5 beach spots you should never miss

5 beach spots you should never miss

Beach is the ultimate place to keep the boredom at bay. Let it be about a getting a lovely tan or building sand castles and playing charades, or an adventurous experience of surfing, or diving into deep sea for sight-seeing the mysteries creatures, there are so many things to do at a beach to keep your soirees lively and spirited. So we bring you at your glance, some of the most awe-inspiring beaches, the cream of the crop together at one place.


Lanikai Beach, Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii 

The name of this beach unveils the best description of itself as “lanikai” means “heavenly sea” in Hawaiian language. So, have a delightful experience at this beach gawking at its scenic splendor. As you walk, the palm trees sway in the submission, the cool breeze caresses your skin softly blowing in between your hair, the glittering sand giving you an exquisite feel and most of all the warm turquoise-green water beckons you with its tides. Therefore it goes without saying that you are bound to a heavenly experience as its name hints.

It is situated in the neighborhood of Kailua, on the coast of Oahu, Hawaii. Even though it spreads for only about 0.5 miles, it has been repeatedly ranked among the top beaches in the world. Unfortunately, it is not equipped with rest rooms, lifeguards, parking-lot, and such much required facilities. Apart from that, it is really an awesome place to visit, especially if you want to witness the moon-rise, as it is best known for the moon-rise over Mokuluas.



Siesta Key Public Beach, Siesta Key, Florida 

If you are hell-bent about having an exciting experience at a beach, then Siesta Key Public Beach might be the perfect place for having your little clambake. The sand over here is 99% pure quartz and is naturally pleasing to the feet. It is speculated that the sand in this beach is millions of years old, having originated in the Appalachians and then travelling down along with the rivers until it got deposited at the shores of Siesta Key.

It has racked up an impressive array of awards such as “The Best Sand Beach in America” through the travel channel in 2004 ,   “the whitest and finest sand in the world” during the  Great International Beach Challenge, 1987. This was the easiest way of describing its “must-see” credentials.

siesta key public beach


Bora Bora, Tahiti

Whether you plan a beach trip for having few relaxing nights at splendid resorts or you wish to dive into water just to swim along with the exotic fish species, Bora Bora beach is the place where both your plans can be implemented with pleasure. It basically is an archipelago of Leeward Islands of French Polynesia in the pacific ocean and sprawls over a distance of 18 miles. It is also attributed with the nickname “romantic island” for ensuring the pristine environment.

It is best known for its aqua-centric activities. Snorkeling and scuba-diving in and around the Bora Bora lagoon are few of the favorite pastimes of the visitors. If you want to push it to the brink and get little adventurous then you should go for shark feeding dives and manta ray dives.




Wai’anapanapa State Park, Hana, Maui, Hawaii

Wai’anapanapa State Park spreads over 122 acres on the island of Maui proudly exhibiting its lush greenery and stunning splendor. Most of the Hawaiian beaches are aptly named according to their best depictive quality and so is this one.  “Wai’anapanapa”, translates to ‘glistening fresh water’ in Hawaiian language describing the true grandeur of its water. It also offers camping facilities.

It boasts about housing a number of tourist attractions such as anchialine pool, seabird colonies, some of the hardened lava tubes, a pilgrimage temple named “heiau”, a natural arch. All this will make you to linger over there.

Wai'anapanapa State Park

Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island features the world’s largest sand island and houses a magnificent beach. It sits on the southern coast of Queensland, approximately 200 km north of Brisbane. The unspoiled beach shore runs for about 161 miles. The shore is protected from the treacherous waves of the ocean, by a nearby coral reef. This world heritage is an unspoiled natural paradise. It is so beautiful and exquisite with its sparkling sand that it looks like an art. It offers a true visual treat for ecology lovers.

Still scratch beneath the surface and you will find fresh aromatic             rain-forests, eucalyptus woodlands, stirring sand dunes, and number of flora and fauna.

It is visited by a cluster of backpackers and travelers. It provides the facility of accommodation with its elite resorts. It is estimated that the sand over here is 750000 old and got accumulated over the volcanic bedrock. The island can be accessed by a ferry from river heads to kingfisher Bay or by a chartered flight from Maroochydore Airport.

fraser island

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