The Empire of New York City: The Empire state Building

The Empire of New York City: The Empire state Building

We human are primal beings; however advanced the technology goes we will always be slaves to basic senses which tells us higher the better. The height gives you a heady feeling; it says you own the world. The Empire state Building is a testament to this thought. Since 1931, this magnificent creation stands tall and proud right in Manhattan, New York. The 103 story tall structure has a remarkable history and currently is fourth tallest sky scrapper of USA, 23rd tallest of the worlds and tallest in new-York. Remember King Kong! Yes that’s the one we are talking about.


One may ask what is it that makes it good enough to be considered a tourist destination. Tall Buildings are no longer a rarity and more so in New-York! The answer lies in the history of the building, right from the foundation to the roof and the million-dollar view. Let’s dive down.

The world from the top of the world. It sure is beautiful. It is 443 meters in height overall with 381 meters at 102 floor. There are 85 stories of commercial area with the top 16 stories dedicated to art deco tower. The building has its own Zip-code, 73 elevators and 113 km of pipe! The architecture is pre-World War II with modernistic use of steel and glass.  The location of the building may seem a bit distant but the view makes up for the extra walk.

The major point is the observation Deck which gives you the best feeling in the world. The lines to the observation deck are as legendary as the building itself, but every good thing comes at a price, right! The crowd may be a put off but one look in any direction will knock your breath out. The miles and miles of buildings, people bustling for their work and an eerie silence of them all (you are on 103rd floor, remember!). The Hudson is right there for you to feast your eyes on. The sailors and coast guards appear as toy ships wobbling on the water. And as the sun sets, the lights are on. That’s when the fun begins. The sheer number of ordinary lights come together to give you a picturesque vision. The red taillights of cars all moving in a line and the gorgeous evening sky.  The vision will make you smile; no technology of the world can bring you this happiness. It only takes basics to create such a masterpiece master piece.


The Empire state Building was the world’s tallest building since its first 40 years i.e. early 1931 to late 1970s. The idea began in the 18th century, took a firm hold in 19th. William F Lamb designed this modern wonder of the World and the design was produced in just two weeks! The design was a top-down one with a clear emphasis on height and view. The Excavation started on 22nd January while that actual construction began March 17th 1930. This time co-inside with the great depression giving the immigrants a place to work. One may conservatively think that the construction took them atleast few years but the pride of New-York stood firm and steady on 1st May 1931. 14 months is all that was needed to build a 103 story building!

What does one do with 103 story building? Rent it out! But the depression was cruel and thus for next 20 years it was only the observation desk on the roof that made money. In 1950 the jinx was broken and a 51million dollar deal (highest price paid for any single land at till that time) and the Empire was in the game.


The empire state building has seen its share of accidents with five people dying during the construction itself. In 1945 a plane crashed into the building’s northern flank leading to death of 14 people. The lift man of the building hold the world record for surviving the longest elevator fall of 75 stories till date. A tall building is an obvious choice if one wishes to commit suicide, and one of the tallest buildings? Well it has seen its share of suicide attempts. 30 to be precise.

The name of the building is derived for the pet name of the city, Empire City. It has become a cultureal landmark for USA marking its superiority in engineering and innovation. Till this day, the building shines in floodlight every day. The special days have special display lined up. After the 7/11 attacks the building was bathed in red blue and white for several months. Death of Fay Wray was marked by keeping the building in dark for 15 minutes in 2004. From the important matches to the election and re-election of barrack Obama, the empire state building stands in support.

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If you are among lucky few, you could get married on the observation deck! This valentines three couples got their wish via a lucky draw. With whole New York as their backdrop, the couples exchanged vows. Now this is a perfect wedding.This would be the kind of tale you would want to tell your Grand Kids!
If you are a visitor to NYC or a passerby, this is not a place to miss. The architecture the feel and the freedom of the place will make it a memory for you. See the lights dim over the city, the sun set and the street shimmer in lights where you observe from the top. New York is proud of the place and rightly so.

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