Where It All Started, The Ritz Paris

Where It All Started, The Ritz Paris

There are few names in history that spell class and elegance. The words which makes you smile, even drool a little. The ultimate penchant of sophistication and class is what propelled the Ritz-Carlton to dazzling height. It all began in Paris. The building of the beautiful empire that changed hotel industry. The leaders had emerged to conquer the world and the siege began in Paris. Such is the loyalty commanded by the Ritz Paris that in the current restoration they have decided to reduce the number of rooms to provide better service. When a residential hotel can cut on its chief income, know it is the biggest of the big Fishes.


The history of the place is fascinating. It is located in the heart of Paris, the location is at 1st arrondissement /( administrative district).Place Vendôme is its neighbor providing exquisite view into French architecture, culture and overall feel of France. Swizz Hotelier César Ritz started the hotel with a chef Auguste Escoffier in 1898. It was the first hotel in Europe to provide amenities like an attached bathroom for a suite, telephone in a suite and even electricity. This was the start of a top-notch service centered hotel which would later go on to coin the phrase ‘Putting on the Ritz’.

2012 marked the first multi-year closing of the place for restoration. The Hotel has a ripe culture in its kitty with its Imperial suite being declared as a National Monument of France. It is set to reopen in July 2014. As of 2012, the hotel has 159 rooms, 600 employees. The price range for the room ranges from 850 Euros to 13,900 euros for one night. The elegance of the room, the French o it all signifies the motto of the maker. César Ritz had a dream to create a hotel that offers ‘all the refinements that a prince could wish for his own home’. Every person who has snoozes on the quilt of Ritz (royals, politicians, actors etc.) will vouch that the dream is indeed a reality today.


As one of the founder members was a chef, it is but natural that the hotel today stands testimony to the impeccable pallet of Monsieur Escoffier. Haute Cuisine is one of the strengths of the hotel One of its rich offering. L’Espadon (restaurant in Ritz) represents French Gastronomy in its most exquisite form. With a sunny illusion created by the trompe l’oeil ceiling, this place is in a league of its own. The Hemingway Bar is another of its jeweled collection. The Ritz pool is talked with bated breath for the fantasy, glamour and luxury of the place was, is and remains unmatchable. The guests enjoy this Greek-Roman themed pool as a part of their deal. They can swim, relax, enjoy a snack or get a massage in this part of Ritz Paradise.  The non-guests get the shorter end of the stick with the access gained only by the most exclusive Ritz Health Club membership.


With impeccable service, outstanding food and sophisticated décor, this place will provide you the finest luxury money can buy. The welcome and the view will put a spin on your Paris visit. It is this no surprise people chose to live in this Hotel for years on end. The crème de la crème of its residents have left their mark on Ritz with famous suits being named after them. Coco channel lived several months of her designer life here and the rustic feel of the room was religiously preserved to mark her genius after she passed away. In her words “The Ritz is my Home”.

Princess Diana dined with the Dodi Al-Fayed (Son of the then owner of Ritz) on the fateful night of 31st August 1997 (later that night, their car crashed). This remains a bitter-sweet memory for Ritz; nonetheless it is connection one often recalls.


During the WWII, Ritz became the German headquarter during their attack of Paris. The legend says that after liberation of France, Ernest Hemingway came back for his beloved Ritz. In a jeep full of people, armed he marched to the tiny bar in Ritz where they joined the locals in celebration of freedom with some of the finest French wines (the manager managed to hide them from Germans). T this day the bar exists with the proud name of Hemingway Bar. The walls hold pictures taken by Hemingway himself. This happened on 25th august 1944. One of his short stories is tilted as A Diamond as big as the Ritz. This legendary bar is now run by Colin Field, the best Bartender of the world. Fits the story!


Sometimes the cost of luxury is too high and this should not stop you from getting the true blue Ritz experience at a reasonable cost. L’Ecole Ritz Escoffier is adjoining the Hotel. This is place where top chefs of the world hone their skills. Join the classes to pick few valuable tips. At 45 euros the deal is not half bad! Become a part of Ritz Rendezvous (six men, six women make a meal for 12!) where you might just meet the love of your life with a common passion for French cuisine. The Sunday brunch at Ritz will give your taste buds a taste for heaven, with top chefs serving you traditional French favorites with Italian pastas, Lebanese hummus, sushi and even scrambled eggs. Pastry chefs will contribute to your pleasure with crêpes, waffles cheesecake! The Traditional High Tea is a hit for the sake of tradition. Drop by around five for a tea fix from porcelain cups!

Place Vendôme, amb el Hotel Ritz a l´esquerra

The anticipation rises as the reopening of Ritz moves closer. We hope the charm remains intact and The Ritz remains just that, the Ritz.

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