The Blend of Extremes, Hauz Khas, Delhi

The Blend of Extremes, Hauz Khas, Delhi

Ever heard of a place with characteristics geared up to both the ends? If not, then this definitely is going to be a completely rejuvinating travel tidbit. The place that I am going to talk about today is a paradise to those who live in extremes. I am talking about a place located adjacent to the Southern part of the national capital, Delhi.

 the fort

Hauz Khas on the one hand is called ‘Hauz Khas Village’ and on the other it is flushed with modern day spots where the youth is ost attracted to. It is a blend of both the urban and the rural. ‘Hauz Khas’ has been derived from urdu where ‘Hauz’ means a tank and ‘khas’ means special. This is because it had initially been built as a water tank, a huge one to do away with the problems of shortage of water in this area. This happened way back during the reign of Allauddin khilji. Duiring the Allauddin Khilji Dynasty, Hauz Khas was part of the second medieval city of the Delhi Sultanate.

food items

Hauz Khas exists from even before Delhi does but earlier as the history suggests, it was not more than a forlorn village. It started modernizing around the late twentieth century when many designers started coming to this place and set their boutiques up in here; Bina Ramani being one of the most prominent ones. Hauz Khas has the Hauz Khas complex which not geographically but in terms of popularity can undoubtedly said to be the heart of Hauz Khas. It is located in the Hauz Khas Village. The complex is of more than one importance because it has got so much to offer to the tourists. It first of all is home to the lake or the famous tank. The lake is no more used to draw water because it now remains as the center of attraction to the visitors. At any point of time beautiful ducks and swans can be seen swimming elegantly through the lake water.

paintings sold at hauz khas

The water, as it is had not been taken good care of and so had started exhausting. Observing the plightful condition of the historic lake, the government took an initiative to restore it’ waster. Since around 2004, manny attempts have been made to re- fill water in the lake which have been quiet successful as well. Due to these reasons no recreational activities like boating take place.

 the market

 The serene lake is surrounded by beautiful Mughal Architecture in it’s periphery. The architecture includes various dome shaped structures in a two storeyed pattern. It also includes the tomb of the ruler Firoz Shah Tughlaq of the Tughlaq Dynasty. The whole area is lushy green with huge tress. The other half of the Hauz Khas complex has different parks where several monkeys, peacocks and myriad varieties of birds can be seen. The park area has many exits to it, all of them connecting the tourist to the main road. Besides the park, there are gardens where different species of flora can be spotted. The latter part of the complex is not officially a zoo but then it almost looks like one because as the tourists walk, monkeys can be seen accompanying them.

view from outside

As soon as one comes out of the Hauz Khas Complex, a plethora of restaurants, boutiques and antique shop can be spotted. The beauty and the speciality of these things lie in the fact that these spots have not been constructed with a mainstream idea of architecture. The architects and the designers have tried their best to give an essence of the aesthetic India to these shops and restaurants. Not only this, some of the restaurants are also in the form of bistro which are found in Europe. There is no limit to the beauty of the architecture found in Hauz Khas. This special feature of the place also leads it to be a bit more expensive than the other places in Delhi but at the end of the day it is worth it.


Reaching Hauz Khas is no big deal. It is well connected to different parts of Delhi through the Metro Services and the road transportation as well. One can easily get an auto- rikshaw at a feasible prce from any part of Delhi to Hauz Kas. There is a seperate metro station called Hauz Khas which falls in the yellow metro line of the DMRC. Hauz Khas is different from the rest of the Delhi and this is what makes it special.

the tsnk 

On one hand where the rest of the Delhi is more geared up towards the Western style, Hauz Khas on the other hand does not fail to retainit’s aesthetic value. Hence, Hauz Khas can be said to be a preserver of the India’s rich cultural heritage. Besides, the solace which one gets on going to the Hauz Khas Fort is unfathomable. One can sit for hours and hours ata a stretch in this place and still not get bored. This is the kind of magnetic effect which this place possesses. It can quiet undisputedly be called the ‘Ethnic Shic’ of Delhi due to the fusion it has successfully created and influenced the youth with the same.


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