Amid Palm Trees and Waves: Fiji

Amid Palm Trees and Waves: Fiji

The island country in South Pacific Ocean, Fiji has close to 300 islands. The diverse and vibrant cultural heritage of the place along with its idyllic beauty makes it a popular tourist destination. As most of these islands are not populated, Fiji boasts of an unspoiled and untouched natural beauty. The wide expanses of vivid blues, rich marine life, reefs, the white sands, and the green of the wilderness all make Fiji a visually appealing location with a lot to offer.

Garden of the Sleeping Giant

Garden of the sleeping giant

Located near city of Nadi this splendid garden was founded in 1977. It showcases local plants and wide variety of orchids. Close to 2000 exotic species of Orchids can be found here. The lush greenery and the delicate colors of the orchids create an impression of natural vibrancy and plenty. The Garden is named thus because of a neighboring mountain which appears to be the shape of a snoozing man.

Garden of Sleeping Giant


The Garden is a perfect picnic spot with the overflowing beauty of the plants and flowers. Within the garden’s premise there is also a quaint lake made all the more beautiful because of the abundance of water lilies of varied colors that grow in this lake. The wooden walkways and tables and chairs interspersed within the garden, along with the glorious backdrop of Nausori Highlands, this Garden is a popular tourist spot in Fiji.

City of Nadi also has the Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, a popular pilgrimage site, and also the largest Hindu Temple in Southern Hemisphere.

Kula Eco Park

Kula Eco Park

Viti Levu is the largest island in Fiji, and also houses the capital city of Suva. Located on the Coral Coast of this island is the Kula Eco Park. The amazingly diverse flora and fauna of this Eco Park make it a must visit place for all wildlife enthusiasts. The terrain within the Park includes bubbling streams, immaculate rain forests, verdant hills, valleys. It is known for the numerous species of birds found here, and more especially due to their amazingly colorful looks.

Kula Eco Park, Fauna


Parrots, doves in most stunning hues can be found here. Birds are not the only inhabitants around here. Sea turtles, iguanas, boa constrictors are also found here. The flora of the Kula Eco Park is equally remarkable. It includes native flowery as well as medicinal plants. A visit to this Park infuses one with the sense of visiting a place right in nature’s lap.

Fiji Mud Baths

Mud Baths

It is located between the cities of Nadi and Lautoka. As they are situated amid the picturesque Sabeto Valley, they are also known as Sabeto Hot Springs. These geothermal springs are a natural phenomenon attributed to volcanic activities. These mud baths are said to have therapeutic properties. In any case the experience of bathing in mud alongside other visitors, and having a charming Fiji village in the backdrop, and a panoramic Valley in the distance, all add up to produce a unique experience worth having.

Sigatoka Sand Dunes

Sigatoka Sand Dunes National park

The Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park is a popular tourist attraction and is a must visit with travelers looking to witness stunning natural formations. This place also offers an opportunity for the history enthusiasts to walk around the archaeological digs that have excavated sites dating back some 2500 years. The erosion of hinterland over several millennia resulted in the formation of coastal dunes whose sand is grey in color. Sigatoka River runs nearby, and provides an amazing backdrop. The stunning vistas that this place offers are a delight for all nature lovers.

National Park


Besides the natural beauty, the place is also significant historically. Archaeological excavations were undertaken here in 1980s. Some 2500 years old, the excavation found an ancient burial site, which also happens to be the largest burial site excavated in South Pacific.

Mount Tomanivi

Mt Tomanivu

This is the highest peak in Fiji and is located on Viti Levu. This mountain is an extinct volcano. Visitors interested in the visual offerings of brilliant landscapes can explore the area and witness some remarkable sights. Many adventure activities are also organized around here. Trekking trails start in the Coral Coast Village of Navai. Trekking up the mount Tomanivi provides a memorable experience. The crater of the extinct volcano and the view from the top of Viti Levu are indeed memorable.


Nananu-i-Ra island

This island in Fiji is located some 1.5 km from Viti Levu. It literally translates as ‘dreamland of the West’. As the name indicates the place approximates a dreamland, at least a dreamland for those who love nature and solitude. The white sands, lush green hills, coconut and palm trees lining the beaches, all are relatively untouched and provide a pristine retreat. That does not mean that the island is a remote location. Several water sports are organized on some beaches of this island, as the conditions here are suitable for such sports as stand up paddling, kite boarding and wind surfing.

Marine Attractions

The unexplored underwater treasures, reef systems, soft corals and vibrant marine life provide many opportunities to divers and snorkelers too. People can also go on trekking; the trails lead to peaks of Nakauvadra. This mountain range according to local myths and legends is the home of Fijian gods. This island provides an idyllic and beautiful retreat.



There are innumerable beaches in Fiji each with their own typical offerings and attractions. Some of the more popular beaches include Natadola, Volivoli, Nanuya, and Matana Beach to name a few. The clear sparkling turquoise waters, splendid views of the mountains in the distance, unfettered view of clear skies and vast sea, opportunities for water sports, relaxing scenery, perfect swimming conditions, rich corals and marine life make these beaches blissful for travelers.

The green waving palms and the blue splashing waves all create an amazing experience that Fiji offers to all travelers.

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