The Backwaters of Kerala, India

The Backwaters of Kerala, India

Kerala, the moment you hear or utter the word you will feel or just imagine a picture of greenery, the Houseboat, the soft water flowing and the huge coconut trees surrounded by all the sides. It’s rightly called as God’s Own country. Every person on this earth wishes to get lost in the realm of nature and the Kerala sticks to it. The peace and enjoying the nature attracts everyone right from Family, Friends hanging out and specially Newly married couples. It will continue to be Hot spot for Honeymoon couples.



Now let’s see what is exactly The Backwaters of Kerala. It is nothing but the network of large lakes, canals linking to one another which is parallel to the Arabian coast. Some are manmade and some are natural which is largely formed by 38 rivers. It covers half of the length of the Kerala state. The most interesting point is the river water meets the sea water but measures are taken by building barrage so that salt water does not sink deep into river water so that water remains fresh intact and can be used for irrigation purpose. In the middle of Backwaters there are number of towns and cities beginning and ending point. And we find rich ecosystem around us like fishes, crab, marine creatures, Birds like Kingfisher and lots of trees, greenery bushes which will make you to surrender to the nature’s lap.

Lets unfold the myriad forms of Backwaters what all it consists of. We can explore firstly Alapuzza – The Canal cruise. It links to Vembanad lake, which is the largest lake covering 200km distance. This is the most famous canal cruise where you can hire small boats to large boats but if you opt for small boats it would be too convenient to enjoy the scenic beauty and the birds. Even you can stop at nearby village and see the methods how a coir is prepared and also you can try various Kerala cuisines specially if your non vegetarian try Tapioca and fish cuisines. Do try coconut toddy, a liquid extracted from coconut trees.

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Next is the turn of Alumkadavu, which is located in Kollam. It is one of the major tourist attraction particularly known for its rice barges traditionally known as Kettuvalloms which is constructed and later converted to houseboats. It is constructed using bamboo, wood and coconut fiber. You can also watch how they are constructed and learn the technique. It is famous for its coir products. Next is Backwaters of Ashtamudi which means 8 channel. It is the second largest lake in Kerala stretching about 16km.It is the trip between Kollam and Alapuzza which takes you to the out of the world feeling why because it is journey of 8hour’s.Boats are available and you can see the glittering sun rays making way into water ripples.

Chandragiri Fort and River which is located near Payaswini River and the Arabian sea. It is the 17th century fort built by Shivappa naik of Bedanore  and from this fort you can see the breathtaking scenic beauty of convergence of both the river and the sea. And it is also famous for its sunset watching. You can savor this chance from the ancient temple Kazur state temple. Every year Pattu Utsavam an annual festival is celebrated there. There are many Boat clubs which will arrange for wildlife tours, boat rides, island camping, houseboat cruises etc.

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The next destination is the most fascinating destination ever you have visited it is none other than the Kavvayi Backwater at Payyanur. It is one of the most attractive tourist spot which will make you to fall in love with it.Here you can simply take a walk and enjoy its scenic beauty or else you can take a boat ride and experience the cool breeze soothing your senses which is active stress buster it can be.Kavvaya Kayal is the combination of five rivers i.e. River kavvayi, Kankol, Vannathichal, Kuppithodu and Kuniyan. And the other most interesting thing is that it is surrounded by many small and big islands.The backwater Kavvayi is the biggest wetland in Kerala with an area of 37km.

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Next we have on the Kerala backwater list is the famous Kumarakom village which is actually cluster of small islands and it offers variety treat to your eyes. Here a Bird sanctuary is their which is spread across 14 acres and here we can see various types of  birds and it is rightly known as ornithologist’s paradise. Various birds like Egrets, herons, darters, teals, waterfowls, cuckoo, wild duck and Siberian stork. Even fishing facility is also available at an old bungalow turned into resort. There are many cottages available in and around which is run by Kerala tourist board and many holiday packages are available including backwaters.

Kuttanad, the rice bowl of kerala.Here you can see many paddy fields and if you have visited in farming season you can see farmers doing farming activities in traditional manners .And you can also observe flocks of Parrots around Paddy fields and it is a treat to your eyes and if you closely observe up above the sky you can a flock of birds flying higher. Next is the Marine drive in kochi which is a popular hangout in kochi and you can enjoy the spectacular view of Backwater and Kochi Harbour. The rainbow bridge is also one of the major attraction spot.

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