Wardrobe’s weren’t luxurious enough: Armani Hotel, Dubai

Wardrobe’s weren’t luxurious enough: Armani Hotel, Dubai

Google Giorgio Armani  only if you are not familiar with his panache and his high end designer labels. The  name long synonymous with high street brands  such as Armani Exchange, Emporio Armani and  Armani Collezioni  among others has now tried his hand at a completely different genre albeit the same theme is retained. Mr Armani, an icon in his field of work has always associated his designs with luxury, finesse and un paralleled  elegance.  In a deal forged in early 2004 with EMAAR properties in Dubai for building this iconic hotel , it was finalized that EMAAR would be solely responsible for construction, real estate and operations while the designing, interiors and furnishing vested with Armani.


Like all his previous works, the Armani Hotel in Dubai is reminiscent of his agenda on ‘design and revolutionize’. Situated on the bottom of the Worlds tallest building Burj-Al-Khalifa, it occupies till floor 9th and again from 38th to 39th showcasing some of the finest designs and concepts involving floor designs, tastefully done interiors, ample amenities , fancy aisles with  sparkling lighting and motion sensors illuminating ones approach to the rooms and common area. Armani doesn’t believe in using sub par qualities,  accentuating his designs with superior execution of the final product. The approach goes beyond visual aesthetics with offerings of unparalleled levels of service , comfort and pleasure as their signature. Primary facilities include luxurious suites, themed restaurants serving popular cuisines , a well stocked bar with some of worlds most finest liquors and wine, Spas and massage rooms for a relaxing affair, sport decks featuring tennis courts and gymnasiums, conference and meeting rooms and ample other facilities required for a comfortable stay.


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Guests have an option of choosing their rooms from with a  budget in mind without having to worry about the interior work or the level of comfort as each suite with its tasteful interiors promises unmatched quality for a cozy stay.  With warm soothing pastel colors for king sized beds and luxurious bath furnishings, mood based control settings for  optimum temperature and lighting. Each of the rooms have been personally overseen by Mr Armani himself giving one a glimpse of  haute couture . Be it movies on demand on 40inch screens with surround sound to having an option of a compact bar at each suite . A walk in wardrobe with fresh soft towels and premium bath toiletries are also provided. Finest cuisines just a phone call away as their room service serves with a motto of style and comfort. A stay at these suites can set one back from anything between  3000 to 12000 AED’s.


Culinary delights

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Get ready to tingle your tongue with finest savories served in each of their boutique restaurants. Undoubtedly authentic  five star cuisine from India , Mediterranean , Italy ,Japan   and others. Armani/Lounge offers breathtaking views of the city while one enjoys a light meal  made with international innovations and a taste catering to each region. Mediterraneo is all about contemporary food from the region from healthy options to a large buffet spread , each dish highlights the work behind it by their army of trained chefs. The cutlery like everything else top class  here ,is  ace bone china and fine silverware.  Armani Hotel wouldn’t be complete without an Italian touch in the culinary department since the head patron is an avid fan of Italian foods, Armanirestorante brings out Italian cuisines from the region concentrating on core flavor of the dish, exciting the palate with gourmet leaves and authentic ingredients all this paired with exceptional personalized service. For the Indian cuisine lovers there is Amal , offering top of the line indian curries following a legacy of time tested dishes intriguing the passionate food lover. Also in service is a Deli  and a Japanese restaurant (Hashi)  mimicking regional flavors with their foods and bringing the best of cuisines to your plate. For the party nightlife enthusiasts there is a club with a stocked bar attached for the wine connoisseur, one can choose to unwind and catch up on conversations over a  tipple.


Spas and Fitness Facilties.

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Armani Hotel boasts of its striking spas, a range of treatments are available  for the weary traveller. Choose between a half or a full day package and sit back and relax while your body is pampered with deep tissue massages, exfoliating mud baths and body cleansing meals. A prior visit to a consultant who chalks out a plan suited to your needs and tailor made to suit the schedule. Like the staff puts it ‘  journey to enliven and rejunuvate senses’ ,holistic treatments with trained masseurs involving hot stone therapy ,ice baths and massages to remove every bit of fatigue from the body . A ‘ state of the art’ gym houses fancy equipment to break a sweat along with like minded folk , you can also enroll at a yoga or Pilates class to peep into your spirituality. Kids can try  their hand at tennis deck atop the deck apart from various in house amenities provided  to them.

The final Word on luxury.

Events are an everyday affair at the Armani hotel, be it the office conference or a business deal to private parties and shows each one warmly hosted by the staff , For the shopaholics , a designer collection by Armani is located inside the building the collection remains privy only to guests. One can also arrange a private cab to the famous  Dubai Mall which is a hardly few minutes from the hotel. The retail facility at Armani houses designs and concepts from clothes to interiors and collected artifacts.

The taste of luxury starts as soon as one boards the hotel taxis to be ferried to the location , premium taxis transport guests to and fro from the facility. A stay here surely remains remarkable thanks to the array of services lined up for optimum comfort.


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