Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong, China

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong, China

Today the place that In am going to talk about is the life- line of one of the most pepped- up cities in the world, Hong Kong. Why so? This is because there is no other place in Hong Kong where one would feel so energetic  and lively. Coming to this place makes you feel how precious life is. I am talking about the Victoria Harbour. It is both strategically and naturally considered to be the heart of Hong Kong.


Victoria Harbour is a natural landform harbor and the largest harbor in China and the third largest in the world. It lies between the Hong Kong islands and the Kowloon Peninsula. If historically analysed, the fact that the Victoria Harbour lies in the South China Sea, made it a British Colony and later on it was due to this harbor only that China was able to establish proper trade relationships. Thus, it became the trading centre of China. As we must have read about the excellent form of economy that China switched to, it would not have been possible without this harbour.


Cruising in a harbor like this is a ‘feels like heaven’ experience. Going to the Victoria Harbour and not having cruised is something incredulous and foolish at the same time. One cannot simply afford to miss any fun in a place like this which is so concentrated with energy and life. There is not just one but many ways in which cruising options are available in the Victoria Harbour. Here we have the, Morning  Harbour Cruise Afternoon Harbour cruise, Evening Harbour cruise, Sunset Harbour cruise and last but noth the least, the Symphony Harbour cruise.


Beginning with the Morning Harbour Cruise, which is undoubtedly the best way to kick start a morning. The tourists get to board a Chinese style tour boat. The sun will be seen rising through this island city, and meanwhile the tourists will be taking tour of all the famous place sof the city which mostly includes the tallest building of Hong Kong, the IFC two. Then there will be the award winning Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Wan Chai and also the former Brirtish Navy Base. Then the cruise will start heading eastwards where Shau Kei Typhoon Shelter is found and fishermen are found mooring their fishing boats. Then one would also get to see the famous Noon Day Gun at the Causeway Bay.


Not leading to a great difference, the afternoon cruise is almost the same as the morning one, in terms of the place it will take the tourists to. Located between the Hong Kong islands and the Kowloon region, as the cruise proceeds, one gets to see the beautiful and splendid sky scrapers of Hong Kong. Further besides the Naval Base one also gets to see the HSBC Main building, the Peak and many others. Then the cruise proceeds towards Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong’s oldest typhoon shelter and then towards the Stone- cutters bridge. The speciality about the Stone- cutters bridge is that it is the world’s second longest cable- stayed bridge in the world.


The Evening Harbour Cruise can mainly be divided into two segments. The first one is the Pre- Dinner Sunset Cruise in which the cruise mainly takes the tourists towards eastern tip of the Kowloon Penisula. All this while, because it is a pre dinner cruise, the cruisers will be given various complimentary and exotic drinks. After this comes the Pearl of Orient Dinner Cruise in which the cruise takes the tourists to have a glimpse of the greatest of the Hong Kong’s landmarks and side by side the tourists also enjoy the pleasure of a royal buffet dinner.


The Evening Cruise, as said by many is the best option to choose because the beautiful panorama of lights which is found during the night- time in the Victoria Harbour is simply astounding. The Harbour Night Cruise takes you around all those spots as mentioned in the sections of morning, afternoon and evening harbor cruise on a typical Chinese style boat. The additional site over here is the beautifully neon light lit entertainment district of Wan Chai. The Star Ferry’s Harbour Tour is even a step ahead. It is a double- decker ferry called the ‘ Shining Star’. It is based on the model of the 1920s ferries which existed in Hong- kong, those typical British styled ones.


Everything said before about the Victoria Harbour can all be outbeaten by the next wonder of this wonderland. It is the Symphony Light Show. In this the tourists are not taken anywhere but the cruise stands amidst the waters, almost stagnant. Right in front of the cruise is the the entire island city, shining with specially fixed neon lights on it’s buildings. This show is a permanent dancing light and sound show and has been recorded to be the largest of it’s kind in the Guiness Book of World Records.


A trip to Victoria Harbour is a must to all the water site lovers and the cruise lovers as well. The Victoria Harbour is a combination of serenity and magnificence to the tourists. It not only shows what Hong Kong is but also the essence of the British Colonialism which is found here. It is also well connected to all other places through all the possible modes of transportation.  The Victoria Harbour is one of it’s kind.

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