San Antonio: tucked away reprise Texas

San Antonio: tucked away reprise Texas

If you live in a state which would be the seventh highest producer of green gas in the world had it been a country, breathing in fresh and pure air would be a perfect detox program for you. The second largest state in United States with the second highest population is the state of Texas. It is called as dessert state sometimes although only 10% of the land is dessert. This huge and vast state is diverse in every possible way, from the climate to people to vocations to eating habits. One thing that is common for every person here is the weekend getaway, the place to chill, to relax to de-stress. This is the tucked away hill-station for the state; this is the City of San Antonio.


This is by no means a tiny place. It is the seventh most populated city of the States and ranks second in Texas. This city has over 26Million tourists per year. Why? Well you have everything here. From sports to theme parks, historical influences, military presence, romantic hangouts and natural beauty. The entrance to San Antonio from Houston gives you the first glimpse of the city spread out at your foot. The bridges, the highways (called as interstates) all are laid out beautifully. The feast for your eyes starts here, and be rest assured it won’t end till you leave the place.

Here are a few popular and conventional options for you and of course few unconventional one as well!

The River walk, Paseo del Río:


Perhaps one of the most loved spot of the town, this is the side walk along the San Antonio River, lined on the sites with bars and shops and eateries, and the place is amazing place in every sense. Practically it leads you to all the popular tourist destinations. The walk loops around the place and take you to all the must see places. It is located just a story below the Downtown San Antonio. The sunrises and sunsets provide a picturesque look with the lovely river and the soothing climate. The dusk brings out the lights giving it a mystical feel. Do not miss out on the Fiesta San Antonio if you are lucky enough to catch it. There are flowery floats floating down the river and I don’t need to tell you it’s beautiful.

The Alamo:


This is one of the most visited places in USA, with over 6 million people making beeline for a tour every year; this place is definitely a must for you. It has history in its bricks and gives you a sneak peek into Texan revolution, paintings and artefacts!

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park: Considering the history of the place, the National historical park here is more than apt to satiate your curiosity. Established in 1983, this place will give you the flavor of the city.

Tower of the Americas: Before you completely disregard the place, think back to not judging the book by its cover. This place is 750 foot observation tower and a restaurant. It is a place where you can relax and have a delicious meal just at a wonderful height with priceless view from revolving restaurant.

Marriage Island:

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This is a name that leaves little to imagination but this is also the place which gives you more than you hopped for. The tiny heart shaped islet in the San Antonio river sees around 225 weddings a year, thus the probability of seeing a wedding here is very high. The beautifully decked island is worth a look, to say the least.

Sea world of San Antonio:

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this s the biggest sea world of the three parks of the SeaWorld chain. The marine themed park has everything you can hope for, from dolphins to turtles to whales to walrus. The 250 acre place offers you Shamu show (killer whale), dolphins’ integration, roller-costars, expeditions and much more. There are restaurants and a separate water park called Aquatica. Special occasions call for special events. So time your visit.

Six Flags:

six flags

If hard core roller costars are more your style than this is the place for you for every adventure rides fanatic knows Six Flags spells awesomeness. It is around 200 acre lands in San Antonio with 8 super cool roller costars and 9 equally amazing water rides.

If African safari has been distant dream, take a look at the best zoo of United States. Here you will have the necessary lions and tigers (a must!) or you can feed nectar to the lorikeets. Take a ride in the toy train and enjoy the scenic beauty with the wild added into it.

Being in Texas one shouldn’t miss the rodeo and the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo is the largest one around. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Is one of the places here with over 50 galleries giving you the oddballs of the world. Cascade Caverns are located outside the city with a 100 foot underground waterfall and a perfect stable climate that helps you to beat the heat 24*7*365. If learning and museums are on agenda with kids in tow, the one museum your kids won’t detest is the Witte museum.  When science is hands-on it is addictive!

This is the town of the San Antonio spurs so be prepared to soak in the match time frenzy.


This is one place to see on foot or on wheels so park your car, hire a bike or just hike. You will end up someplace awesome. This is what we call a whole package, jack of all trade and also master of each one of them.





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