Of Fields and Melodies- Mount Titlis, Switzerland

Of Fields and Melodies- Mount Titlis, Switzerland


Exploring a glacier cave, chairlifts over deep crevasses, permanent ice and snow at the top of the world and a revolving gondola lift.. If all these sounds amazing then Mount Titlis is the place you are looking for. Even if you are hell prepared a magical world of ice awaits you and it will have your heads spinning and will set your pulse racing. The spectacular spellbound view, the surrounding peaks like shark fins, the glaciers, the cliffs and waterfalls, immersing ourselves in the fresh air of the Swiss alps would make us to forget any crass commercialism.



Mount titlis located between the cantons of Obwalden and Berne is a mountain in the Urner Alps of Switzerland. This site is famous as the site of the world’s first revolving cable car connecting Engelberg to the summit of Klein Titlis through the three stages of Gerschnialp, trubsee and Stand. The Titlis cliff Walk is the highest elevation suspension bridge in Europe. This cliff gives the complete view of the Alps. Titlis shares the border between Obwalden and Berne and partially located in Nidwalden. Grassen east of Titlis is where the borders between the cantons of Obwalden, Berne and Uri coverge. Titlis is around 15 km west to the geographical centre  of Switzerland. The northern side of Titlis is covered by the Titlis Glacier.


Titlis was also known under the names  Wendenstock,  Nollen in earlier times. The Wendenstock and Reissend Nollen are the nearest western neighbours to the mountain Titlis, but with sharp rugged peaks. The first climb of Titlis was made in the year 1739  by IgnazHerz, J. E. Waser and two other men from Engelberg. The first written evidence of an ascent is found in the Engelberger Dokumente. This document states that a party of four men that reached the summit in 1744.



3,041 meters above sea level, 500 meters off the ground, 150 heart pounding steps, think you have a head for heights? Yes this is Titlis cliff walk, Europe’s highest suspension bridge. You will need nerves made of iron to cross this bridge. The path is just one meter wide and 100 meters long.The route leads you to through an underground tunnel to a viewing platform at the south wall window. The view into the chasm below is breathtaking. Entry to the cliff is completely  free of cost.



This is the world’s first revolving gondola. The Titlis Rotair gondola rotatesup towards the snow covered summit of the Titlis transporting you from the middle station at Stand up to the mountain station 3,020 meters above sea level. This five minutes trip treats to the panoramic view of the rock faces, deep crevasses and snow covered mountain peaks with a 360 degree view.


The Glacier cave is inundated with a dim turquoise blue light. The walls glisten with numerous crystals of tiny sparkling ice. The air inside the cave is so frosty that miniature white clouds appear when you breathe. This magical world of ice forms the icy heart of Titlis. It is believed that the ice here was frozen long before prehistoric man discovered the method of making fire using pyrite. The cave has a 150 meter long walkway branching out in several directions and descending 20 meters below the surface of the glacier. There are tiny air pockets in the ice resulting in a misty atmosphere, and a serene blue colour caused by the refraction of light. Exploring the glacier cave is a lifetime experience. The temperature inside the cave is very low grading to around -1.5˚C. Currently the cave is under renovation thus restricting the complete access to the public. Around one third of the cave remains open to the public and the entry to the cave is free of cost.



Ice Flyer promises you a magnificent view casting your eyes down to a fascinating glacier world below. The Ice Flyer chair lift sweeps you smoothly and safely over crisp, virgin snow fields and icy depths. This is the only place where you can expect such a breathtaking glacier experience. Only here on TITLIS can you expect such a fantastic glacier experience.



Dash through the snow and whisk quickly and get back to the top. The Glacier park at Titlis guaranties you all kinds of fun and snow activities you are craving for. Before reaching the end of the exhilarating ride you are sure to spin full circle several times through the glistening snow on a rubber tyre.



You will feel on the top of the world when hiking on Titlis glacier which provides a spectacular view of the nearby and distant peaks. From the TITLIS Rotair Cableways mountain station, it is only a short walk through the fluffy white snow to the vantage point at Stotzig Egg. In good weather, you can even see as far as the Bernese Oberland, the mountains of Canton Wallis and Schwarzwald.



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