Tianzi Mountain Reserve, China

Tianzi Mountain Reserve, China

It is said that photos cannot capture these majestic structures and the view it gives to human eye, The Tianzi Mountain and the ranges. This mesmerizing natural wonder is sure to keep you dazed for a while. These mountains will surely remind you of the “Avatar” mountain. This mountain is a part of the Wulingyuan District in Zhangjiajie, China. This place is known for its scenic beauty and attract a huge number of Chinese tourists. Lately, it has also been a top spot for tourists from the world over.

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This place is dated back to over 100,000 years and is believed to have been one of the most forward sites which was on par with other areas like Beijing, Xi’an. It is also believed that, about 10,000 years ago people who lived in this region which is presently known as Zhangjiajie were advance and used fire to bake pottery. This technique was know to these people much before it came to light of the other world. This place has many tales and stories attached to it. The Tianzi mountain is named after a local farmer, Xiang Dakun who led a fruitful revolt and called himself Tianzi ( Son of Heaven ). The mountain ranges are known as Tianzishan. This place is also famous for its Huanglongdong and Longwangdong caves which have rock paintings that date back to 10000 years.

one of the view points    tianzi oeak
This place has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the early 90′s. It has some spectacular views that attract lots of people. There are four special attractions here. The Sea of Clouds, the Radiance of the Moonlight, Rays of Sunshine and the Snow in winter. Legends say that, these magnificent peaks are symbols of soldiers that are ready to be reviewed. It is also believed that while Xiang Dakun was fighting, he jumped off a cliff and a girl who was in love with him, laid flowers all along and it became a statue of stone.
The tianzi mountain range is spread over an area of 16500 acres and the highest of the peaks in this range is about 1200 meters about the sea level. The numerous peaks in this place provide a fingers-like view from the highest peak. The highest peak provide a enchanting view of all the other peaks in the area.

This place has a mean temperature of about 12 degrees centigrade. Annually experiences rainfall of about 180 centimeters. The best time to visit this beautiful place are April, May, September and October. The places is always packed with tourists. You can also find many small shops and stores where you can get yourselves souvenirs and do some shopping.
The transport is a variety here. The Cable car is available that provides some excellent views of the place. There also is an elevator that climbs up to 300 meters in a couple of minutes which takes you to the top must faster than the cable car. You can also hike or climb the entire distance to experience the beauty to the inch. The Heaven Bridge is an attraction that also provide spectacular views. Visiting this place in the appropriate time of the year is very essential. The dense fog that covers the place would deprive you of the breath taking views this place has to offer.
This marvelous landscape is also home to the very famous Chinese Salamander and also houses many endangered species of flora and fauna. The main attractions in this place are Sheng Tang Wan Gulf, Imperial Brush Peak, Fairy Offering Flowers, Helong Park and Fields in the Air.
Sheng Tang Wan Gulf

the lake

This place is one of the most mystic places in the world. Legend says that Kin Xian died there. The bottom of this gorge is covered with mist all the time. The only was to get to the bottom of this gorge is using a 9 step terrifying natural ladder. Moreover, this allows only only foot at a time. At the bottom you’d find a dark pool. The feeling when you get down there is the inexpressible. You can hear Horses neighing, drums and human voices at the bottom. this should be a definite place to see when you go to Tianzi Mountain nature park


One dangerous leap!

marshal rock

This is one exciting place, it is separated by a meter and it gives you an adrenaline rush. How about jumping to the other side?

The Bridge of Immortals

the bridge

This is a beautiful natural bridge that is seen at the Monkey gate. This natural masterpiece is so elegant that also has steps that are made out of natural stones. Sends a chill down your spine while you’re here. This bridge is decorated with red pines and is made of sandstone.

Heavenly Warrior’s Gathering

tianzi in winter

The view which show the numerous peaks rising through the mist resemble soldiers standing and listening to an order given by their general. This is one of the most common photographer’s spot that captures the entire landscape, if not completely, at least partly.

Tianmen Mountain

tianmen mountain

This place is beautiful, terrifying and will scare you. The glass path that is built perpendicularly to this mountain is simply amazing, Its a place which is one place you should definitely visit when you are here. This mountain, shows the beauty of China and the extent of its technological advancements.

The Imperial Brush Peak

imperial brush peak

This peak is located in the west of the Tianzi reserve. When looked at from a vantage point, it looks like an inverted brush and all the peaks to the left of it look like a finished painting. This peak is believed to be King’s brush.

Tianzi Peak

tianzi mountain

This place is the highest in the region. The 1200 meter mountain remains the best view point in all of the region. This is a place which should definitely be visited.

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