The Versatile Capital Of Uzbekistan: Tashkent

The Versatile Capital Of Uzbekistan: Tashkent

Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan, a country rich in its historical, archeological, architectural and natural treasures. One of the most beautiful capital cities, it holds its own history by being one of the main connecting points of the silk route connecting China to Europe. Tashkent displays a versatility of its own, with new office buildings, museums, beautiful, lush green parks, and mountain ranges. The city has great potential to extend its tourism industry.


Museum of History of Timurids

Tashkent is one of the oldest cities of Central Asia with a history of over 2000 years. The city constitutes the largest and most unique museums of Central Asia. A treasure chest for those interested in histories, arts and culture, Tashkent has around 100 museums and galleries.There are several types of museums you can choose from.The history museum takes you back in time with its unique collections. The Museum of History of Uzbekistan and Temurids’ History Museum are the two most famous history museums in Tashkent.Art museums in Tashkent have a huge collection of paintings, sculptures, furniture, ceramics and other beautiful and decorative art forms. The leading art museum of Tashkent is the Applied Art Museum in Tashkent, with more than 7000 works of art.

The Central Exhibitions Hall of Arts is one of the exhibition halls at the center of Tashkent, which holds timely exhibitions. It also has a souvenir shop that sells traditional handicraft products of Uzbekistan. There is also a famous Barxan restaurant and bar located in the building.Tashkent Art of Photography located opposite to the Congress Hall of Uzbekistan displays great works of Uzbek photographers.

Azia Art gallery is another art museum is first of its kind, featuring modern visual art. It displays original and unique works in visual art collects samples of the national culture, art and traditions of Uzbek people under the dome of the Centre of National Arts in Tashkent.Apart from that there is Museum of Astronomy, Museum of Geology, Museum of Natural History and other science centers.

Gardens and Parks

japanese botanical garden

There is a lot of greenery in and around Tashkent. There are several parks distributed across the city, bringing you close to nature. One of these is Japanese Botanical Garden, in the center of the city. A magnificent park and quite peaceful, Japanese Garden is one must place to visit in Tashkent.Eco Park is the first Ecological Park in Tashkent. Based on the ideas of ‘reduce reuse and recycle’, this park is built with all the scrap, plastic waste, rubber waste and metal pipes.

Independence Square is more like a park than being the largest square in the city. Public buildings surrounding several monuments and fountains, decorated by various trees and flowers makes this  look alive and refreshing. The monuments of the Sorrowful mother and the eternal fire at the end of the path enhance the beauty of this favorite recreational place. A tradition calls for the newweds to pay a visit to the Square on their wedding day.

Amir Temur Square lies at the center of the city, where stands the famous monument of Amir Temur with lush green trees doubling the beauty. Babur Recreation Park is another beautiful park in the center of the city. It splashes greenery in every direction with the collection of trees around a small pond in the center. Gafur Gulam is one of the greenest parks in the city, covering an area of 23 acres, and a small lake in the center. People of all ages visit here to spend quality time. Alisher Navoi National Park and Monument is the largest parks in the whole country. Right from canals to meadows to ornamental flowers and a tranquil environment, Alisher Navoi is one of the best parks in the country.



In older times, bazaars were places for trade, for exchange of news, meeting friends, celebrating, sharing joys and even punishing criminals. They were meant to be full of life and hustle. Even today there exist many bazaars across Tashkent, reflecting the city life. Most of these old bazaars are located on the branches of the Silk Route and have an old history of their own. The Registan Square and Bukharan trade domes are some of the examples of these ancient bazaars

Alay Bazar is one of the oldest bazaars in Tashkent. It was initially a trade post lying on the trade route during 12-13th century, but now it is a fully fledged bazaar and one of the most happening and lively places in Tashkent. People keen on shopping can visit Alay bazaar, where they can buy variety of sweets, fruits. Alay bazaar is famous for its two story complex of jewelry in silver and gold. Such bazaars reflect the culture of the city in myriad forms.



Located 85 km from the capital city, Chimgan Mountain, lies in the Chatkal Range which is at the height of 1600 meters, in the Western Tien Shan Mountains. The summit touches the height of 3309 meters, and is covered with white iridescent snow. The peak reflects the sunlight shimmering like a giant star at 3000 meters. The slopes of the mountains are best for skiing from the month of December until in March when the summer commences. For the adventure seekers, the range provides mountaineering and rock climbing. For the families, there are other interesting activities to indulge in like hiking, hang-gliding, climbing, horse-riding and mountain skiing.

Tashkent is a beautiful place that has got something for everyone, right from amusement parks and botanical gardens to mountaineering, skiing and rock climbing.


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