The baffling beauty of Banff National Park, Canada

The baffling beauty of Banff National Park, Canada

Canada has always been the land that intrigued a lot of people due to it’s great history and a brilliant present. The ways nature and civilization have blended in to form this beautiful nation is truly a marvel. And in this country that is so full of marvels, is a gem, hidden deep in the south west of the country. We have heard of Niagara Falls being the most beautiful thing that Canada has to offer. But I beg to differ. Niagara Fall is beautiful, but to those who have visited the Banff National Park, nothing else compares.


Banff National Park is located in Alberta, Canada. It is Canada’s oldest National Park located in the cozy gorges and valleys of The Rocky Mountains. The National Park is huge, spreading 6,641 kilometer square. And in the national park itself, there are many lakes, towns, camping grounds, ice-fields etc. And one such town is the town of Banff. It was the first municipality inside the National Park and hence, the National Park was given the name ‘Banff National Park’. Banff is a resort town which is mainly famous for its tourist activities. But the beauty of this place is such that it leaves every single person who visits the town spell-bound.


Banff is a comparatively small town but it has a lot of amazing attractions around it. Number one attraction of Banff has to be the surreal lake of Louise. Lake Louise is basically a hamlet in the area of Alberta which is around 36 miles away from Banff. The lake has a shade of the bluest water and is surrounded by mountains which are either covered by white snow or green forests or both. Such a scene makes for an amazing and breath-taking landscape. One of the best ways to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Lake Louise is to book a room in the enthralling Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. This was a typical French chateau which has now been converted into a hotel. The hotel provides with world-class facilities like gym, spa etc. For those who are into relaxing when on a vacation, a room with a view so splendid, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, and book whilst tucked in your blanket is something that this hotel can offer.


Another attraction in Banff is the Banff Gondola which ascends from the town of Banff to the Sulphur Mountain. The Sulphur Mountain has a boardwalk from where people can take pictures of the entire vicinity of Banff, along with the lake and mountains in the background. The Sulphur Mountains is also home to another attraction of Banff, which are the Banff Upper Hot Springs. These are commercially developed hot springs and on a cold winter evening, a dip in the springs is what one can describe as heaven!


For those who like to get an adrenaline rush, there is something for you too, in Banff. Mountain biking is one of the sports that Banff and the Rocky Mountains surrounding it are famous for. You can get a bike on rent and go mountain biking. The path is topsy-turvy and full of rough stones, so one needs to make sure that they have all the right safety equipment before taking this adventure. Apart from that, hiking is also one option. Tunnel Mountain is situated within the town site and is a very famous route for hiking in Banff. Hoodoos Hoke is another famous trail where one can see the Hoodoos. Hoodoos are sculptures of rock and stone created by forces of nature over a large period of time.During winters, ice-skating and skiing are famous sports that can be undertaken in Banff. Fishing in the Lake Louise is also a fun activity for those who like it.


The Jasper National Park is connected to the Banff National Park and it is equally breathtaking with it’s own set of beautiful lakes and mountains. Icefield Parkway is a highway that runs across Alberta, Canada. This highway passes through to the two National Parks located near that of Banff and Jasper. This highway is famously known to be one of the most scenic highways in the world. Driving on the highway is a pleasure in itself because the landscape around is just that beautiful. One this highway are many stops and spots where cars can stop and people can take pictures of the scenery around. The Athabasca Falls are also on this highway. The Athabasca Falls are located in the Jasper National Park and are known for its force.

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All said and done, the one reason why we love Banff more than anything else in the world is because it is one of the very few and rare places on earth from where you can see the wondrous northern lights. The Northern Lights, which can be seen during winters, teamed with the backdrop of a scintillating blue lake and ice-covered mountains is something that is not to be missed. If nothing else, just taking a lovely stroll in the town will also refresh your mind up.

Northern Lights at Banff

There are a lot of places to explore around this area and the true beauty of it all cannot be expressed in words. So when you are planning for a trip to Canada, make sure that you do not miss out on this beautiful little township of Banff and get ready to get Banffled!

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