Venice Simplon Orient Express – Of Romantic Train Rides

Venice Simplon Orient Express – Of Romantic Train Rides

For the rich there are many ways to utilize their wealth in order to have experience which are beyond the extraordinary, a train journey in the Venice Simplon-Orient Express in one of such ways. Arguably one of the most luxurious rides in the whole world, the Venice Simplon-Orient Express is an idea of luxury, extravagance and class which goes beyond your usual definition of all those words. The train is a privately operated luxury ride which runs from London and Paris till Venice via Verona. It was first brought on wheels in 1982 and has since been enchanting travelers like nothing else. The train ravishing in its appearance is today a symbol of status; wealth and class in the world leave alone the European continent.


The Venice Simplon-Orient Express is a train of beautifully restored carriages belonging to the Golden era of traveling in the 1920s, 30s and 50s, these carriages are a brilliant way of bringing to travelers the whole class and feel of that bygone era besides being a part of history. The train is a weekly service which costs about 2000 pounds per person including meals. The train runs once a week starting at London and goes on till Venice taking 24 hours and crossing cities like Paris, Innsbruck and Verona in the process. It also makes trips to other wonderful Europeans cities such as Rome, Budapest, and Krakow and even to Istanbul (in August). The Venice Simplon Orient Express is often linked with its namesake the Orient Express of 1883 which was a regular train running from Paris to Istanbul and got stopped in December 2009. A journey in this train totally lives up to its billing of being a luxury train with five star services and class traversing through the beautiful landscapes of central-western Europe.

The dining car aboard the Orient Express

Venice Simplon orient Express was a brainchild of an American named James Sherwood who at a famous auction in Monte Carlo in 1977 bought most of the classic pre-war wagons, Lit Company sleeping cars and restaurant cars that were being offered for sale he did this with a dream of restoring them to their old glory and putting together a luxury train that will chart the same route as the now fabled Simplon Orient Express. In the coming years he bought many Pullman cars belonging to the 1920s and 1930s for the British part of the journey which was from London to Folkestone. The continental sleeping cars which were part of the train during the continental journey post Folkestone were the best in class of the original Lit Company trains that used to run all over Europe in the first half of the twentieth century. The intention of the VSOE was to restore in spirit the glorious route and journey of earlier Orient express even though some of the service provided in the new train never existed then. The effort in order to restore the past in a way that Venice Simplon has done is nonetheless commendable.


The beautiful journey from the financial center of London to the romantic city of Venice in Italy takes 24 hour to complete, even though the whole train journey is named the Orient express it uses two trains of differing varieties in the process.  The journey from the platform 2 of the Victoria station in London till Folkestone is carried out in a train with vintage Pullman cars as coaches which belong to the 1920s, 30s and 50s. The Pullman Cars consist of plush armchairs with table for two kind of seating arrangement; in some coaches also have 4 or 5 seater enclosed compartments too. The décor, the seats, the beautifully crafted tables, the wine and the food are all excellent in every which way you experience them. You are served champagne as soon as the train starts its journey later in the afternoon you are giving a luxurious lunch along with wine which you can take pleasure of while seeing the glorious scenery of the Kent countryside.

After crossing the Channel Tunnel from Folkestone West through a Eurostar shuttle, the passengers now board the beautiful continental train consisting of Wagons-Lit carriages of 1920s from Calais Ville in France which takes them through the remainder of the journey through the beautiful country of Central Europe and the cities of Paris, Innsbruck, Verona and finally to Venice. The sleeping cars on this train are the vintage LX series of the original Orient Express that ran in 1929; there are at least two and sometimes three dining carriages with restaurants which have décor of the plushest kind. The sleeping compartment of one or two beds can be converted to private a sitting room with a sofa and coffee table during the day time. There is also a bar on the train which serves drinks of the finest quality although drinks are charged extra and are not included in the ticket.


The Venice Simplon Orient Express takes one through some marvelous countryside of European giving on an experience which is utterly romantic, luxurious, pleasurable and enchanting. The landscapes that the train goes through such as the shores of Zürichsee in Switzerland, the Arlberg Pass in Austrian Alps, the verdant fields of Lichtenstein and countless vineyards of France before entering the deeply romantic city of Venice for its final resting place make the whole journey seem worth the while if the service and class of the train itself doesn’t satisfy you. The Venice Simplon Orient Express is a great step towards preserving and enjoying our heritage of the past.

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