there is a Mount named Mount Batur. People can Hike or Climb the Mount Batur as the hike is not difficult and the treks are noticeable. This summit is 1700 meters high. Thus, climbing this Mount will an ultimate experience for the adventurous travellers. Some say that Bali is overrated but the word paradise is used frequently to describe Bali and Bali is worth it.

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