Tulip fields, Lisse Netherlands

Tulip fields, Lisse Netherlands

orange tulipImagination of a world full of colors and the blooming beauty of tulips can be much more mesmerizing than reality can actually hypnotize you with the hue of the tulips of Netherlands in the land of Lisse. Lisse is a town in the western part of Netherlands in the province of South Holland, Amsterdam. A mind-blowing display of colors is witnessed in the renowned place called Netherlands which is popularly known as the Land of tulips. There is no actual best time in the year to visit the flower fields than spring because this is the time when the tulip bulbs are in their full bloom period and it is a very pleasing sight to be viewed.

tulip in keukenhofNetherlands which is commonly known as Holland is the home for tulip plantation and is known in the entire world for the same. It has been the largest exporter of flowers for many years. Tulips has its roots from Asia and Mediterranean until it was introduces in Holland by Charles de L’Ecluse also known as Carolus Clusius a famous biologist in the 17th century. This flower is being grown in here since almost 400 years. The plantations became popular during late 1636 to 1637 February and created a Tulip Mania during the Golden Era of Dutch. The prices of the tulip flowers was much high and it turned out to be a status symbol for those who were in a position to afford the flower in the Dutch period.

tulipThe weather in Holland is very much suitable to grow tulips with the cool springs. There are enormous types of tulips available that the Dutch horticultural society has grouped them into several categories with differentiating the species in the groups. This is the best tulip season that starts from mid of March till the end of May.

keukenhof-gardensNetherlands has been proven as an extravagant bloom from the moment the first tulip was planted into the Dutch soil. It has been like thrall to flowers and inventing a whole new horticultural industry which inwardly turn the lowland fields into a land of colorful blooming sheet of blanket. The flowers bloom and reach the climax in April and May when Holland offers Europe’s quintessential spring drive at this period of the year. Western Holland is termed as the prime location in case of Tulips, Hyacinths, narcissi, flowering shrubs, Daffodils and ancient age old trees covered in blossom. Other attractions in here are the indoor and outdoor exhibitions which are the flower parades, seven theme gardens, a corn mill, a sculpture trail and a special route for children especially.

AmsterdamKeukenhofSignAmsterdam’s garden has a lot to itself to showcase in terms of flower exhibition where hundreds and thousands of glamorous indoor as well as outdoor gardens create a majestic colorful atmosphere. This garden is located on the outskirts of Lisse between The Hague Den Haag and Amsterdam in Stationsweg 166a, 2161 AM Lisse, Netherlands. This garden opens only during spring when the tulips are flowering and to add to this beauty there is a flower parade called the Bollenstreek which is held through the main streets of Lisse. In August as well the festival named Castlefest is held in the gardens of Castle Keukenhof.

gardensThe Keukenhof gardens are open from March 20th till May 18th daily from 8.a.m. to 7.30.p.m. but the ticket window closes down at 6.p.m. sharp. The cost of each ticket in here is 15 euros for adults and 7.50 euros for children in the age group of 4 to 11 years. Whereas admission and parking tickets can also be purchased online.

In order to reach this garden from the Hague have to take A44 towards Amsterdam then exit at Sassenheim and take N208 towards Lisse and again then from Amsterdam take A4 towards The Hague and exit at N207 towards Lisse and the signs will direct to Keukenhof. Another route is by bus 197 which leaves from Amsterdam from Leidseplien Museumplien to Schiphol airport and there are direct buses to Keukenhof from Schiphol Airport which is bus 858 and even from Leiden central station there is a bus 854 to Keukenhof.

When arrived at Keukenhof, five hour tour id systematically perfect for the visitors who are awaiting to see the amazing colorful spectacle and that includes three hours of free time available to explore independently where a stroll down the beauty glazed paths of Tulips, Narcissi’s, Hyacinth’s, Daffodils and Bluebells. There are dotted lovely greenhouses, brooks and shady ponds. There are various restaurants and snacks stands available at the ground level and the prices are not cheap but not even unreasonable. The visitors are allowed to bring in their own snacks and lunch boxes which can be ate on the benches and tables spread throughout the entire garden.


Inside Keukenhof gardens, visitors are allowed to bring alone their dogs on the grounds but they are not allowed inside the flower pavilions and restaurants. Rented bikes are available in order to have a quick tour through the bulb fields. The tour inside the garden is a must into the check list of the tourists and the visitors especially the ones who are visiting during the spring season because the tour to Keukenhof gardens cannot me missed. As great picnic experience can be conducted with the entire family in this garden and a trip to be remembered by all.

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