Visit Virginia, Land of Rich History and Nature

Visit Virginia, Land of Rich History and Nature

Situated in the South Atlantic area, the U.S. State of Virginia is often called as the Mother of Presidents. As the birthplace of eight US Presidents the place certainly has political significance, but that is not all.

Virginia Landscapes

Virginia is a land with abundant natural and historical significance, making it a place worth visiting and exploring. The famous travel campaign ‘Virginia is for Lovers’, sums up Virginia quite well.  Be it the beautiful natural locales, or the historically layered sites, the energetic city life, the opportunities to indulge in adventure activities and sports, or to simply go on a drive replete with scenic road side views, Virginia caters to all kinds of travel lovers. There are many tourist attractions in Virginia depending on one’s taste and disposition:

Natural Attractions

Blue Ridge Mountains

Nestled between Blue Ridge Mountains, Chesapeake Bay, Shenandoah Valley, the state of Virginia provides some incredible scenic sights. The lakes in Southern Virginia, wineries in Northern Virginia, and the vivid and colorful scenery around the Virginian terrain make it a nature lover’s delight. A drive through these landscapes is full of scenic views. Beach lovers won’t be disappointed in Virginia either. The opportunities abound for them around Chesapeake Bay and many other beaches for instance the Virginia Beach.

Skyline Drive


You can simply go on drives and experience firsthand the beauty and vibrancy of Virginia’s landscapes. Such passages as the Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway are especially mention able. Giving access to the Shenandoah National Park, these drives are a must for all travelers. They make up for some astounding views across the way as well as from the destination to which they lead. In addition to the lush greenery, the waters of the mountainous springs and stunning waterfalls, he beautiful and varied trails that are available for travelers to explore, the opportunities of camping all make it that much more attractive.


Shenandoah National Park, for instance, located between the Valley and Blue Ridge Mountains is a naturally abundant site. With various waterfalls like the Whiteoak Canyon, Rose River, Cedar Run within the boundaries of the park’s wilderness make up for some exciting hiking trails replete with beauty.

Historical Attractions

Garden Week

Virginia’s Historic Garden Week is another attraction of this place, which the traveler’s must catch. These walking tours are made available in different parts of Virginia, as almost all of Virginia has an incredibly rich and fascinating history dating back to 1607 when it was first colonized by the English. Virginia also happens to be the first New World English colony. Besides this the place also played a significant part in the American Revolution and Civil War. All of these add many interesting facets to Virginia’s history.

Historic Garden Week

This tour of the historic homes, outer buildings, some museums provide you with a glimpse of this fascinating history. Travelers can avail of such trips as the ‘Past to Present’ made available in the region of Courtland to mention just one. These Historic Garden Weeks have been in practice for some eight decades now, with each passing year making it even more remarkable for those inclined towards historically important tourist sites.


One can visit the vast and old plantations of Virginia whose histories are steeped in slave labor. For instance Monticello is a popular tourist attraction. The Historic town, Jamestowne, Virginia War Museum, Black Soldiers Memorial, Richmond Slave Trail, George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens are some of the other historically significant and popular tourist sites.

Cultural Attractions

Culinary Delights

There are many outdoor activities that are organized in different places in Virginia during different times. Many such events are organized all the year round, giving the travelers an opportunity to witness and engage with the local culture. These include events such as various wine tasting events organized most commonly by wineries, food festival to name a few. To experience the culinary delights that Virginia has to offer both in terms of beverages as well as sea food should be on all food lovers travel itineraries. These culinary events are not the only offerings. Many eclectic music festivals and events are organized across Virginia at various times.

Heritage Music Trail

The Crooked Road that connects the Blue Ridge Mountains and Heart of Appalachia is famous among tourists and music lovers. It is Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail.

Rustic Retreats

There are innumerable accommodation facilities of all kinds available across various regions of Virginia. But to make your stay more memorable you can opt for one of the Bed and Breakfasts, or cabins or cottages that are also readily available for travelers. These are bound to provide you with a unique traveling experience. To stay in B&B that date back to 18th and 19th centuries, living in these historic buildings, maintained as taverns or pubs of the ages gone by, or old mansions is an experience in itself. The fireplaces, authentic architecture all add to the overall experience. The log cabins and quaint cottages located in the mountainous, or forest regions in Virginia are very popular with travelers. They allow the visitors to have solitude besides being located in the middle of scenic hiking trails and beautiful vistas.


Virginia with its varied terrains, vibrant events, and vividly fascinating history, makes for a delightful exploration. Travelers whether they be food lovers, history buffs, nature lovers, music enthusiasts, or simply those out on a sightseeing trip, Virginia has something to offer to all of them.

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