Land of Midnight Sun-Alaska

Land of Midnight Sun-Alaska

alaska Land of the midnight sunAlaska, which is the largest state situated in the northwestern part of United States. This state is famous for its vivid climatic changes and condition as it leads to its extremes in north winters as well as summers. In some regions of Alaska where in the average daytime, high temperature is above freezing during winters which is not so normal in other states.


Alaska is also termed as one of the lands of  midnight sun which is one of the rare phenomenon of this state. For all the Alaskans citizens’, sun rays and sunlight is considered as gold rush which is equal to the value of gold and even sometimes hard to find. All the residents of Alaska praise and pray the sun rays and dance in the joy of happiness under it. They go gaga over the sunlight and even bath themselves in the glory of golden sun rays. Even the grumpiest sourdough dances with the joy of uncertainty as this would be the last day of his life. Sun plays a very joyful phenomenon in their lives and they rejoice every bit of it. On the contrary, for acquiring basic knowledge on ‘what is midnight sun?’ Basically it is a natural occurrence of nature in summer or mid-summer at north or places close or even within the Arctic Circle and Antarctic Circle where the sun remains visible at the local midnight. The sun remains visible for most of the night especially during summers. Alaska receives more sunlight in spring and summer than any other states and many other parts of the world. It is an experience of one of a kind to be witnessed and felt all around the world at once and Alaska being a part of such beautiful serene event. Due to such occurrences of the sun, the daylight duration lengthens and the tourists have an edge over to explore the places with more time in their hands.

The state of Alaska may seem inscrutable due to its vivid climatic behavioral changes, though it is famous for its various festivals. Summer is a busy time in Alaska. According with due respect of specific sources, every year there is a festival held in Alaska known as ‘Midnight Sun Festival’ for the love of sun kissed atmosphere as it is not sensed in the other half of the year. The festival in Fairbanks is not complete without the midnight sun festival which is the biggest sun festival in Alaska. This event would be held on Sunday, 22nd June, 2014 Noon-midnight at Downtown Fairbanks this current year on 1st 2nd and 3rd avenue are close down and upon that they are converted in a street full of food, art and cloth vendors. It is a full time celebration ceremony in the land of Alaska. It is the largest single day event held ever. As the music starts to bang in the ears of the Alaskans, each one of it runs downtown and surrounds themselves with familiar faces and enjoy their splendid time with each other. There are million things to attend in summer in Alaska like fishing, camping, bike riding, etc. from the month of May till end of September. Hiking is a very popular festival and activity during solstice. Even though the citizens of Alaska are busy in their lives but they always manage up to take out time for these several months and get enriched and enchanted by involving themselves in these activities, events and festivals.

The various famous places to visit in Alaska includes Fairbanks, Anchorage, Juneau which is the capital city of Alaska, Dawson City-Yukon etc. are one of the famous tourist destinations to be visited in Alaska specially in the time of summers because of the summer solstice event appearance which is held in series of dates capital city of Alaska-Juneau which is held as a tribute to Juneau’s golden past and promising future. This event initiates a huge variety of activities including log rolling and axe throwing. Even special family blemishing activities like pony riding and gold panning. This involves the entire family to come together and spread love. Indeed it a candid sight to witness on its own.

Alaska is not only famous for its suntanned festivals but also for various sports events. Despite of the late event inauguration at 10.p.m approximately there is no requirement of flash lights or spot lights because of the natural light available of the ever glowing sun shining brightly overhead due to solstice. Not only normal. Summer solstice occurs on every 21st day in the month of June and hence following other events like gold rush era adventure on 22nd and 23rd of June in the

running race games but also Midnight Sun Run is a unique Alaskan event held during solstice and numerous participants are engaged into it since past 20 years. Various other gaming events such as Alaskan goldpanners, the fastest northern baseball club are the contest held on solstice midnight at Growden Park at 10.30.p.m.

Mountain climbing is also one of the famous adventure sports for several tourists and travelers in Alaska as this can be termed as the best way to explore the natural beauty of the state and embrace the scenic beauty of effluent nature. There are several other activities and numerous ones which are held in the midnight sun festival and fun-time era of Alaska and the list would go on. In order to conclude this magnificent journey of festive celebration, summer is the best time to visit Alaska and have a pleasant stay there as a tourist.

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