Serenity in the Alps: Carinthia, Austria

Serenity in the Alps: Carinthia, Austria

Carinthia is the state located to the extreme south of Austria and is most known for the fantastically beautiful mountains and lakes. The language of the state is German but some few groups also speak Southern Bavarian. The state is important for Austria in aspects of the tourism industry, forestry and agriculture industry and also for the electronics and engineering industries of the state. But the greatest of all these is the tourism because of the very beautiful natural and man-made attractions.

The state of lakes:


Carinthia is best known and famous for the beautiful natural lakes. The most famous one of the lakes are the Weissensee, the Worthersee, the Millastattersee and the Ossiachersee. The biggest lake in the entire state of Carinthia is the Worthersee and is the top tourist destination in the whole state. This place is usually visited in summers when the temperature of this place is around 20 degrees. Another important lake is Millstatter See which is also known as the “jewel” of Carinthia and is the destination visited mostly by families and those who love sports.

Experience world attractions by the miniatures:


The state of Carinthia has a park on the Worthsee, Klagenfurt called by the name Minimundus. This park has more than 150 miniatures of the architectural masterpieces all over the world. These models of the famous buildings and complexes are built at 1:25 ratio of size and are as accurate as the originals without missing a single detail. It was opened in 1958 and the area covered by this park is around 26 thousand square meters. This park is owned by the ‘Rettet das Kind’ or in English ‘Save Child’ which is a help organization for children and all the earnings are invested in the organization. Some of the buildings whose miniatures are modeled in the park are: ST. Stephen Cathedral, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Sydney Opera House, Taj Mahal, Tower of London, Hochosterwitz Castle, White House, the Space Shuttle, etc. Many models are movable or transportable and are shifted during the off-season in winters of Austria.

Landskron Castle:


In the northeast of the city of Villach, there is a ruined castle which is named as the Landskron. This castle has a long history of many generations of rulers and kings of various dynasties and during various periods in time of history. Very king and ruler of the kingdom used the Landskron caslte as their residential palace and made changes in the design and architecture of the building. But in 1812, a blaze destroyed this castle and it was never rebuilt. The falconry center of the castle makes it famous and this place is used to conduct flying demonstrations.

Know the reptiles on earth:

happ zoo

In Klagenfurt city of Carinthia, there is a zoo by the name Reptilienzoo Happ. It is a zoo which covers the land of 33 hundred square meters and houses more than thousand animals from all over the world. The specialty of this zoo is the reptiles. The zoo has a variety of crocodiles, tortoises and numerous kinds of snakes. This experience of the zoo is very true and you will feel as if you are interacting with the snakes. The zoo is built to educate people about the snakes, their habitat, their nature and their kinds. The zoo as the cobras, goannas, mambas, rattle snakes, domestic snakes, giant turtles, iguanas, etc. all lying in the open air terrariums. There is a dinosaur garden also to visit. Overall, you will be able to gain a lot of knowledge about the reptiles and snakes and their species which is very fascinating information.

Go back a thousand years in time:


More than a thousand year ago, there was a beautiful castle built on the top of a hill. This is no fantasy story, and in fact, there is a castle in Carinthia which is dated back to thousands of years and is situated over a hill which was named as the Burg Hochosterwitz. This is a very impressive piece of architecture of the medieval times and is built over a Dolomite rock, laying to the east of Sankt Veit an der Glan, Carinthia. The rock is about 160 meters tall and the castle rises over it can be seen from about 30 kilometers away. The marbles of this monument are from 1576 and are still in good condition. Tourists are allowed to visit the castle and have a walk (620 meters long) around the 14 gates that lead to the castle. Each of 14 gates is designed with the diagrams of the defense techniques which were used to seal those gates. You may also visit the place via cars. The castle has not been changed or rebuilt and is mostly just as it was originally.

Ski and hike:

The state has a lot to offer to the tourists. Apart from the historical and natural places, there are adventurous spots in the state as well. Karnten is popular for the ski resorts, beautiful scenic lakes and mountains for hiking and climbing.  you can swim in the crystal-clear water of the lakes, go for skiing and with the mountains, you can hike and climb them to have some of the photographic views captured by your eyes.

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