The Las Vegas of Asia: Genting Highlands

The Las Vegas of Asia: Genting Highlands

Genting Highland, which is officially known by the name- “Resorts World Genting” and is a resort over hill located in Pahang, in Peninsular Malaysia. The resorts at the height of 1,740 meters in the Titiwangsa Mountains and is situated on the boundary between the state of Pahang and the state of Selangor in Malaysia. The operator and owner of this great and wonderful resort is the company called Genting Malaysia Berhad, which was known as Resorts World Sentosa earlier and which is also the operator of Awana chain of hotels and resorts.

Like Texas and Las Vegas:


Genting Highland is a city of entertainment and is a version of Las Vegas in itself. It is, therefore, generally known as the “Las Vegas of Asia”. In the entire Malaysia, gambling is illegal except for here. In Genting Highland, gambling is legal and to add to the fun, you have a theme park associated to this place which is an amusing place for the kids. The resort has six hotels in all and that sums up to around ten thousand rooms collectively. There are more than fifty rides for having fun, 170 other services like dinning outlets, shopping spots, entertainment options, shows, etc. The most amazing thing about the place, apart from the rides, is the weather. The climate of the place is always a colder than the climate on land because of the location of this resort at certain height. Sometimes, the temperature of the place falls till 10 degree Celsius. The Genting Highland attracts a large number of tourists which was more than 19 billion last year.

The King of Theme Parks:


The Genting Highland is all about theme parks. The most popular theme park here is the Genting Outdoor Theme Park which is an amusement park with countless rides. This theme park is mostly loved by the families and rates for entering the Outdoor theme Park vary as per the age. Another popular park here is the First World Indoor Theme Park which is situated in First World Plaza which also features a number of rides and has Snow World, Ripley’s Museum and Genting Sky Venture as Signature Attractions of the theme Park. Out of these attractions, the Sky Venture is one of the most thrilling and most amazing experiences. It is the art Sky diving from a wind tunnel. The sensation and excitement of jumping from an airplane is no different than the Sky Venture sensation and feeling. The shy diving experience is ultimate with the flight at a speed of 193 kilometers per hour. This is the only wind tunnel in not just the country but in the entire continent of Asia.

When in Genting Highland- Gamble:


Whenever you are Genting Highland, you must go to the Casinos. Casinos all those who love theme park fun rides, will want to see the theme park first. But otherwise, the first stop at Genting Highland is at the Casino. All the casinos in the area are always open, whether day or night, and you can go there at any time but only if you are at least 21 years old. They also prohibit people who do not follow the dress code which says no to t-shirts, sandals, shorts, etc. The one major difference in Genting Highland and Las Vegas is that the drinks are not served by cocktail waitresses as there are none. You can play all kinds of games here, like baccarat, roulette, some Chinese games like Tai Sai, pai gow, etc. Apart from table games, they have many slot machines. The best casino out of all is Monte Carlo Casino, by majority opinion as it is the biggest out of all. They have a lot of choices in there along with video poker machines and special VIP zone for foreign visitors. Other casinos are Hollywood Casino and StarWorld Casino.

Entertainment in Genting Highland:

first world plaza

If the theme parks and the casinos are not enough, then try to visit the other entertaining places of Genting Highland. The First World Plaza is the top attraction here. It is the highest shopping mall in Malaysia which also houses the indoor theme park and the shopping mall has low rent shops and is decorated by replicas from various landmarks of the world. The entire place is covered by metal roof which makes it dark but attractive at the same time. Other places are First World Cineplex (which has two cinema halls), Arena of Stars (which hosts shows and concerts) and Genting International Convention centre (which is a center with numerous halls that hosts events, performances, concerts, shows having a capacity for 2 thousand people).

And there is more:


The Genting Highland is located in a very beautiful surrounding. There is Chin Swee Caves Temple which is as popular as the Theme Parks of Genting Highland because of the peaceful and powerful atmosphere full of beliefs and also because of no entry charges. You can also view other attractions of the place like the Cradle Rock, Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm, Genting Sempah Welcome arch, Highlands Vegetable Farm and Mushroom farm, the Visitors’ Galleria, etc. All the places are mostly connected by walkways and escalators. Even all the Hotels in this place are connected via walkways. This means that you do not actually go outside the place and no need to worry about the taxis and cabs. The holiday spent in Genting Highland is a holiday spent well.

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