Innovative, Creative and Reflection of Brotherhood: El Celler de Can Roca

Innovative, Creative and Reflection of Brotherhood: El Celler de Can Roca


El Celler de Can Roca is one of the most famous restaurants in the world. It was opened in the year 1986 in Girona, Spain. The founders of the restaurants are the three brothers – Joan Roca, Joseph Roca, and Jordi Roca. Their parents had a restaurant named Can Roca founded in 1967. The sons, initially, build a restaurant right next to it in 1986 but later in 2007, they moved their restaurant to the place it stands now at about 100 meters from the original spot. It is the restaurant that has three Michelin Stars which is an achievement in itself. The number one restaurant of the world was el Bulli till 2012. El Celler de Can Roca is now ranked number one restaurant in the world after a close comparison from el Bulli. The restaurant has received a lot warm response from the critics every time and deserves the top position in the list of world’s restaurants and all the appreciation from the critics.


The restaurant serves the traditional Catalan cuisine but not just as it is. They twist the food to an unimaginable extend and makes every little dish very creative. There are more than sixty thousand bottles in the very large wine cellar. The unique thing about the restaurant is that they serve the dishes based on rich perfumes and very exceptionally creative presentation of the food which is very unusual. For instance, they serve caramelized olives on a bonsai tree. The credit of this creativity goes to the three brothers who are founder of this restaurant. The oldest brother is Joan Roca and is the head Chef in this place and is a cook of the highest order. The middle brother is Josep Roca and is the sommelier, the one who is in charge of the wines and services in the wine cellar and is responsible for the smooth operation on the house. The youngest brother is Jordi Roca who takes control of the desserts in the restaurant and has broken all the rules of pastry making and is a chef that will blow the imagination. The brothers have gained a lot of popularity because of their work at the restaurant. They were invited in the Science and Cooking Program at the Harvard University of the United States.


The new building of the restaurant is completely modern with a very nice ambience. There are wooden floors and perfectly dressed tables. To signify the brotherhood of the three brothers, there are three stones placed on each table of the restaurant. The tableware is of Rosenthal China. The kitchen has huge space and is better and bigger than before. It houses work space for thirty chefs. There is an open plan office of Joan Roca featured in the kitchen which gives him a view of the working chefs and he can supervise them while doing the administrative works. The restaurant has a capacity of 45 diners and you will find at least one of the three brothers present for every service.

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The restaurant menu comprises of variety of dishes. But most of the dishes are made from the ingredients of the local Catalan area. People have various terms for the food style they have at the El Celler de Can Roca. Some call it creative and some call it the ‘Fusion of traditional dishes and surrealist touches’. They serve simple flavor combinations with various distinct techniques like the molecular gastronomy technique, freezing calamari and liquid nitrogen, blending to be piped and baking in a cracker. The kitchen of the place has a special space in the kitchen called ‘El Mon’ which is exclusive to prepare small snacks for the guests and these small bites are served to the diners on their arrival. These small bite snacks come in a set of five usually and are typically served to demonstrate various flavors around the globe. They have typical dining dishes in the menu like the lobster, foie grass, etc. But due to the Catalonian tradition of the place, they also have pigeon, pig’s trotters and hake on the menu. Fishes in the menu include crayfish veloute which comes with spring onions, mint and cocoa. The restaurants have some dishes specific to perfumes. For example, they serve Calvin Klien’s Eternity, Lacome and Bulgari. The wines in the restaurant are classified under two lists: red and white. They are delivered in a trolley at every table and the combined lists have over 28 hundred wines.


The restaurant has received a lot of appreciation from the fellow chefs and biggest competitors. Many combinations of the flavors served here are appreciated and recognized world-wide. Some of them are: veal tartare, kid goat with goat’s milk as well as mint, ice-cream of sheep’s milk as a dessert, etc. A very distinct dessert is served after the meal and is the specialty of the restaurant known as ‘Slow Disco’. This is an ice-cream which dances like a disco-ball in slow-motion over a lump of sourdough and comes with cocoa pulp, sherry-vinegar meringue and fired lychee. The El Celler de Can Roca has appeared on television and print media so many times. It has been on the TV series named ‘Master Chef: The Professionals’ of the UK television. It truly deserves to be on the top of the world’s famous restaurants.

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