Lake Palace, Udaipur

Lake Palace, Udaipur

Udaipur-The city of lakes, is one of the best tourism attraction in Rajasthan. The place serves to be ideal for nature lovers. The divine lakes like Fateh sagar lake, Rangsagar lake, Pichola lake, Swaroop sagar lake, Dudh sagar lake, Udai sagar lake personifies the beauty in the air of Udaipur. Above all the belongings, we cannot deny on the fact that an excursion is incomplete without a good and luxurious hotel selection. So the combo of visiting the beautiful city and residing in first rate awesome hotel would not be a bad option. “Nothing like staying in a place”


LAKE PALACE -One of the most romantic hotels of India  earlier also known as Jag Niwas .It is located in Udaipur. The palace is built on a small island in lake Pichola and give a wonderful view with Aravali hills surrounding the lake.It was beautifully built by Maharana Jagat Singh II in 1743.It is a opulent hotel with about 83 rooms and covering an area of across four acre. And the rooms have special name of their own like Bada Mahal, Ajjan Niwas , phool mahal and dhola mahal. The palace was so constructed in such a way that it faces east so that people residing here can pray early morning to lord Surya. It has a piazza which was used by the rulers as their DARBARS with fountains and garden. On the entertainment side, the former includes amazing dance by professional dancers and many more things.


Besides the external beauty and location this palace has wonderful interior also. The interior is even enhanced by carved arches, crystal work, stained glass, painting, sand stones of pink and green lotus leaves. It has one of the brilliant architecture which includes series of courtyard oriented with beautiful fountains, terraces and well maintained garden. The floor is made up of white marbles and black stones. The walls are decorated with multi colored stones and dome is undoubtedly marvelous. Its amazing architecture and beauty cannot be expressed in few words. According to the reviews the hotel serves to be best in room services to food quality.


It was built as a summer palace for the dynasty rulers. But later during the Indian Sepoy Mutiny around 1857 several European people used it as asylum. The island was offered to these European people by Maharana Swaroop Singh and not only this he helped his guest by destroying all the boats of town so that rebels couldn’t reach the island. After 1950 Bhagwat Singh finally thought to convert this Jag Niwas into beautiful hotel rather the first luxury hotel in Udaipur. He defiant gesture transformed into one of the most romantic hotel. And then a Didi named contractor took the entire responsibility to design the hotel realizing the romantic location of the former. It was because of his great work the great palace turn out to be a great hotel. It was a great decision of Maharana to convert the palace into hotel as it was the only way to maintain the palace and preserve their heritage. In 1959,the reconstruction began and then after some years in 1963, the palace opened its doors for first arrival of guests. In 1971, the palace has been taken up by Taj group of hotels and made it rate amongst the five star hotel with world class amenities. The added about 75 rooms in the palace. Mr Jamshyd D.F.Lam of the Taj group was an important person in restoration of the original property and then he was appointed as the first general manager and was youngest at that period of time. Then again in 2000 a second restoration was done. And still the Royal Butlers working there are original descendant of original palace retainers


People found the palace peace oriented and it served most beautifully for nature lovers. The days and nights seem to be magical there. Imagining yourself to be floating in the middle of lake Pichola is delightful. The location is no more or less than any other romantic places all over the world. One can have his/her delightful moments with their beloved under the canopy of stars and moon light. Hotel gives magnificent view of Sunrise and Sunset to inhabitants.

royal house

Apart from the scenery, let us have an overview about the interior of the hotel. The same is contained with 83 rooms along with 17 suites. All the rooms are well facilitated like direct dialing, room service, separate tv.s and bars etc. It consists of luxury and palace rooms which provide a great view of lake and lily pond. Apart from this it also have grand royal suites and royal spa suites where one can relax him/her self fully.The hotel is also well contained with elegant restaurants and bar. This fine dining restaurant is named Neel Kamal. Its menu is also enlisted with proper Rajasthani food and many more other categories. The interior contain a large banquet hall with a beautiful view of Lily pond.The hotel is also accommodated with a stylish bar. Along with a perfect ambience, the bar is also contained with a good collection of wine and cigars. A hotel uniquely serves a variety of dining patterns like a romantic dinner on terrace, a sit down dinner by the pond and many more. So above all features make Hotel lake palace worth watching and worth visiting one.

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