Trump International Hotel and Tower – The Skyscraper Condo, Chicago

Trump International Hotel and Tower – The Skyscraper Condo, Chicago


The Trump International Hotel and Tower is a skyscraper condo-hotel which is situated in Chicago. The hotel is also known by the name Trump Tower Chicago or Trump Tower only and is named after its developer Donald Trump who is a billionaire. The hotel was designed by Adrian Smith, the famous architect of Owings, Merrill and Skidmore. The tower is at a height of 1,389 feet with a roof of 1,170 feet. A spectacular view of ‘Lake Michigan’ can be seen from the hotel as it is situated on the banks of the Chicago River. The hotel became popular when Bill Rancic decided to took over the construction of the Trump International Hotel. Bill Rancic was the undisputed winner of ‘The Apprentice’ (first season). In 2001, when the building was unleashed it became the tallest building of the world. But in the same year because of the terrorist attacks, Bill Rancic decided to redesign the building with some revisions.


In 2009, the building was listed as the second tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and Wills Tower was listed first which is also in Chicago only. ‘John Hancock Center’ was the building with the highest apartment in the world before Trump Tower. But later the titled was passed on to Burj Khalifa. The Trump Tower is the 12th largest building in the world as per the records of 24th November 2012. The building was designed with lots of space and has a parking garage, condominiums, a hotel, retail space and ground up. On 30th January 2008, the hotel was opened but with limited hotel services and accommodation as there were only 339 rooms available in the hotel. But some extra facilities were provided in the coming months and in the same year on 28th of April they opened the hotel with full accommodation and hotel services. The construction of the building was continued till 2009. A restaurant named ‘Sixteen’ was opened on the 16th floor of the hotel. The hotel is rated as a 5 star hotel along with other two hotels in Chicago. And as per Forbes Travel Guide this is one of the three buildings which have a restaurant with a five star rating.


The whole building was designed according to the background of the area. The three setback features of the Trump Tower are specially designed taking the surrounding skyline into account. The first setback is aligned with the Wrigley Building which is on the east side of the building; the second setback is aligned with River Plaza and the Marina City Towers which are on the north and west side of the building respectively. And the third setback is along the IBM Plaza which is known by the name Wabash Building. However the second setback cannot be seen properly from all the angles but still the rounded and setback edges are perfect. The entire building is above the Chicago River and the main Wabash entrance by 70 and 30 feet respectively. The Building is protected with low emissivity coated clear glass and the entire surface of the glass is also polished with stainless steel mullion system. The system is somewhat projected above the glass line. The projection is of about 9 inches (23 cm). The clear and crisp anodized aluminum is incorporated above the surface along with brushed stainless steel panels.


When it comes to the main restaurant “Sixteen” of the Trump International Hotel and Tower, where everyone wants to get served atleast once, a splendid view of the Navy Pier’s Fireworks can be seen from the Sixteen over Lake Michigan. The restaurant was opened on the sixteenth floor in the starting of February in the year 2008. ‘The Terrace of Trump’, which is an outdoor veranda, was also opened on the coming year 2009 on June 25th. These openings come with the completion of the construction of the building. Designed by Joe Valerio, Sixteen gained much popularity because of the uniqueness in its décor, view, cuisine, location and of course architecture also. People described the restaurant in terms of its architecture as the place which doesn’t reveal its every card at once but surprises you by opening them one by one. The lobby of the restaurant is T-shaped and the duct to the hotel is marked with wine rooms which are red and white. These wine rooms are opposite to each other and the floor and ceiling of the way between them is designed with bronze wine racks. The terrace of the restaurant was designed specially for al fresco dining.


2008 marked the opening of the popular ‘The Spa at Trump’ which covers an area of 23,000 square foot. This spa centre offers great oil massages which are gemstone (diamond, sapphire, or ruby) infused, exfoliating salts, a ‘robe menu’, the ‘deluge shower’ and the hydrating masques. There are 11 treatment rooms, Swiss saunas and showers and a private treatment suite for couples only. There is a health club also which is featured with a large indoor pool. This spa centre has been receiving positive reviews in terms of the physical spa and the treatment also. The Trump Tower earned the title of ‘Bentley of Hotel Spas’ by Citysearch because of this rich spa. They provide special spa guest rooms for the customers who visit the hotel for spa only. The never ending facilities, understated and contemporary looks and  the illustrious stunning views from the hotel makes it one of the best hotel of Chicago.

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