The Royal and Exotic: The Grand Hotel Kronenhof

The Royal and Exotic: The Grand Hotel Kronenhof

The Grand Hotel Kronenhof is a extraordinary five star hotel situated in a village (Laret quarters) in Pontresina, Switzerland. The famous San Niculo Protestant Church (de) is also located adjacent to the Grand Hotel. The Grand Hotel Kronenhof is also in the list of Swiss Inventory of Cultural Property of National and Regional Significance. The founding family of this hotel, The Gredigs, owned thins hotel for over 140 years. Andreas Gredig took over the place of ‘Gasthaus Rossli’ in the year 1848 as a gift for his son Lorenz Gredig and he started a guesthouse business there which includes a wine shop also. He named this business as ‘Gasthauszur Krone-Post’ originally but later the name was changed to ‘Krone’ only.

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Over the years many additions were done in the construction of the buildings and he later transformed the guesthouse into a grand hotel. The hotel was designed by the architects, Georg and Jakob Ragaz (de), between the years 1896 and 1898. The structure of the hotel was a three winged and the whole building was in the shape of a horse shoe. The grand hotel was dome shaped with a crown on the top of its dome. The entrance hall of the building was in neo-baroque style and was light bathed. There was a courtyard also (which was three sided) surrounding the main entrance of the hotel. After this expansion of the hotel, the hotel was renamed as “Grand Hotel Kronenhof und Bellavista”. Today, the words ‘und Bellavista’ are dropped from the name and the grand hotel is known by the name “The Grand Hotel Kronenhof”. According to Travelers’ Choice Awards held by Trip Advisor in the year 2014, the hotel is the best hotel in the world.

There are in all 50 luxury apartments available for the people in the very supreme locations. These apartments are located separately in four impressive buildings. Even the famous Las Sours, the two sisters, are also situated near these apartments. Thus, the people can even visit Las Sours by taking a short and sweet walk from their respective allotted apartments. The décor of these apartments are designed with perfection in contemporary art design. We can say that the creativity of the designers has no limit. People will surely enjoy the luxurious and furnished ambience of these apartments. All the rooms and the suites of this hotel are of sizes ranging from 35 m2 to 75 m2. There are 15 junior suites, 22 deluxe junior suites and 9 suites made in different styles.


In all the Grand Hotel Kronenhof consists of 9 suites, 22 junior suites De Luxe, 15 junior suites Comfort, 17 double rooms De Luxe, 26 double rooms Comfort, 9 double rooms Standard, 8 single rooms De Luxe, 5 single rooms Comfort and 1 single room Standard. The walls are of gold and royal blue fabric which is decorated with a highly modeled material. The furniture are furnished and newly dyed. The deluxe rooms are double sized are charmingly made to provide great comfort. All the 112 guest rooms have the facilities of satellite TV and internet. All sorts of internet connections are available such as Wireless/Lan internet access via a Hotspot or AD hoc. A ADSL connection is also available in almost every room of the hotel.


The famous Kronenhof Spa of this hotel, spreads over a region of 2,000 square meters, is must for those people who want to relax in peace for some time. There is a private spa suite available for two in a private and peaceful location. People will feel relaxed in the hydrogen bath or steam bath. There is a special lounge on a waterbed which provides a refreshing experience. Apart from romantic couples, mothers and daughters, sisters and even friends can enjoy taking this spa together privately. Another atep towards a healthy life is yoga. Yoga sessions or workshops are also provided by the hotel. In addition there are breathtaking views of the glaciers of Val Roseg and Bernina. People can also look at the larch forests and the Swiss stone pine. The neo baroque styled bar & lounge of the hotel offers Champagne, Wine and fine Cognas from 11 am onwards. People can enjoy their desired drinks till late night freely. There is a wide collection of mesmerizing international cocktails with the facility of piano music during night.


People who wish for a fairytale wedding can have their dream wedding at the various available premises (at Belle Etage) of the Grand Hotel Kronenhof. Perfect dinner, wedding flowers, appetizers and room decoration will be done by the staff itself. The staff is very professional and will make the place a perfect wedding destination. The whole scene will be magical for the wedding couples.   When it comes to the professional working people then this place also offers a perfect venue for SME or seminars having international attendants. The seminars can be held in the Rondo Convention and Event Centre which has a capacity to accommodate even 500 people. This centre covers about 50 metres of the land area of the hotel. The main goal of the hotel is indeed to promote team spirit and communication among people.This hotel comes under the category of most significant Grand Hotels architecturally. The generously furnished luxurious rooms and suites, elegant food and drinks and the availability of latest technology provide a perfect environment to live comfortably away from your own home.

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