Wonderlands of Indonesia

Wonderlands of Indonesia

Indonesia, the fourth most populous country , is A home of 238 million people. With approximately 17,508 islands, Indonesia offers few of the world’s most exotic beaches , beautiful temples and a breathtaking view of the vast Indian Ocean and wide Pacific waters.



Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and has got a big number of 140 Chinese temples spread across this cosmopolitan, the oldest being Petak Sembilan in Jakarta’s Chinatown. Locally known as Glodok, this temple was built in 1650. Covering an area of 3000 meters, this temple comes to life every first and 15th day of the new moon, when devotees come to the temple in large number and pray for protection and prosperity. The temple is crowded during the Chinese New Year celebration. At the door of the temple, people burn incense sticks which fills the aroma with an essence of spirituality and of devotion towards the Almighty. The prayer hall stands on four red pillars which are beautifully craved with fine calligraphy. You will find bronze statues of different deities displayed on another side of the wall. With the sunlight pouring in through the ceiling, the hall bears a unique aura amongst the smokes from the incense sticks.



Telun waterfall

The Jambi province of Indonesia gets you close to nature with its Telum Smokey waterfall and tea plantations. The water begins at Lake Gunung Tujuh also called Lake of Seven Mountains and falls down from a height of 50 meters into a pool below. The water falling from the fall creates a mist around which gives it the name as Smokey Falls. There is a wonderous display of rainbow colors across the fall and the pool below giving it a stunning view. The fall lies deep within the Telun Seblat Natioinal Park, where one can reach after a laborious climb up to Mount Kerinci. The trek is though a bit tricky, promises a splendid beauty with majestic and towering trees which are hundreds and even thousands of years old. You can see a wide variety of flora and fauna around the waterfall. A leisure stroll awaits the travelers in the Kayu Aro tea plantations across the Telum Smoky Falls. The Kerinci Coffee and for the tea lovers, Kayu Aro Tea is a must try.


The city of Sungailiat, bears in it some of the largest collection of unique beaches. One of these beautiful beaches is Pantai Rambak or simply Rambak beach. With one end of the soft wide sand extending itself into the blue waters of Kalimata Strait, it faces its other end with grass and leafy trees.Towards the northern end of the beach one can find terrain of large rocks spread across the shore, wetted and thrashed by the waves coming from the sea. The beach is a secluded and it offers a surreal view of the magnificent sunrise across the waters.




Lampung is altogether a magical place, lying to the south of Sumatra. The Kiluan Bay gulf located in Kiluan Village in Tanggamus district of Lampung is a migration path for the dolphin species and other marine creatures. With the diving in and out of the sea, speeding across beneath the waters provide and all together different experience. Beaches around this bay are home to two species of sea turtles. It is much easy to spot a dolphin, just 20 meters from the shore, where they can be seen welcoming the boats, by approaching the boat and crossing their paths. The experience of seeing wild and free dolphins surf across the waves, rather than in aquariums or zoos, is worth it



bono tidal bore

The place is a huge attraction among the surfers who come here in large number. These tidal bores are created when the Kampar river, starting from the Bukit Barison mountain range, merges with the Malacca Straits, on the east of Sumatra. At the wide mouth of the river, the high tides from the sea meet the downstream into the strait and emerge as large tidal bores. These tidal  bores are locally called as ‘bono’ as they rush into the downstream with loud roaring sound at the speed of 40 kilometers per hour. The surfers see the chance and elevate to as high as 4 to 6 meters on the tides. The best sites to surf are offered by Teluk Meranti followed by Tanjung Sebayang, Tanjung Pungai and Pulau Muda, all lying in the district of Pelalawan





These magnificent ruins and remains from the Javanese kingdoms of 8th century. It stands at 196 meters from the sea level and spreads across 250,000 square meters. The central section of the temples has the way the main gate, a crematorium temple, a pool and an audience hall whereas the south eastern part has a n attached veranda as the audience hall, three temples, a pool and a harem complex. Here lies a well called Amerta Mantana or the holy water and it is believed to bring goodluck to those who drink it. The mystical palace has a legendary story behind it and has been an attractive site for the historians and excavators over time. At an exact location called Plaza Andrawina, Ratu Boko displays its splendid beauty in the light of rising and the setting sun over the horizon.




With the nature at its best, Mandakaripura offers a feast to the eyes. Located in Surabaya, the capital city of Java, the waterfall fall rests deep within the valley of Tengger mountain range. One needs to trek for about 20 minutes across the rocky terrain, rivers and a splendid scenic beauty along the way. The valley displays its spellbinding beauty as one approaches the waterfall. The essence of the place refreshes the mind and soul with nature showering the waters like some bliss from heaven.  The majestic 200 meters waterfall makes the tallest waterfall in Java and second tallest in Indonesia.

Indonesia offers many such enchanting locations where one can get close to nature and provides a glimpse into its glorious past and legends.

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