A Heritage Site in Nature’s Lap: Hallstatt, Austria

A Heritage Site in Nature’s Lap: Hallstatt, Austria

The village of Hallstatt in the Salzkammergut Lake District, Austria has an incredibly long and rich historical and cultural trajectory. The absolutely stunning surroundings combined with the cultural heritage of the land make it a worthwhile UNESCO World Heritage Site. The natural abundance, the quaint village tucked between the magnificent Dachstein Mountains, and on the banks of Hallstatter See Lake all makes Hallstatt a famous tourist destination. This is a place popular among the nature lovers, for family holidays, for those looking for adventure sports opportunities as well as those who want to travel to a place replete with peace and beauty.

Hallstatt Station

Hallstatt can be easily reached through trains. Trains from Attnang-Puchheim (on the Salzburg-Vienna line) to Obertraun pass through the Hallstatt Station. From the station, ferry rides take travelers to the village, as the station is located on the banks of Hallstatter See Lake. This ferry ride provides amazing and charming views of the village from across the lake. The town of Hallstatt provides all travelers with a memorable experience with its picture post card quality, the stunning vistas, and the layered cultural legacies.

Quaint village of Hallstatt

The history of this land stretches back to prehistoric times, as salt mining in this area was prevalent even back then. The archaeological artifacts recovered from around here also tie this place up with the Celtics. The Hallstatt Culture dates back to Early Iron Age in Europe. Dating back to 800-450 BCE, this culture was related to the then Celtics and Proto-Celtics. These historical and cultural facts make this picturesque place even more fascinating. Hallstatt is known as the place with the first salt mine worldwide. The salt caves dating back centuries today serve as popular tourist sites. Exploring the Ice Caves in winters provide equally unique and intriguing experiences.

Ice Caves

Many archaeological evidences tying the place with the Celtic people were found here, which includes the ancient cemetery found in the town of Hallstatt. To see the wide and varied cultural past of Hallstatt displayed for your perusal do visit World Cultural Heritage Museum and the Bone House or Beinhaus.

Charming Houses in Hallstatt

The village of Hallstatt can be toured on foot in less than half an hour. Strolling in the lanes lined with charming houses, to have magnificent mountains, lush greenery in the background, picturesque market square all add up to provide you with a fairy tale like setting.

Picturesque Market Square

The houses are built on the banks of the lake, and provide architectural delights in themselves. The Evangelical Church and the Catholic Parish Church located in charming surroundings make up for sites worth visiting. During the months of May to October, no cars are allowed within the town, ma king the whole experience of exploring it, more surreal and removed from the usual hustle and bustle of city life.

View from Photo Point, Hallstatt Village

The stunning sites that Hallstatt offers is bound to leave all with unforgettable impressions. The Photo Point near the Market Square, a popular destination among the travelers, provides breath taking main views of this charming town. With the mountains in the backdrop, and the lake lining it, the spectacular landscapes make a visit to Hallstatt worth it.

Ferry Rides

Lake Hallstatter See makes this picturesque town even more visually pleasing. Besides this the lake also provides opportunities to indulge in many other activities that include boating, ferry rides, swimming, diving to name a few.  The mountain lakes, like Hallstatter See with their pristine waters and amazing surroundings make up for a memorable diving experience. Bathing in the lake, or simply to select a peaceful spot and go fishing are also available for travelers based on their disposition.


Many other avenues for adventure activities are also available in Hallstatt. For the more daring travelers, the terrain of Hallstatt is perfectly suitable to go rock climbing. Or you can simply go hiking opting for among the numerous trails, experience Hallstatt’s natural beauty at a close range. Biking trips in the mountains, skiing and snowboarding in winters, diving, ice diving in winters, paragliding are some other avenues that are made available here and can be explored by the adventure enthusiasts. You can explore the ancient and mesmerizing salt mines or the ice caves like the Koppenbruller Cave, or the Cave of Hirlatzhohle which are among the more popular ones.


Hiking trails around the lake, or in the more abundant and lush alpine trails through the mountains, all will leave you invigorated. You can also go on the Hallstatt Theme Trail. This stroll takes you through the center of Hallstatt, and lakeside resorts. This picturesque trail is also laden with the fascinating stories of Hallstatt’s history. The travelers more interested in nature and stunning Austrian landscapes can hike around the Echerntal Valley. This valley is famous among artists and painters for years, owing to its sheer beauty and sensory impact. This nature trail is replete with added importance, as besides the spectacular views, it also has several ruins and stones dating back to the Ice Age.

Inns in Hallstatt

As tourism is a major factor in Hallstatt, there is no scarcity of accommodation. But if you want to have a slightly different experience of staying in this quaint town, then forgo the usual hotels, and stay in the Bed and Breakfast available easily near Lake Hallstatt or Obertraun, or you can also opt for the beautiful campgrounds around the town.

Hallstatt in Winters

Every place is within a walking distance in the little town of Hallstatt. To stroll through this picture perfect town with enchanting views is an experience that you won’t forget in a hurry.

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