Vietnam: Land with Great War History

Vietnam: Land with Great War History

Vietnam is a thin long country of Southeast Asia. It is surrounded by China in the north, Laos in the North West and Columbia in the South West. It is officially known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV). It is ranked 8th in the list of Asia’s most populated countries with a total population of over 90 million people. In the world, it stands 13th among the list of populous countries of the world. In 938 AD, Vietnam became independent from the Imperial China. The country has a whole history of wars and colonialism. People of Vietnam spend their lives rebelling for their country and for their freedom. Due to the history of colonial rule and wars, it is also known as the ‘country of historical wars’.

The country has a lot of wild jungles, beaches with white sand, delicious street food, etc. There are a lot of things for the travelers and they will be never disappointed with any of the sights and the sounds. This country offers a fusion of Asian culture with the Parisian culture. Vietnam has a lot of temples, shrines, pagodas, tombs, and other monuments to explore and admire. About 4 million tourists visit Vietnam every year and the tourism in the country is growing every year.

imperial citadel

The most famous tourist place in the country is Hue. Hue is one of the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO and is the residential place of the Citadel. It was used as a private residence for the emperor of country. It is located in the central region of Vietnam and is the former capital. The Imperial Citadel in Hue is the most popular monument and building in the whole Vietnam. It was the seat of the imperial government of Hue and has a complex covered of temples, walls, gates, pavilions, moats, shops, galleries and museums, arts and costume collections, etc. which shows the history about various periods in the history of the country. The citadel was knocked badly at the time of fighting between Viet Minh and French in the year 1947. Therefore, there are some areas which are just empty fields having remaining bits of walls. Restoration of the place is in process.


Another very major tourist attraction of the country is Ha Long Bay which is located to the northern region of Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin. It is a coast line and is 120 kilometers long. The term Ha Long Bay means the ‘Bay of Descending Dragons’. There are thousands of islands (more than 2000) in this place and every island has a thick green forest and vegetation on them. They look like limestone pillars and form a spectacular view. Many of these islands have caves in them and hollow while other islands have lakes which are usually used by the fishermen of the neighboring villages. The place offers cruise rides. The sunrise, sunset or the moonlit night or a starry sky are the perfect views of this place which cannot be matched and those moments will be stunningly beautiful and will leave an impression on your mind for lifetime.


Another very historical important town of Vietnam is Hoi An. The Old town of this place is listed in the World’s Heritage Site by UNESCO. There a lot of historical sites in Hoi An but main attractions out of all include a museum, an old house, an assembly hall, a traditional theatre and the Japanese Covered Bridge. The Japanese Bridge was constructed by the Japanese community in the early 1600s. This place was a fishing village initially but now it is one of the most popular tourist places and has grown great shipping business. There are Chinese styled shops which attracts a lot of tourists. The town is covered with a lot of narrow canals and is therefore called “Venice of Vietnam”. Also there is a Bang Beach which has deserted sand and is a wonderful place to spend your day.

hoan kiem lake

In Vietnam, another historical centre is Hanoi and the many historical centre of Hanoi is Hoan Kiem Lake. In the city of Hanoi, there are many places to visit but the Haon Kiem Lake is the historical centre of Hanoi. There are many scenic views from this leisure spot and the lake has become favorite of the locals as well as the tourists. The name of the lake literally means the returned sword. This name is derived from a legend which states that the god awarded King Le Loi a magical sword which was used to invade china. This sword was later returned in the lake to the Golden Turtle God.


In this country with lots of islands, Phu Quoc is the most important and largest one. It is situated in front of Cambodia coast. There are undamaged coral reefs and tropical forests along with beautiful beaches which overall make the island a beautiful natural landscape. There are many beaches on this island and Bai Dai is the best of all. Bai Dai beach is also known as the Long Beach because of the length of the beach. This is a very clean and beautiful beach, not just in the country but in the whole world. The world best fish sauce is produced in Vietnam in Phu QUoc.

There are many other places in the country of Vietnam to visit and travel. This country has a story to tell on each path about the historical struggles and wars. Visiting this country will be a sort-of patriotic experience for you.

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