Bhangarh town of Horror: Official Spookyland of Rajasthan

Bhangarh town of Horror: Official Spookyland of Rajasthan


Only if you believe in ghosts and their existence, the mystery of Bhangarh fort will fascinate you. Rajasthan’s Bhangarh town is the most deserted town and haunted place in India. Located in the royal state of Rajashtan , India, in the district of Alwar. The pre-historic town and fort of Bhangarh is located between Jaipur and Delhi. Rajasthan known for its rich culture heritage structures, royal cuisine and the royal stories and historic events also comes up with few stories having lots of mysteries, Bhangarh town is the most famous for the same. With lots of paranormal activities taking place in the Bhangarh fort , it has become a tourist spot for those with strong heart and who are keen to know more about ghosts and such activites.

Bhangarh 1 Deserted Bhangarh town and the fort was established centuries back in the year 1573, by the Emperor Bhagwant  Das for his son named Madho singh. The place consists of lots of temples of Shiva known as Someshwar mandir, Mangla devi mandir, Gopinath mandir, Lavina mandir, Keshava rai mandir etc. there are many shops along the main road built for the convenience, many havelis, gardens and even mosques and a palace built in the town. There is one more fort located near the area names Ajabgarh fort created by the King Ajab Singh. There are many myths associated with the place with related the paranormal activites occurring in the place. The two of the main myths surrounded the place are one of the Baba Balanath. He was also known as Guru Balanath, who used to meditate in the place of Bhangarh. It is said that before constructing the fort, Madho rao went to him to seek his permission in which return the Baba said that he can go ahead with the construction but the moment when the shadow of his fort will touch him the place will be no more and it will be devastated. With the consent and instruction of the Baba, the construction began, but after the decade of years, the grandson of Madho singh, Ajab singh without knowing about the information and thus being ignorant raised the height of the fort and palace and the shadow exceeded the place and touched Baba balanath. Thus as per the curse it’s said that complete town got devastated and deserted. It is said that the body of Balanath is still buried in a small Samadhi in today’s date.

TEMPLES IN BHANGARH FORTThe other myth is the strongly believed myth of the legend of the beautiful princess of Bhangarh. Princess of Bhangarh named Ratnavati was admired for her beauty all over Rajasthan. On her eighteenth birthday she had got many marriage proposals. There was a magician named Singhia who had mastered in verses with occult started getting attracted to the princess Ratnavati. On knowing that he was not a proper match for the princess and that the royal family will never accept and support the match, he thought of acquiring princess with his black magic and occults. One day while going in the market he saw princess’ maid buying scented oil for the princess. With the help of his black magic he put a spell on the oil by which the princess would be hypnotized by the mere touch of the oil and would surrender her to the magician. The princess however saw all this and having  a mere knowledge of the occults she foiled the plan of the magician by spilling the oil in the ground on which it turned into a boulder and killed the magician Singhia. It is said that while dying Singhia cursed the palace, including the princess and everyone living in the town, that everyone will die and no one will see the next morning and their souls would stay there for centuries without rebirth. It is said that the same night all the treasure was shifted to Ajabgarh. The reason people believe that it is the most haunted place as many souls are buried without getting last sacred rites and is thus deserted.

DEVASTATED BHANGARHThe place in today’s date is open for tourism but is strictly legally prohibited with the entry after sunset and before sunrise. The place is surrounded with lots of greenery around and temples. There is a beautiful serene all around the town but is still deserted because of the mythological reasons. Untouched with civilization since years and years the place has made its entry in the records of the most haunted place in the world. There are many stories with the place that whoever visited it after sunset and before sunrise never came back. The story and myth regarding the place attracts lots of daredevils to check the paranormal activated by themselves. Though there are no such proof recorded but it is said that those ever who encountered the paranormal activities got lost in Bhangarh and never came back. The place also has an ASI( Archeological survey of India) sign board placed in and around the vicinity stating that entering the borders of Bhangarh is strictly prohibited aftr sunset and before sunrise.

BHANGARH ASI BOARDBhangarh is situated 86 km from alwar district. It is accessed by roadways only, nearest railway station to Bhangarh is 22 km away. Nearest airport is in Jaipur and even delhi. The way to the fort is easily accessed by private vehicles or cabs and rickshaws. There are many hotels and accommodations available nearby Bhangarh from around 5 to 10 km away from the Bhangarh town.  Hotels like Amanbagh resort, hotel Sariska palace and many more are available. While entering the fort or the boundaries of Bhangarh there are no food stalls available. So it’s advisable to carry some food packages while going.

Bhangarh fort known as the official haunted place with a beautiful serene around is a must to explore for those with a brave and strong heart.

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