The Royal Serenity: Lake Pichola

The Royal Serenity: Lake Pichola

lake palace udaipur

” If the Venetian owned the Pichola lake, he might say with justice,  see it and die.”  – Rudyard Kipling

Seen through the eyesight of the kings of mewar, lake was specially expanded to complete the perfect scenic view of the midst of tree lined hills and grandiose palaces. Lake Pichola is the heart of Udaipur city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is named after the nearby village picholi.

Lake Pichola is what makes Udaipur and its palaces more royal and more special. It enlights the beauty of Aravilli ranges. Lake pichola is an enticing sight and surrounded with royal palaces and temples, which compliments the incredible view. Lake pichola has surely been a proud of the King Maharana Udai Singh and he would have been captivated by the charm of this pristine lake.

Lake was built by Pichhu Banjara in 1362, during the ruling period of Maharana  Lakkha. Lake pichola comprises several islands, most renowned Lake palace and Jag mandir are located on an islands of the lake. Udaipur’s most renowned City  palace and other palaces are located on the shores of lake pichola. It’s the only lake in India having beautiful picturesque background with a royal touch and feel. To feel the real beauty and royalness of the lake , take a sunset boat cruise and see the lake light up. Lose yourself in the beauty of glassy lake, embracing the Aravilli hills, musical chirps of the birds of different types, cool breeze and crystal shine reflection of the sun. Apart from the nature adding beauty to the lake, there are grandiose palaces to admire and beautiful temples surrounding the lake. Most of the royal palaces have turned into royal luxury palace hotels. The lake palace formerly known as Jag niwas is now known as Taj lake palace hotel and has been voted as the most romantic hotel in India and in the world. Jag mandir too have few luxury rooms is situated on an island in the south of the lake pichola, is a true wonder of Udaipur , embracing the beauty of lake pichola. The 17th century  Jagmandir island palace was once a place of refuge to the late Mughal emperor Shahjahan . It is said that the idea of Taj Mahal’s dome came from the Jag mandir’s  dome. Jag mandir is also known as lake garden palace. The royal family used the palace as a summer resort and pleasure palace for holding parties.

jag mandir, lake pichola 

view of lake pichola from jagmandir

The view of lake pichola , lake palaces and other haveli’s is just a perfect royal treat for eyes.

Every part of lake pichola tells a story. Lake pichola has a heartly  connection with the Mewar empire, Rajputs and Rani padmini. Mohan mandir, arsi villas too have its own connection with the history and culture of  this lake. On the shores are the Oberoi Udaivilla’s , the Leela palace kempinski, two heritage hotels Shiv niwas and Fateh prakash and the City palace museum.

Most of the old palaces that still retain their aura and magnificence have been converted into luxurious five star hotels, thereby allowing travelers to experience  at least for few days the lifestyle of royalty. The owners of most of these palace hotels were kings, ministers, rich merchants and nobles. Their properties were bought over by the government and post independence , all the royal titles were eliminated and these palaces were turned into heritage hotels. The buildings of Jag niwas were starting to fall down and was turned into a hotel because it seems the only viable way that it could be maintained and it helped in the restoration of the original property and bringing it to such high royal standards again. Such luxury hotels are the Oberoi Udayvillas, the Leela palace, Taj lake palace  and many more.

lake pichola

There are many rooftops, garden restaurants and coffee shops all over  lake pichola. So once in Udaipur , one should never miss out on the royal  opportunity to visit the lake pichola, a ride on a sunset boat cruise and a lavish dinner in any of the rooftop restaurants to enjoy the beauty of serenity in lake pichola. Indulging in this royal treat will distress your soul and mind and you will feel connected to the history , culture  and origin of India. There are many facilities available for spa and massages on the cruise to rejuvenate yourself while on a trip tp lake pichola. Only the luxury hotels provide you with such facilities on the cruise. rooftop restaurants, lake pichola boat tide lake pichola

Now-a-days beauty of this lake and royal palaces is attracting people for their wedding  and honeymoon destinations. Lots and lots of movies are shooted here to capture the royalness and  beauty of the place with so much of historic  and cultural values of ancient India .

The lake pichola is easily accessable by roads from the Udaipur city through local buses, tangas, auto rickshaws , taxis and private vehicles. Udaipur city is well connected through road networks, trains and airways. Thus everypart of lake pichola invites you for the royal treat, aptly said in rajashtan’s folk song “Padharo Mhaare Desh”- welcome to my land.

Once if you see the serene beauty of this pristine lake, you would definitely fall in love with its royalty it give you!

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