Archipelago in the Indian Ocean- Seychelles

Archipelago in the Indian Ocean- Seychelles

Do you love to travel? How about a trip to a group of wonderful islands spanning an archipelago in the Indian Ocean? If you are guessing that I am talking about the 155 islands of Seychelles, then you have got it right! Officially called the Republic of Seychelles, the country has Victoria as its capital, some 1500 kilometres off the main group of islands, precisely near the Island of Madagascar. Some of the island nations that surround the Republic of Seychelles are Mauritius, Mayotte, Comoros, Etc. to name a few. With a sleek population of about 90,000 people, the republic is regarded to as the state with the smallest population in any given African state.


One of the best places to visit in the group of islands is Mahé. The scenic hued waters of Mahé has the best bays that you can find anywhere in the world. The highest point in Mahé is the tall granite peaks of Morne Seychellois which provides a panoramic view of the gorgeous shores of Mahé. The island of Mahé plays an important role in the Republic of Seychelles. Named after the governor of Mauritius in the 18th Century, it holds about 90% of Seychelles’ population. Mahé is also home to the capital of the Republic, Victoria. Housing immense tourists’ spots and a variety of adventurous stuff to do, Mahé is the tourist capital of the Republic as well. Activities including Diving, Jungle safari Etc. are the prime adventure sports in the region.


It is a matter of fact that the breath-taking coastline is the main tourist attraction in the regions but it would rather be silly if the Morne Seychellois National Park is not mentioned among the tourist spots in Mahé. Making up for 20% of the entire are of Mahé, the Park includes mangrove forests and also the highest peak in Mahé. The place being home to tea growing families since early past is an important place to visit for tea lovers. The factory is located above Port Glaud and the employees showcase the traditional tea making process to the tourists in a 20-minute procedure. It is advised that the travellers visit the factory before noon so that the entire production of tea can be seen and studied. One can also buy themselves some SeyTé and Citronnelle tea from the gift shop that sells factory made fresh products which is available to the tourists.


Another important travel hub in this god-gifted tourism hub is the La Digue. In case you have been wondering where the beautiful lush green tropical gardens that appear on the travelogues pop up from, then the answer to the question has got to be La Digue. The complexity of the lush green jungles surrounded by the tall trees which are complemented by eye-catchy gorgeous beaches gives a serene atmosphere to the entire place. Despite the huge tourism push in places like Mahé, La Digue has managed to stay out of the complexity of the real hush-huh hurried world. With virtually no cars and barely a few well laid roads, the mud roads provide the old days feel to the place making it stand apart from the other tourist destinations. La Digue is the place to be if you want to get out of the busy day to day activities and get some fresh natural air. Some of the famous travellers have described the beauty of La Digue in their travelogues and have stated that the place makes you feel like you are “Stranded in Paradise”. It is also a matter of fact that La Digue is the place to go if money is a factor that affects your travel plans. With self-serving guest houses and self-catering apartments all around the town, money is never a criteria for stay in La Digue.

Despite so having so many places to visit, there is always ample entertainment in Seychelles. The Bazar Labrin provides tourists to catch up with the local cuisine. This seafront event happens every Wednesday on the sea-front. Numerous craft and food stalls are put up and a variety of live bands from around town come up with impromptu performances. This event gives the tourists to take a look at the cultural aspects of the republic coupled with some nice refreshing music vibes. Another place to be in Seychelles is the Boardwalk. Located at the marina in the Eden Island, the tourists can have a seat at the wooden benches and grab a cold beer to chill out with their loved ones. You can always order yourself the munchies, sandwiches and the burgers that are available at an affordable rate.


If you love to set the dance floor on fire, then Lovenut is the place to be. The daytime cafeteria at Lovenut is converted into a Discotheque at night and the dance floor is open to everyone. So, if you are the kind of person who likes to dress up, then Katiolo is one place that you need to visit in Seychelles. Being one of the most sought after nightclubs in Mahé, the place is usually crowded and the floor is always open for some fancy leg-tapping.




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